Best Vacuum Pumps Reviews


Top vacuum pumps in 2017


Moisture, non condensable gases, and other foreign particles can damage your air conditioner and refrigerator. These things get trapped usually when these appliances are not used for several months. Then the only thing you need to remove those gases and particles is a vacuum pump, your appliances’ best friend. If you don’t know much about the functioning of a vacuum pump, the best vacuum pumps reviews will tell you most of it. Behold the list of top five user friendly vacuum pumps.


FJC 6912


Best Vacuum Pumps ReviewsThe FJC Vacuum Pump combines new superior technology with developed performance. It can perform 2-stage operation with a single pump using Twin Port Technology. If your A/C or refrigerator contains moisture or other non-condensable gases which can be dangerous for these devices, this lightning fast pump can suck these harmful gases so effectively. Now your A/C and refrigerator will remain safe. This well constructed vacuum pump costs between $165 and $180. All you need to do is plug this pump in, turn it on, and the rest job will be done by it

“The FJC 6912 vacuum pump has proven itself very useful in more than one occasion so far and after my positive experience with it, I really recommend it as a top device. It is easy to set up everytime I decide it it time to use it again.” – Henry Cork

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Robinair 15500


If you want quick and thorough evacuation the Robinair Vacuum is the right system for you. This product is particularly engineered for air conditioning and refrigeration service. This system runs quietly but its strong suction power evacuates too swiftly. To keep your refrigeration and air conditioning system safe, the best vacuum pumps reviews selected the best efficient products from the market. However, this marvel unit comes at an decent price. Buy this vacuum pump and allow your refrigerator and A/C to breathe easily.

“I wanted my air conditioning system to be moisture free so nothing wrong happens to it and this is why I thought of getting the Robinair  15500 vacuum pump. Till this day I haven’t had one problem with my air conditioning system and this is due to my vacuum pump.” – Andy Graham

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Mastercool 90066-A


The Mastercool Vacuum Pump includes an internal check valve on the pump to prevent oil getting blown out. You can load oil easily through the fill port. Moreover, this system unit is backed by a 1 year warranty on material. This master piece unit is much easier to operate and the maintenance cost is not high.  Its suction system works so quietly but removes all moisture and gases completely. This amazing vacuum pump has a very reasonable price range. Keep your refrigerator and air conditioner moisture free by purchasing the Mastercool pump.

“Investing in the Mastercool 90066-A was a great idea and now any little bit of moisture or any type of gas is sucked out of my air conditioner. The price I paid for it was very affordable and its functioning is flawless, making me believe it is a very reliable solution to a wide variety of problems.” – Eddy Coleman

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Robinair 15310


 The Robinair 15310 Vacuum Pump has the ability and quality to provide fast, powerful evacuation. This item is specially designed for air conditioners and refrigerators. Foreign matters cannot enter into the pumping chamber because of the intake screen. It is constructed using aluminum so the machine is not too heavy to carry. The best vacuum pumps reviews include only the best quality products in the market. This Robinair Vacuum Pump can be bought for some affordable prices. You can also clean your car A/C using this pump.

“I could definitely see an improvement in the functioning of my air conditioning system when I used this vacuum pump on it. I even used it on my old refrigerator before I switched it back on again and so far it has been running without any problems.” – Rick Roland

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Yellow Jacket 93560


The Yellow Jacket Vacuum Pump charges a little bit higher than the other pumps but the reason is does is because it includes two stage pumps. Therefore, it evacuates the A/C or refrigerator twice as fast than others vacuum pumps. A two years warranty is included with this work horse. It does not get too hot while evacuating; therefore, low temperature increases the efficiency of the unit. This system is built to last longer. Since it works faster than other pumps, it charges slightly higher than other similar machines.

“I got this vacuum pump form Yellow Jacket because it had a two stage operation system, which ment I could do with it all the normal things that a vacuum pump would do, only twice as fast. For me it really makes a difference and if you want speed in your vac pump than I must suggest getting it.” – Eddy Thompson 

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