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In every American home people are trying to keep a clean environment without the presence of dirt, dust and other type of debris coming from pets. It is important to have a clean surface area where people can walk with ease and without watching their step. In order to keep your house clean you should use an advanced vacuum cleaner, with the capacity to cover large areas without problems of any kind. Getting the right information from the latest best vacuum cleaners reviews will help you identify the most efficient product, ideal to be used around the house, car or even patio.


Hoover WindTunnel UH70120 vacuum cleaner


Best Vacuum Cleaners under $100One of the best vacuum cleaners under $100, according to thousands of satisfied users is WindTunnel UH70120 model from Hoover. This lightweight upright cleaner comes equipped with the powerful WindTunnel technology that delivers and maintains a consistent suction power, helping you get rid of dust and debris with ease. This bagless cleaner incorporates the multi-cyclonic cleaning core tech which never diminishes the suction force. The model has a solid cleaning head where the power meet the floor, charged to clean fast and cover a lot of space with ease. You should also know that the cleaner comes with a 2 year warranty.

“To ensure that my home’s floors are properly cleaned I have this vacuum from Hoover which does a hell of  a job. The motor provides an excellent suction power which suck up al types of dust, dirt or debris. The price for it is affordable as well.” – Helene Moss

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Dirt Devil SD20000RED vacuum cleaner


If you are looking for a high quality vacuum cleaner, always ready to be used around the house and that won’t disappoint you, then you should use with confidence Dirt Devil SD20000RED, a model capable of powerful dirt, dust and debris suction. Considered one of the best vacuum cleaners under $25, the model comes with powerful cleaner functions letting you use it as a stick vac, utility vac and also a handheld vac. The handheld feature can be detached with ease from the larger unit, thus helping you reach various surface areas with ease. The model comes with smooth-rolling wheels, which allows you to go from room to room without any problems whatsoever.

“For my small apartment the Dirt Devil SD20000RED is ideal, because it cleans very well and also has a compact size so I store it away anywhere I please without taking up much room when I am done with it. Also I like the fact that it can perform the role of 3 different types of vacuums.” ­– Christie Armstrong

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Eureka 71B vacuum cleaner


It is important to have in house a high quality vacuum cleaner and this is why we recommend you to use Eureka 71B, a model with a strong 5.5 amp suction force. The model has a powerful suction force, letting use the stretch hose in order to clean cars, stairs and also upholstery. The 1 motor power manages to improve the revolving brush in order to clean fast, various areas of the house. The model weighs only 5 pounds and comes with a solid 20 foot cord in order to get around various surfaces. This is the reason thousands of people consider the model as one of the best vacuum cleaners under $50.

“The Eureka 71B hand-held vad is very reliable and I say this after I have been using it successfully for some time now. With it I get to any hard to reach corner of my house so I leave no dirt behind. I reacommend it as a way above average hand-held vac.” – Mary Dawson

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Royal Appliance M084650RED vacuum cleaner


The cleaning process can become a lot easier, especially if you decide on using a particular product such as M08450RED vacuum cleaner from Royal Appliance. As one of the best vacuum cleaners under $100, this lightweight and compact device represents the optimal cleaning solution for your daily choirs. The model weighs only 9 lbs and comes equipped with a retractable handle which allows you to take the device anywhere. It has a strong suction power and a precise revolving brush that lifts with ease the dirt from even the deepest parts of the carpets through the Scatter Guard Nozzle.

“This vac from Dirt Devil has proven to me in the time I have been using it that I can rely on it for cleaning all my floors and carpets in a proper way. It is lightweight so even for me as a woman it is easy to carry it up the stairs so I get to my 1st floor rooms.” – Rebecca Eaden

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Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner


If you want to use a high quality vacuum cleaner that proved its worth during various cleaning actions then you should consider using Eureka 3670G. This lightweight 12 amp cleaner can safely cover a lot of ground and even on bare-floor surfaces. The model comes with Power-Touch handle which makes it very easy to control the device, via the user-friendly fingertip controls. It is accompanied by a powerful deluxe floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery and also a bare-floor nozzle for various cleaning actions. The cleaner measures 11 by 8 by 15 inches which permits you to clean with ease an type of surface around the house.

“For me it is surprising how such a little vacuum can perform so well and scoop up all sorts of debris. It even comes with on-board tools so that no inch of the my house’s floors goes uncleaned. And I loved the fact that it had such an affordable price.” – Amanda Smith

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