Best Truck Canopy Reviews

Canopies are a great way to secure your car if you need a shade-free area. Furthermore, if you plan to travel and need a safe spot to camp, one will make a difference. Therefore, if you want to know which the best truck canopies options are then take a look at this paragraph and see some suggestions that our research team has prepared for you. We have considered the reviews given by previous customers and experts in the field along with the value for money. In the end, we all agreed that the winning product is the Hasika Awning Camper. This canopy is long enough to offer shade for a variety of purposes and is made from durable polyester, treated for waterproof benefits. Plus, the height of the outboard end is fully adjustable. If the Hasika Awning Camper is out of stock, another good option is the KingCamp Compass.  



Buying guide


A truck canopy is a good investment because it is practical and can be assembled without effort, anywhere you want. Maybe you want a canopy that allows you to place your car or truck underneath or an awning that provides a rooftop when you are gone camping. Nevertheless, we’ve made this useful buying guide that can show you exactly what features are mandatory for products like this.


Canopy set up

Generally, each customer wants a product that doesn’t require tons of effort in order to get to the final stage of setup. You most likely desire a portable canopy that you can easily assemble when you’re outdoors or traveling with your family across the country.

The best portable canopies can be handled by only one person because they come with clear instructions and all pieces have a specific location that you must abide by. It is preferable that you read the entire user’s manual before attempting to set up the canopy. This way you make sure that each accessory is put in place and that you don’t risk missing any step of the setup process.  


Consider portability

Most canopies for sale are quite practical and can easily be transported with a carrying bag that is included in the package. This way, you can take it with you while on the go or store it in a convenient place.

The best truck canopies are intended to be used for camping outdoors when you need protection from the rain, wind or sun or if you want a shade-free area to grab a quick meal. Therefore, a good product shouldn’t weigh too much and if it is intended as a canopy tent then you must consider a unit that provides a wheeled carrying bag.  

A large variety of the best shade canopies can be easily folded so that you can set them up and disassemble as you like. Plus, after you put the canopy inside the transportation bag it will fit any car size.  


Design and practicality

You should also ask yourself if you need to use the canopy often or only for occasional trips around your home area. For instance, a canopy tent can be set up and left in the backyard for several days while an awning camper is more practical and lightweight and is intended for car or truck use. If you need it for creating a shade-free space a smaller one is better but if you plan on having social gatherings outside your house it is best to find larger canopy tents.  

As for the color, you should opt for light tones because darker ones tend to attract heat and they can suffer from discoloration after spending more weeks bathing in the sun. Light colors are reflective in the sun and provide extra coolness inside the tent.  



Top Truck Canopies in 2018


Truck canopies come in many shapes and sizes and can be used as a shelter against the sun rays. There are options that include the possibility of roping the tent vehicle which comes in handy especially if you plan on going on a holiday or camping outdoor. Whatever you choose, we want to make it easier for you, therefore, we’ve made a list of product suggestions that have all the important features truck canopies must have.  



Hasika Awning Camper Hasika


This truck canopy from Hasika is an excellent choice if you plan to go on a holiday and spend some time outside, in the middle of nature.  

The entire canopy structure is covered with a waterproof and polyester fabric, treated for UV sun rays. Also, the unit is extremely lightweight and compact which makes it suitable for using it as a shelter for basecamps, covering large picnic tables or as protection against the sun, rain, and wind.  

Because the size of the tent is quite large it ensures a proper shade area according to your needs. In addition, the model is outfitted with air vents placed strategically at the peak which allows for the wind to flow through the tent area. Plus, there is a large mesh window in the front of the canopy that ensures proper ventilation.

The unit doesn’t require too much effort to set up and the carrying bag adds lots of practicality. Before assembly, take a look at each element and read the instructions carefully. The canopy can be roped to a vehicle, SUV, MPV, truck or hatchback and can be used even as a gazebo. If you decide to attach the steel poles you create the perfect ground for shade free shelter.  

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KingCamp Compass 


KingCamp manages to deliver a high-quality truck canopy that can be used in a variety of situations and that can be adapted to your needs.  You’ll most likely be impressed with the weight of this unit which is incredibly light. Plus, it comes with a good-looking storage bag that makes the transport a lot more easier.

There’s no need to worry about the damage caused by sun rays because this canopy is treated with a special polyester that ensures great UV protection. In addition, the entire structure comes with a special coating that ensures protection from abrasion and a waterproof adhesive strip that keeps the water from soaking the tent fabric.

The canopy is large enough to offer you shelter from the sun, wind or rain or to allow you to place a nice table and chairs inside the shade-free area. You can use it as a portable unit that ropes to your vehicle or as a whole tent if you add the steel poles and anchor it to the ground.  

You can take it anywhere with you and set it up effortlessly. Plus, the product comes with a portable zipper bag that has ergonomic handles which ensure practical and comfortable storage and transportation.  

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Import 20×20 Canopy Tent Kit


If you’re planning a future social event or gathering and need a canopy tent to place it in your backyard or as a shelter against weather conditions then you’ll most likely appreciate the effectiveness and practicality of this product.

The unit comes with a 20X20 tarp that ensures a large area in the shades where you can easily set up tables and chairs if you like. Also, the canopy is suitable for car shelters or for vending places in flea markets.  

The entire canopy structure is made from heavy duty silver tarp that is treated in order to offer optimum UV protection. In addition, each corner is reinforced and the unit comes with ball bungees that secure the tent. Just keep in mind that this model doesn’t provide pipes, therefore, you’ll have to invest in separate ones if you really need them.  

This product can be used for as many purposes as you want because it is practical and accommodates large objects thanks to its perfect size. You can even place a swimming pool and use this canopy as a shelter or carry it with you if you intend to do camping.  

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