Best unlocked cell phone reviews


Top unlocked cell phones in 2018


Finding an affordable, unlocked smartphone is no longer a problem. All major manufacturers have come up with different low-cost alternatives for your average smartphone which was once a luxury product. You can now purchase a great phone without even having to commit to a particular service provider. With so many options, choosing the absolute best cell phone will be hard. Our experts have tested several unlocked gadgets and have also analyzed dozens of the best unlocked cell phone reviews done up to now. Their hard work resulted in a list of five recommendations which should satisfy even the most demanding of customers.


Motorola Moto G


Best unlocked cell phone reviewsMotorola developed an entry-level gadget destined for the US market. The Moto G is currently considered the best unlocked cell phone in 2018 especially when comparing it with other products which fall under the same market range. This phone is compatible with all US networks. It works effortlessly with 3G technology and can support 2G only when using T-Mobile services meaning you will have no problem connecting to the internet. Even though affordable, this phone has a large 4.5 inch display capable of handling HD videos and images. It is fast because of its 1.2GHz processor and it comes with a 5MP powerful enough to produce some pretty impressive pictures.

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Samsung GT-i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini


The S3 mini is one of the most popular phones out there. Both experts and users say it is the best unlocked cell phone in 2018. It uses features and software which can be found on the S3 and it is the iPhone’s main competitor. It has one of the best displays out there. The 4 inch AMOLED screen provides vivid colors and high responsiveness. This phone is also pretty fast considering it runs on a 1GHz dual core processor which combined with 1GB of RAM provides enough resources to enjoy even the most complex of games. This is all pretty impressive considering you will be able to purchase this unlocked phone for under $200.

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Blackberry Z10


Despite being one of the few phones which does not use Android, the Blackberry Z10 is still according to some of the best unlocked cell phone reviews, one of the most popular gadgets on the market. It is affordable and has some pretty great features. It has a bright display which has a pixel density of 335ppi. This means you will be able to see everything in HD. It also has a very powerful 8MP camera which is similar to that of the iPhone 5 in terms of performance. It has a clean design and a durable finish so it will not lose its looks with time.

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Nokia Lumia 520


Nokia managed to create a budget phone which in no time has become one of the top rated unlocked cell phones in 2018. The Lumia 520 which uses Windows 8, has all the right features for someone who needs to read his emails, and browse the internet on a regular basis. It has a very responsive IPS LCD display which is a bit wider than usual. It is powered by 512 RAM which is just enough to run apps like MS Office, YouTube or Facebook. It also has a great 5MP camera which provides some great pictures. You will get all that for less than $150 which is basically the best price you can get for these features.

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BLU Advance 4.0 Unlocked Dual SIM Phone


If you don’t care too much about brand and if you only want to focus on utility, the Blu Advanced Dual SIM is the phone for you. It costs less than $100 and it incorporates a fast dual core 1.3GHz processor which last year was used for some top end products. Its design is very nice and apparently combines the front of a Samsung with the back of a HTC.  It has a responsive 4 inch display and it can expand its storage space by up to 32GB via micro SD. It is reliable and most importantly it offers amazing value for money.

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