Best Underwater Video Cameras reviews

Top underwater video cameras in 2018


Creativity resides in all of us and the beauty of water in the form of a beach, lake or river can inflict in us a burning desire to immortalize what we see. Today, people love to record underwater videos because such videos are unique and sometimes quite spectacular to say the least. Fortunately the market offers a wide array of underwater video cameras that can become a great addition to any passionate user. With the right information, usually coming from the latest best underwater video cameras reviews, you will be able to identify which is the most efficient model, suited to your needs and creative ideas.


GE DV1-LG underwater video camera


Best Underwater Video Cameras reviewsIf you are a person that loves adventure and goes its way to create new and exciting memories, then we have ideal “assistant” on your journeys: GE DV1-LG underwater video camera. This high definition video camera offers users the possibility to record in a stunning 1080p resolution, while the sturdy metal housing lets you record underwater. It is waterproof, shock and also dustproof, letting you at a touch of a button to record in high definition, while the USB plug allows you to share the results. You can control all the features of the camera on the 2.5 inch LCD display.

“For taking underwater recordings I don’t think there is a better camera than my GE DV1-LG. It comes at a very accessible price and manages to shoot the most impressive videos in Full HD. Anywhere up to 16 ft in depth I take what kind of videos I want.” – Mark Rooney

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Intova Sport underwater video camera


As most of the best underwater video cameras reviews underline the efficiency and stunning design of Intova Sport model, it comes as no surprise to see to many people purchasing it. This video camera gives you the possibility to record in 1080p resolution videos and with an impressive clarity due to the 140 degree wide angle lens. On the 1.5 inch LCD display you have the possibility to view your pictures and videos and make any changes you desire. The model is waterproof down to 60 meters so you can take it with you when you decide to go for a swim. It features the patented Unibody design that protects the lenses while submerging.

“I love the underwater world and find it to be breathtaking and memerizing at the same time. I wanted to get some Full HD footage of it for myself and with the Intova Sport camera I am able to do just that. I find the battery life to be very satisfying as well.” – James Morrison

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Kodak PlaySport underwater video camera


Simple moments underwater become subtle and unforgettable if you manage to have by your side a reliable video camera. Kodak PlaySport underwater video camera can help explore the underwater world, by recording great videos worth sharing with your friends. The camera gives you the possibility to record in 1080p resolution while the Zoom x 5 system, gets the subject closer to you. Due to a special design, the camera is shockproof, dustproof and also waterproof at an impressing depth of 10 feet. The model has a built-in image stabilization system that helps you enjoy smooth and vibrant videos every time you record something.

“This tiny video camera from Kodak is excellent for underwater videos. I always take it with me when I go to the beach with my friends and make some crazy videos playing water sports. For fun videos in the warm ocean water this is a very reliable camera.” – Adam Bower

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Samsung HMX-W300 underwater video camera


Most of the present best underwater video cameras reviews underline the fluid functionality of Samsung HMX-W300, a model that simply will impress you. This waterproof pocket high definition camcorder represents the ideal assistant as you free your creative process and record stunning videos. If you love sports and undergo various outdoor activities, then this is the camcorder suited to your needs. Shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, the camera allows you to record in 1920 and 1080p resolution at 30 fps per second. It includes a reliable 29.6 mm wide-angle lens and a reliable 3 x optical zoom which expands the regular recording features.

“Don’t let the small size fool you this Samsung underwater video camera records so excellent Full HD clips. I always watch what I record on my HDTV and all the videos taken by it look awsome. It comes at a resonable price as well and if you are into hanging out near a beach, than this is a great video camera.” – Edward Lewis

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GoPro CHDHE-301 underwater video camera


The time has come to take your passion for creative art to the next level and record underwater videos, worthy of sharing with friends. GoPro CHDHE-301 underwater video camera is shockproof and waterproof down to an impressive 60 meters, letting you surf or dive with it in your pocket. The camera has a special mount which allow you to obtain the perfect angle while shooting. It can capture to a professional detail of 1080p resolution, with the 5 MP camera sensor, bursting photos at a solid 3 frames per second. The model has a built-in Wi-Fi system which allows you to share the videos or photos with greater ease.

“For me there is nothing like the underwater world with its pitoresque sceneries and it is exactly what I want to immortalize so back home I can watch it over and over again. For this particular purpose I bought the GoPro HERO3 video camera and I am extremely pleased with the results I have got.” – Will Simmons

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