Best Tri Suit Reviews for 2018


When you are shopping for a tri suit, there are a few things to take into consideration. The most important aspect is finding a good fit, a tri suit that lets your skin breathe, without being too tight, but also not too loose, as it may cause chafing. If you do not want to go wrong, choose one of the top 10 tri suits showed below, that score high in consumers’ preferences, because of their great qualities. Keep in mind that size is important, and always check to see if the model you like is sold in your size.


Nike Tri Unisuit Male


1.Nike Tri Unisuit MaleNike is, without a doubt, one of the most important sportswear manufacturers in the world, so it is no surprise that one of their products is listed here, on top of our list. Enjoying stellar reviews from users, the Nike Tri Unisuit Male provides the user with the desired level of comfort, and many comment on the fact that the color of the suit does not change even when the wearer swims in chlorinated water. The padding is made of brushed microfiber, which increases flexibility and the wearer’s overall comfort.

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Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit


2.Pearl Izumi Women'sThe title for the best tri suit for women goes to the Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit. Regardless of whether you are a novice, or a seasoned triathlete, you will definitely enjoy the perfect fit and durability this model provides. The stand alone bra is a nice feature, because it makes taking the suit off and putting it on again nothing but a breeze. The superior ventilation the suit provides makes it a very good deal for women who put comfort and reliability on top of their list.

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TYR Sport Men’s Sport Competitor Trisuit


3.TYR Sport Men'sMade from 80% polyester and 20% spandex, this tri suit is a good choice for any man who wants to take triathlon as a challenge. The graduated compression offers good comfort while it does not keep the body too tight, so good circulation is not prevented. The silicone beaded gripper for the legs also contributes to the level of comfort provided by this tri suit. Easy to use, the model comes with a front zipper and the pocket storage allows you to take a few things along and keep them safe.

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Louis Garneau Comp Suit – Womens


4.Louis Garneau Comp SuitYou will surely feel like you are flying on the trail, when you are jogging dressed in this suit. Not only the comfort of this suit, but also the aerodynamics it provides, make the Louis Garneau Comp Suit for women a great choice for any aspiring triathlete. The two mesh pockets with flaps are as good as invisible and they do not hinder your moves in any way. The arms and neck lines add to the overall comfort and earn this model a well deserved place in our top 5 products listed here.

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2XU Men’s G:2 Compression Tri Suit


5.2XU Mens G-2This elite tri suit is intended for the men who want to achieve great results. The seamless design of the 2XU Men’s G:2 Compression Tri Suit catches the eye, but it is the superior comfort and performance that make the suit a top choice among triathletes. Made of 65% nylon and 35% lycra, the suit expands and glues to the wearer’s body better than a glove. The zoned compression offers flexibility and the three rear pockets come in handy when you do not want to leave your must haves at home.

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2XU Women’s Active Tri Suit


6.2XU Women's Active Tri SuitYou will encounter no issues when putting this tri suit on and taking it off, as the front zip is handy and reliable. The 2XU Women’s Active Tri Suit is not only a nice looking piece of sportswear. It provides superior comfort and the contoured paneling adds to the overall great aerodynamics of the model. The Sensor Mesh technology is used to ensure great ventilation, so you will feel great while riding a bike or jogging in this suit. Nothing will get to hinder your achievements while dressed in this suit.

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Louis Garneau Men’s Pro Tri Suit


7.Louis Garneau Men'sFor those who like combining great performance with great fashion, Louis Garneau is one of the companies that succeed doing them both with outstanding results. The Louis Garneau Men’s Pro Tri Suit is a good proof in this regard. Different areas of the suit are made from different fabrics, to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility, as well as durability. With a SPF rating of 50 and added Carbon-X Mesh for the back of the thighs, the Louis Garneau Men’s Pro Tri Suit is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable sports gear.

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TYR Sport Women’s Sport Competitor Trisuit


8.TYR Sport Women'sFemale athletes who want to show their skills in competitions will surely love the TYR Sport Women’s Sport Competitor Trisuit. The graduated compression adds to the comfort of the tri suit, and makes movement very easy. Basically, you will not feel like you are hindered in any way to reach your potential, as the suit will help you in your endeavor. The 10 inch locking zipper is a nice feature, and it allows you to get in and out your tri suit without a bother. Comfortable and fashionable, this model is highly recommended.

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Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit


9.Pearl Izumi Men'sWhat makes the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit stand out and earn a place on our list of top rated tri suits is the SELECT Transfer Dry fabric employed on the model. The special fabric allows for the most comfortable compression to make the suit a good fit for the wearer, but also provides proper moisture transfer, so even after running for miles, you will not feel any discomfort. The Direct-Vent panels also contribute to good ventilation, adding points to the performance of this particular tri suit for men.

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Sugoi Women’s RS Tri Suit


10.Sugoi Women'sThe ergonomic tailoring this tri suit comes with makes it ideal for all the running, biking and swimming you want to do. The Sugoi Women’s RS Tri Suit feels like a second skin, and it will not hinder your movements while training or in a competition. The rear pockets are hidden by well designed flaps, so they are not visible from the outside. Because of their clever design, they do not become a drag in the water, and the stitch free finish makes this tri suit one of the best choices for female triathletes.

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