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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best tri suit for women? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best tri suits for women on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, value for money, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Zoot Tri Byob Race Suit is the best because it’s made out of the preferred tri suit combination of nylon and spandex, making sure you have the optimal stretching and water-wicking performance, while seamless stitching technology provides you with absolute comfort. If the Zoot Tri Byob Race Suit is out of stock, you could also consider the 2XU Women’s Perform Tri Suit as it is the second best option.



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As the offer for athletes equipment has grown profuse with so many men and women embracing the experience of competition sports, finding an appropriate tri suit may turn into a hopeless race, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Right below, we’re discussing some of the main features you should encounter in a tri suit to make sure you are properly equipped.



When you’re looking for the best option for a tri suit, the custom material is crucial. While most wetsuit, that are designed only for swimming, are made out of neoprene because of its flexibility and buoyancy, tri suits have to serve for the other two trials with the same efficiency. Therefore, nylon, in different combinations with spandex or elastane, is one of the best choices, for aside the capacity to sustain floating and its water-resistance, it also prevents excessive heating. While neoprene seems to be the high-end option for swimming competitions, nylon will dry faster, and although by itself does present some lack of elasticity, with the help of a percentage of lycra materials, will deliver just great on ground sports.


Women-specific features

One of the impediments for creating unisex tri suits is the fact that, anatomically speaking, the human sexes require different designs. Most tri suits manufacturers have implemented the built-in bra, meant to support and protect the bust especially on the ground sports, but as women bodies are different, you can chose a separate sports bra, if you can’t find a suit with the appropriate measure. Another sensible area is the crotch, that is usually protected by an integrated pad. For women, chafing isn’t the only risk when it comes to using the wrong type of pad. Bioactive, antibacterial pads are now trending, so that no infection is settled due to the congruence of heat, moisture and chafing.



Although we’ve brought this feature into discussion when we talked about the materials used in a tri suit, buoyancy is not only dependant on the type of material, but also on the way the material is disposed. Special panels are sometimes used on the chest and shoulders, and in the absence of these, the fabric should be thicker in these areas to provide sufficient buoyant force.


Aside from keeping this information in mind, we advise you to go through some of the best women’s tri suits reviews, in order to identify the buyer’s  preferred manufacturers, and catch a glimpse of the way athletes perceive some of the features. The best tri suits for women are showcased below.



Top tri suits for women in 2017



Zoot Tri Byob


1-zoot-womens-performance-tri-byob-race-suitThe Zoot Byob seems to have been specially designed to respond to every one of your needs when running a triathlon. Heavy-duty endura fabric, that constitutes from nylon and spandex brings together durability, water-resistance and comfort.

Nonetheless, the polyester material remains breathable with the help of mesh panels applied in all the right areas, while the special Teksheen Biowarp hem, that’s a seamless stitch warp envelops your body chafe-free and reduces muscle vibration.

Built to be worn with the sports bra of your own choice, the Zoot Byob can count amongst the best tri suits for large breasts. As for the chamois, this model features an Integra SBR 1D pad, that will keep you protected and cool during the race. A 12-inch front zipper that can be locked in position helps you transition or simply cool off easily.

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2XU Women’s Perform


2-2xu-womens-perform-trisuit-with-front-zipThis tri suit model combines nylon and elastane to ensure flexibility, lightweight and water-resistance are at their highest levels.

One of the best characteristics of the 2XU Tri Suit is its circular knit feature, which takes compression to a whole new meaning. Using the SBR Power technology, the word to define the 2XU Women’s Perform seems to be “durability”.

The impressive multi layers pad is perforated to ensure ventilation and highly dense foam keeps you well-protected against the saddle impact shock, while remaining comfortably thin. What’s more, all the materials and the design are intended to combat overheating, control moisture and protect your body from the UV rays.

Two rear pockets allow you to have permanent access to nutrition or other small, necessary objects, and the front zipper makes it very accessible. You can find this model for sale on Amazon and other online stores.

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2XU Women’s Active


3-2xu-womens-active-tri-suitAnother creation of 2XU, the Active Tri Suit resembles the previous model in that it also involves SBR technology, it features the same rear pockets and UPF 50+. Otherwise, this model is made out of a higher percentage of nylon, while the 20% of 70D elastane form the SBR Skin X, a coating meant to help with compression.

The shoulders have mesh panels that control moisture and the breathing of the skin, while the lower body benefits from a Speedline chamois and a special silicone free elastic grip. Flatlock stitching allows no chafing, and a semi-lock front zipper makes sure you can dress and undress with ease.

You can find it in multiple sizes and inseam measures, you there are very few chances you can’t get the perfect fit. The combination between quality materials, flexible design and protection against the elements and the consequences of physical effort make the 2XU Active one of the best women’s triathlon suits.

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