Best Travel Wallet Reviews


Top Travel Wallets in 2018


It always helps to check out the best travel wallet reviews so you can get the perfect travelling “companion” to keep your travel documents and important cards well-organized. Before you board the plane or even enter the airport, putting what you might need into a single handy travel wallet always works better than having to put everything in a shoulder bag. Rummaging through an entire bag can be exasperating especially when the immigration officer or the ship inspector quickly asks for your passport or ticket. A travel wallet has to be sturdy enough to take all that constant looking through, yet light and slim enough to hold in one hand. Here are my five favorite choices.



Victorinox Travel Organizer


Best Travel Wallet ReviewsThis travel wallet is constructed of sturdy nylon, so it is water resistant and strong. It is 10 inches high and five inches wide, making it roomy enough to carry travel documents and papers without getting everything messed up in the process. A large stash pocket inside plus a zippered pocket that runs the wallet’s entire length make this travel organizer a top travel wallet in 2018. The pockets provide enough space to keep your passport, tickets, and currency. There are also slots dedicated for various membership, business and credit cards. You can keep your ID in the micromesh slot so it remains accessible and visible at all times.



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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Money Belt


If you would rather have your documents close to your body for better safekeeping, this money belt from Eagle Creek will surely be the best travel wallet in 2018 for you. You can keep your various itineraries plus your passport and currency in the travel wallet’s two zippered pockets. This travel gear is constructed of lightweight and durable nylon, a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that won’t leave a terrible smell on or an awful feeling against your skin. The wallet completes the trio of essential Eagle Creek travel system companions available to you.



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Lewis N. Clark RFID Neck Stash


This wallet’s nylon material works great to block radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems that may do hidden scans and steal your scan-visible credit card information in the process. That’s just one of the reasons why it has been included in the best travel wallet reviews lots of times. There are three separate compartments in the wallet, which all provide space for your receipts, cash and valuable travel papers. It also has a hook, a loop fastener and an adjustable strap. You can wear this wallet across your body and tucked into the waistband of your pants or jeans.



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Sea to Summit TravellingLight Wallet


This travel wallet really lets you travel light, a fact that has earned it raves as the best travel wallet in 2018. There is a generous number of card holders and dividers in the zipper pouch located inside. The pockets have YKK zippers, known for their security and durability. The fabric lining is resistant to water and perspiration because of its exclusive Ultra-Sil material. The large wallet in this range has eight card slots, a pen and two large sleeves. This wallet is sturdy and looks sporty.



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Samsonite Luggage Travel Wallet


The Samsonite travel wallet is constructed of tough polyurethane. It measures half an inch wide and 7 ½ inches high. The wallet is large yet lightweight. It can accommodate your passport, boarding pass, cash and credit cards, as well as other vital travel documents that need to be within reach at all times. The textured material contributes to the travel wallet’s overall classy appearance. World travelers will love the slim profile it carries and the wallet’s general usefulness. There is a slot for a pen, so you can always have your writing tool tucked in the wallet.



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