Best Video Baby Monitors with 2 Cameras


Most popular 2 camera video baby monitors in 2018


To have peace of mind with regards to the comfort and safety of your baby even if you are away, one of the things that will surely prove to be helpful would be the use of the most appreciated video baby monitors in 2018. While there are many choices that can be taken into account, the brands and models mentioned below are amongst the best.


Lorex BB3525PK22B Care ‘n Share Baby Monitor


Best Video Baby Monitors with 2 CamerasAs you look for the best video baby monitors with 2 cameras, you should not forget to take a look at this model, which is asserted by many as one of the most ideal within the product category. It is sure to capture a wider coverage area and will be able to detect the movements in the room as it comes with a motion sensor. It also has Snap n’ Share Technology, which will allow you to capture a perfect moment and have it uploaded to your favorite social networking sites. It also offers two-way talk, making it even possible for you to sing a lullaby to your child.

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Motorola MBP43/2 Digital Video Baby Monitor


Brand name is one of the most important factors that should be given consideration when you are looking for the best video baby monitors with 2 cameras. The mere fact that this is made by Motorola can prove to be more than enough reason for you to believe that it will be a reliable option. This model comes with 2 night vision cameras that will allow you to see the videos clearly even if the room is poorly lit. The recorded videos can be seen in the monitor with 3.5-inch screen that will provide you with sufficient area to monitor what is happening in the room where your baby is.

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Levana Lila Digital Video Monitor


This is another option that deserves to be taken into account if you are still looking for the most appreciated video baby monitors in 2018. When used in PEEP mode, the battery of the unit can prove to be functional to up to 72 hours. The cameras are equipped with 8 invisible infrared LEDs. The latter are the ones that allow the camera to record images even if the area is dark. Another thing that makes this product a cut above others within the competition is the ClearVu Technology, which is basically responsible for increasing the clarity and precision of the images that are being recorded.

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Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Monitor


The 100% digital technology that is found in this product is a primary reason on why it is being considered by many people as one of the best video baby monitors in 2018. This technology provides the highest level of clarity and security, which makes you confident that there will be no external threats to the network. It also offers strong signal and clear reception to a distance of up to 600 feet. The remote control that is included also makes the operation of the camera a snap as it allows you to control its different functions even from a distance.

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Summer Infant Multi-view Digital Video Monitor


Among other things, the users of this model have expressed their high level of satisfaction with the fact that it offers clear images even at night. The camera also has an integrated technology that allows the reduction of background noise. The split-screen technology is also a good thing as it will allow you to view more from the 3.5-inch screen. Some might think that the screen is of small size. In reality, however, its size is more than enough for you to monitor your child while being able to enjoy the benefit of portability as it is very handy.

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