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Every home should have a powerful vacuum cleaner designed to clean fast and cover every type of surface with ease. There should be no restriction while you start cleaning around the house. As you probably already saw, there are many products available on the market that makes the selection process pretty difficult. Learning more about the most appreciated vacuum cleaners in 2018 represents a firm step in discovering which model suits you best, anytime you decide to clean. Today, you will find on the market a wide range of vacuum cleaners that start with upright, bagless, canister, deep-cleaning, robotic, broom and handheld. These models were designed in order to accommodate any cleaning desire from thousands of people. It is important to invest in a powerful that can get the job done and in a short amount of time.

Information can come in handy when you are out shopping for a brand new vacuum cleaner. Still, asserting fast and with precision which source to trust can be a bothersome dilemma to decrypt. You might want to go through the best vacuum cleaner buying guide, written by professionals and ultimately use the information in order to find a great product. In the following rows we are going to emphasize more on the types of cleaners available on the market and why you should use them without reservations. Upright vacuum cleaners are usually made out of a motor, hose, beater and bag. It comes with wheeled carriages, which makes them fairly easy to manoeuvre around any type of furniture! These cleaners work perfectly on carpets, due to their special specifications and adjustment settings. In this category you can choose from popular brands such as Bosh, Dyson and Electrolux, known for their high quality vacuum cleaners.

As any professional best vacuum cleaner buying guide would relate, canister cleaners are very popular in the US and Australia today. This cleaning device is usually composed out of a long hose and a safe canister that contains a bag and motor. If you have around the house hardwood floors, curtains, stairs or vertical surfaces then this cleaner is ideal. There are some small and portable canister cleaners which you can use without reservations.  Hard bag cleaners suck and deposit the dirt and debris right into the container. Usually this type of cleaning devices has precise HEPA filters to efficient dirt, dust, pollen and dander removal.


Shark NavigatorTM Lift-Away Deluxe upright vacuum cleaner


Best vacuum cleaner buying guideAs the latest best vacuum cleaners reviews pointed out, Shark NavigatorTM Lift-Away represents a great addition to any home. This model features Never Loses Suction and also Anti-Allergen seal technology which makes every cleaning action easier and more precise. You won’t have to worry about leaving in your trail something behind. It has a lightweight design which allows you to carry it around, from one room to the next without any problems whatsoever. Furthermore the cleaner includes premium pet tools, which come in handy in families with dogs or cats. You should also know that the cleaner includes superior carpet and bare floor cleaning system, for reliable results.

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Panasonic MC-CG937 “OptiFlow” canister vacuum cleaner


Are you shopping for a brand new canister vacuum cleaner? If you are then choose Panasonic MC-CG937, a product placed among the top rated vacuum cleaners in 2018. Affordable, advanced and highly efficient this powerful cleaner has a 12 Amp Motor and with 24 foot power cord, more than enough to clean different rooms and types of floor. It features OptiFlow system with separate large bag caddy which permits you to empty the dust bag and enjoy adding 20% extra room. Furthermore the cleaner includes power nozzle and an overload protection reset and floor switch, present on the handle for easy control.

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