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If you’re here just to find the best typewriter and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have searched through plenty of reviews from users and experts, along with other information from sales figures and social media, and we have reached the conclusion that the best model on the market is the Brother ML-300. This one offers you the ability to write in different languages, using an international keyboard. You can easily switch from English, to French, Spanish or Portuguese for your convenience. While computer software comes with automatic correcting features, this typewriter does a great job, too. Its special correction tool will identify your mistakes and you will get a clean document in the end, so you do not have to use old school erasers to correct your errors afterwards. This is a speedy machine, once you figure out how it works, and it can help you type 12 characters per second. If the Brother ML-300 is no longer available, you can always consider the Brother ML-100, which is a very close second best.



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Typewriters are still in fashion, no matter how many digital devices perfectly capable of putting your words on the screen appear. There is something romantic about toiling over a typewriter, trying to write your next big novel, that desktop computers simply do not have. In case you are considering purchasing a typewriter, there are some things you should know. Whether you want a modern model or a vintage one, you will find that certain aspects are important, so you may need to shop around a little to find what you are looking for. The following guide is designed to help you cut your way through the world of the best typewriters for sale.

1.Brother SX-4000


Desktop or portable?

One of the first things to decide on is whether you want to get a desktop typewriter or a portable model. A desktop model is quite heavy and there are models that can weigh up to 30 lbs, so this is not something to take lightly, literally. Especially if you are looking for a vintage model, weight is something to take into consideration. Having that delivered to your doorsteps can end up adding important shipping costs, or hauling it over from the local antique shop can pose some logistical problems to begin with. However, the best vintage typewriters are usually worth the trouble, so you will just need to figure out the details.

A portable unit on the other hand, is a welcome addition to the world of typewriters. You may think that portables are a thing of the present, but the first models that worked and could be used belong to the 1920s. An interesting fact about portable typewriters is that they became more popular during the Great Depression, but these models were quite cheap and not extremely reliable, as you may well imagine.




About ribbons and spools

An aspect to consider when you are searching for a good and reliable typewriter is what kind of ribbon it uses. Back in the days, the ribbons were a standard ½ inch size, and they were employed by all the important manufacturers. You will find that this feature is still in use today, and you may notice that modern typewriters have theirs made of nylon. Traditionally, the color black was used for ribbons, but some are red or even a combination of black and red.

Now, no matter what kind of ribbon your machine uses, you will have to learn about ribbon spool size, too. Many use something called a universal spool, which means that it works on any kind of unit. You will find that universal spools are readily available and they are sold by the dozen by online retailers, so you will never run out of them.

In case your eyes are set on a typewriter that doesn’t work with universal spools, you should not worry. Just remove the ribbon and replace it, if it is too old, or re-ink it, if that is an option you can live with.2.Royal Epoch Portable Manual


In case you want the best old fashioned typewriter, you should know that such a model does not come cheap. Learning a bit about the history of typewriters can help you avoid a scam and get a pretty decent model. Of course, there are modern models that are sold by reputable manufacturers, and these are great choices, so the issue of not getting fooled relates mostly to vintage models.

For instance, you should know that models that were manufactured between 1950 and 1980 are extremely cheap, and you should not pay more than 25 bucks for one such unit. The fact is these typewriters are nothing special, since they were mass produced and they were intended for mere functionality and nothing else.

Going from 1940s backwards, the value of typewriters goes up. These models are bound to be rarer, which increases their pricing, but you should, again, become a bit of an aficionado for such items so you do not get overpriced on a particular model.

Nonetheless, you should know that it is very important for a typewriter to be in working condition in order to value something. Specialists say not to pay more than 200 bucks even for an old model, because typewriters are not that rare to begin with. Bargain for a lower price, if you notice any defects and always see if the typewriter works.

You will find below the best typewriters that you can purchase right now. Performance and overall quality make them great choices for the aspiring writer or blogger.



Top Typewriters in 2018


Long before the advent of computer keyboards, the manual typewriter had adequately served the needs of journalists, writers, media men and various other professionals. The best typewriter reviews  refer to both vintage manual typewriters as well as electronic typewriters. It doesn’t matter what type you get as long as you are sure that the product really works and whatever maintenance and repair it needs is easy to do and affordable.  The keys should not stick. Good quality electric typewriters should turn on and function according to key commands. After filling up on typewriter literature, we have found the models described below to be functional alternatives to a computer keyboard.



Brother ML-300


When you use the Brother ML-300 Electronic Display Typewriter, you can handle English as well as French, Spanish and Portuguese typing jobs.

Thanks to how this electronic-display typewriter has automatic centering and right margin printing, it is one of the top rated typewriters in 2018.

In addition, the typewriter has an integrated 78,000-word English dictionary. That function comes with error location feature so you can make the necessary corrections, as needed.

The typewriter has a 16-character LCD so you can precisely see what letters you’ve recently typed. It is also completely portable.


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Brother ML-100 Daisy Wheel


The Brother ML-100 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter is one of the best typewriter in 2018thanks to its ease of use and impressive portability.

This is your perfect partner when you are out for time saving functionality plus exceptional reliability. Although it is an entry-level typewriter in the Brother ML series, the ML-100 has the fundamental automatic elements including automatic word-out correction, automatic paper insertion and uniformly followed top margins (1 inch).

Your typing speed and accuracy can be properly honed on the professional touch keyboard. The ML-100 gives access to specific international characters.


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Royal 69147T-Scriptor2


This 13-inch electronic typewriter is a portable alternative that needs to be borne in mind. It has loads of functions that can help you take your typewriting skills to a whole new level. It is convenient, versatile, comfortable to utilize, and compact enough to be carried from one place to the next.

Besides, the unit comes with a generous keyboard, as well as subscript and superscript functions. The fact that it features a built-in memory is a benefit in itself as this product is more than capable of holding up to fifty files.

Besides, the 20-character display can let you see if you’ve typed anything wrong and ought to go back and delete it.


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Swintec 2416dm


The Swintec choice is yet another one you should give some thought to, especially as it has been equipped with heaps of useful features. It is able to store up to thirty files, and it comes with a 128,000 character memory.

The model works both manually and automatically, in that the search & replace function can be used in this way. The as with other models in the same line, this one has been outfitted with a dictionary consisting of 80,000 words, 300 of which can be user-defined.

With the New Page Command function boasted by the Swintec 2416dm, you will be able to end any page wherever you wish to do so.


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Brother SX-4000


Best Typewriter ReviewsBuilt with a 70,000-word dictionary and an error-locating feature (FIND), the Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter is surely the best typewriter in 2018. 

The keyboard is the professional touch type, so the keys require only a light touch and promise greater typing accuracy. The Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter does line-by-line printing so you can perform corrections promptly and with ease.

It automatically relocates after a correction is made so you do not have to find your way around the document you are working on. The SX-4000 has a 16-character LCD display and is  a portable daisy wheel typewriter that does bold printing, automatic underlining and right margin flush.


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Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel


The Brother GX-6750 Electronic Typewriter is ideal for small business, student or home use. It has a professional touch keyboard so you don’t have to press the keys down too hard.

The GX-6750 has 65-character memory for correction, so you’ll always be able to check for mistakes in typing. It is portable and compact, for easy storage and transportability.

It is a daisy wheel typewriter, so you are ensured of durability, long life and good quality. The GX-6750 carries a range of auto-time saving features. It also has a high-yield nylon ribbon.


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Royal Epoch Portable Manual


The RCI, Inc. Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter is great for filling out forms and printed documents, making it earn some of the best typewriter reviews.

It has a full-size English keyboard built with 88 symbols and 44 keys. The Epoch also has a shift key that allows you to shift to the upper case segment.

This manual typewriter gives you three line settings: double-spaced or 2; 1.5; and single-spaced or 1. The ABS housing is lightweight, so the typewriter can be easily transported in the carrying case of rugged clam shell.


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