Best Upright fridge reviews


Top upright refrigerators in 2018


Preserving foods and drinks is done in a fridge or freezer, depending on the case and if you want to invest in a serious model you better start reading things like the best upright fridge reviews. When there is little space in your room or apartment you look for a compact fridge which will have a limited capacity, will consume less power and will prove to be cheap. So if you are a student or live in a small apartment read the presentations below.


SPT UF-213W Energy Star Upright Freezer


Best Upright fridge reviewsA freezer which has a low price, a compact design and a low energy consumption rate is the SPT UF-213W. While you might not think it has a big enough capacity, this freezer has an impressive 2.1 cu. ft. net capacity which you can take advantage of, storing a lot of different produces. There are even 2 shelves inside for a better space organization, but you also have the option of taking any of them out, or even both if that is the case. Because it is Energy Star qualified you are not going to add much on your yearly energy bill.

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EdgeStar Compact Freezer Refrigerator


Out team of specialists recommend this refrigerator for students in dorm rooms or people living in small apartments all by themselves. The most important characteristic of the EdgeStar compact refrigerator is its versatility, its ability to rapidly switch from a freezer to fridge which proves to be very advantageous depending on what you want to store inside it. The stainless steel design proves that it is built to last, also it is equipped with a thermostat meaning it is one of the best upright fridges in 2018.

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Haier HUM013EA Space-Saver Upright Freezer


The Haier HUM013EA freezer is another excellent option if you don’t have enough space in your living quarters or if you are in need of an extra freezer. You may not believe it but this freezer can hold 46 pounds of food inside. Keep the temperature inside at the value that you see fit using its adjustable thermostat, which kind of makes it one of the best upright fridges in 2018. Defrosting it is easy and everything is done manually with you having to activate the whole procedure.

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Midea HS-65LSS Compact Refrigerator


The top upright fridges reviews recommend for a compact model the Midea HS-65LSS which even comes with adjustable legs so you can put it on uneven surfaces and it will be perfectly stabile. You will now have to worry about the noise level because it is among the quietest in its class and about the energy consumption because it is Energy Star qualified. Also it is fitted with a separate compartment which will be chillier than other ones, so it can act somewhat as a freezer.

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Midea HD-113F Reversible Door Refrigerator


Because it has one of the best quality to price ratios the Midea HD-113F refrigerator is held in high regards by the best upright fridges reviews. The black finish to it makes it look very modern and allows it to integrate in modern kitchens. When you open its reversible door its interior light will automatically turn on so you better see what is in there for you to use when starting to prepare a meal. The 3.1 cu. ft. is more than enough space for a small family to use.

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