Best Video Capture Card Reviews for 2018


The best video capture card will let you transfer audio and visual images from a camcorder or other recording device directly to your PC. This gives you the option of storing the files on your hard drive for viewing and editing later. This small device is great for extracting old images from out of date VCR tapes, and for transferring play lists from an MP3 player. There are several products to choose from, and to help narrow down your selection we have listed brief reviews of the top 10 video capture cards.


Osprey 100e


1. Osprey 100eThis is one of the top 5 products that is compatible with almost all new computers. It features the latest technology that allows the card to fit into all PCle slots, and it also features a lower profile design that is compatible with small severs and computers. It can capture up to 30fps for smooth playing full motion videos, and you also have the advantage of four inputs for video. Featuring one channel, along with an input for S-video you can immediately start transferring all of your visual images.

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Blackmagic Design DeckLink


3. Hauppauge 1196This is one of the top rated video capture cards for its versatility, and you’ll love how easily it is to switch between the different formats. This low profile video capture card can also be used in full height slots, and has the advantage of being compatible with HD and SD formats. With high definition capabilities you can watch brilliant visual images on your PC and the video card is able to play lower resolution images so you can watch all of your old videos on your computer screen. Recorded uncompressed video and store it until you’re ready to watch it on your hard drive with this versatile low profile card.

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Hauppauge 1196


4. Blackmagic Design Intensity ProYou never have to worry about missing your favorite TV show with this video capture card. You have the advantage of being able to set the device to record preset television shows, and the ability to watch when you want on your PC. Capable of capturing analog and digital video, you’ll also appreciate the ability to tune TV channels and control the recording from your computer, and with 125 cable stations already tuned in you can get started recording all of your favorite shows.

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Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro


5. Hauppauge Colossus PCI ExpressRecord analog and digital television and cable channels with this video capture card and you’ll also appreciate its ability to easily connect to all of your devices. It is compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems, and you’ll love watching your video images in full 1920 high definition color. With two channels and plenty of inputs you can transfer images from your camera, TV, and other recording devices and watch each one instantly on your computer screen.

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Hauppauge Colossus PCI Express


6. PCI ExpressYou can record and watch almost any video image on your PC with this card, and it also features audio capabilities. Compatible with most Windows operating systems, you have the advantage of being able to record and watch video games and images from an Xbox or PS3. Transfer videos from your blue ray discs and watch your favorite shows in high definition color. This video capture card will also let you save and edit your VCR recordings, along with burning old images onto high definition Blu-ray discs.

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6. PCI ExpressThis video capture card gives you the advantage of being able to deliver high definition images and audio recordings. With 1080i you can easily capture all of your favorite images and video, along with clear audio. The card is also capable of delivering high quality still images, and features plenty of inputs for all of your devices. Its versatile design gives you plenty of options for storing, editing, and compiling all of your audio and video recordings.

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7. Avertv MTVHDDVRROne of the main advantages associated with this video capture card is its ability to work with iPod and Windows 7 formats. The convenient HDMI input can deliver images from your camera for editing and storing at a later date, and the card will also let you modernize your old videos so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies on a DVD player. Burn images directly onto a disc and with the ability to connect to an HD TV you can also record all of your favorite sports and shows.

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Hauppauge ImpactVCB-e


8. Hauppauge ImpactVCB-eWith full and partial size brackets there is very little you can’t record with this video capture card that is also compatible with most PC operating systems. You have the advantage of a video and audio input, along with the ability to capture analog images. Enjoy watching old home movies come to life on your screen in high definition color, and with the ability to store and edit later the possibilities for what you can capture are almost endless.

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Hauppauge 558 ImpactVCB


9. Hauppauge 558 ImpactVCBThis full height video capture card features three video outputs, and is compatible with most Windows operating systems. It is easy to install, and you’ll love being able to store and edit all of your video and images. Capture video from security cameras, along with your favorite home movies. You can also edit and save images and photos for viewing later, and you can also capture video from an old VHS tape and finally view it in full color HD.

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10. 1394aYou can edit digital images and connect internal devices with this versatile video capture card, and you’ll appreciate the included warranty. The video card can immediately begin capturing images, and you also have the advantage of the helpful support center. There are three external and one internal port for connecting all your devices, and you’ll love the ease of the “plug and play” feature. With everything you need to get started capturing and editing all of your images and video, it is easy to see why so many consumers depend on this versatile product.

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