Best Typewriter to Buy

If you just want to know what the best typewriter to buy is, reading this paragraph will supply you with all the information you need for making an educated decision. Based on the research performed by our team on the best typewriters to buy, in connection to social media activity on the subject, we discovered that the model that is really worth your money is the Nakajima AE-710. With a print speed of 20 cps, this is one of the fastest machines you can find right now in this category. It comes equipped with other user-friendly features, as well, such as automatic centering and the use of bold characters. The correction memory goes up to 700 characters which will surely help you hone your manuscript to perfection. If, for some reason, the Nakajima AE-710 is no longer available, another great option is represented by the IBM-WW-3 Wheelwriter, a model that is almost just as good.



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Whether you are working on your next novel, or you simply need a typewriter for other writing needs, an electronic model is a great choice. While most people prefer using a computer in this day and age, there are still many nostalgic individuals who prefer the pleasant feeling of typing away at a typewriter. Typewriters have evolved a great deal, and they are no longer the bulky models with clunky keys you might imagine. Here are some great pointers for getting the best typewriter for writers.

Are you searching for a portable typewriter?

If you are to look at typewriters as stationary machines that are heavy and must be placed on a sturdy desk, you should reevaluate your point of view. Many cool typewriters are portable and their modern design does not make them very much different than laptops. You will find that portability is a plus, if you are the kind of person who prefers taking their writing tools anywhere they want to go.

However, you must keep in mind that portability comes with a few sacrifices. Do not expect the same performance and the same amount of features as you would from a desktop model. They are lightweight, but that means that some things just had to go.

Expect your portable typewriter to be nothing but a machine for writing without any bells and whistles. The best typewriter to buy reviews highly recommend taking a good look at all the specs before making a purchase.


Vintage or electric?

Typewriters may sound like they are something from a completely different era, but the truth is that they are still manufactured today. Of course, the models that are produced right now are different from the typewriters on which our grandparents used to write their correspondence. They come equipped with various interesting features that help create a better environment for a writer, such as correction memory and ability to write with bold letters.

The best electric typewriter for writers is a model that offers multiple functionalities, but this may not be your main consideration when you are shopping for such a product. If a vintage typewriter would suit your taste better, bear in mind that you should search for the right one for a lot of time. It is crucial that the machine can still be used, unless you want to end up with a quaint piece of decoration for which you may not find a place.



Antique stores have typewriters available for sale at staggering prices. That may be a major issue for people who shop on a budget. Electric typewriters come to the rescue, as they are available at really affordable prices. Make sure that you understand the importance of striking a balance between price, functionality and quality.

Frills like glass keys and chrome coated housing will not be available on electric models. But they are highly functional and practical and they do not cost a lot of money. That could be the major selling point for them, as they still serve as typewriters and they offer cool features that will help you be more productive as a writer.



Top Rated Typewriters to Buy in 2018


The best typewriters to buy can be found listed under this paragraph. The models selected currently enjoy high popularity among buyers, as they come equipped with all the needed features for an error-free, user-friendly experience.



Nakajima AE-710


The Nakajima AE-710 is created for office work and comes equipped with a broad range of features that allow you to focus on your work, while the machine you use takes care of all the technical aspects. This typewriter is really fast with a printing speed of 20 cps, so your productivity will be greatly increased. You will be able to use 15-inch paper, which is pretty much standard for people who use such devices.

The plethora of features offered is definitely something worth talking about. The 40-character display will help you in your work, and you will feel like you are using a workhorse and not just a machine that looks pretty and nothing else. With 10 lines and 700 characters for its correction memory, this typewriter will promote mistake-free writing like you have never experienced before.

The typewriter can also handle automatic centering and it can be used with bold letters, so you will not feel like you are losing something because you are not using a desktop computer for your writing needs. The total character memory is 112k characters and the automatic carrier return will make your work seem seamless and manageable.

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IBM-WW-3 Wheelwriter


This reconditioned machine will offer you all the features you would expect in a new typewriter and the best part is that the manufacturer includes a new machine warranty, so you will not feel like you are making a bad deal. Getting this particular model will not put you behind others, and you will be able to enjoy the outstanding quality of an IBM typewriter that, even after years, still withstands the test of time.

The truth is that electronic typewriters have not gone such a long way from the first time they were introduced to the market and one of the best testimonies in this regard is represented by the IBM-WW-3, that is on par with new models. The same amount of features you would expect on a new machine can be found on this one.

The 72-character auto correction feature will help with correcting your work on the fly, preventing you from wasting time and supplies. Other automatic features are also present such as auto centering, and the machine allows you to use standard tabs and margins. As far as its condition is concerned, you don’t have to worry about a thing since each unit is professionally reconditioned.

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Nakajima AE-740


This typewriter is exactly what you need if you want a machine capable of withstanding a prolific writer with tons of ideas in their pipeline. The model is created to be robust and reliable, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of performance and durability. This unit with memory and display has everything you need gathered under the same hood, so you can focus on what you do best, which is writing.

Capable of handling diverse typing requirements, this model is a veritable workhorse you can depend on. The 40-character display is easy to read and because it is an LCD unit, it makes the Nakajima AE-740 not only a high-performance choice, but also a good-looking one. The total storage capacity is 112k characters, or 100 files, which is great for both personal and business use.

Another great selling point of this machine is its unbeatable price. At 20 CPS, this is a fast typewriter and the possibility to change line spacing is an added plus. The ‘search and replace’ function will come in handy when you need to operate changes quickly. You can even erase words or characters, which means that you are in complete charge.

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