Best Video Projector under 500


How to Find the Best Video Projector under 500


Buying the best video projector under 500 is a tricky thing to do. New models come out every year, so it’s easy for customers to end up feeling confused about which one they should pick. We’ve taken the time to put together a short list of things that we consider to be among the most important ones when it comes to purchasing one of the best video projectors on the market today.

Best Video Projector under 500

Aspect ratio

The most common aspect ratios nowadays are 4:3 and 16:9. With projectors, you might see this as a single number. The fraction of 4:3 will often times be converted into a decimal number, which in this case is 1.33. You need to consider the video you’ll be displaying using your video projector and choose the right unit for your needs.



If you plan on using the purchased model with a computer, you’ll also need to consider resolution. While Blu-ray discs have a 1080p resolution, DVDs have a 720p one. For example, a wide HD projector works better with Blu-ray disks than a regular Wide XGA projector.


Brightness and contrast

With public presentations, brightness is a crucial detail. Generally, both brightness and contrast vary when it comes to importance, as you need to take into account the place where you’ll be positioning the projector.


Top Rated Video Projectors under 500


We’ve selected three of the most acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following units have been described as being the best video projector under 500 but it’s up to you if you give them a shot or not. We’ve analyzed hundreds of customer reviews and came to the conclusion that these are the most convenient, dependable and affordable models out there.


Epson Home Cinema 730HD Projector


1.Epson Home CinemaEpson is a well-known manufacturer of video projectors and other electronics. With such a good reputation, it’s safe to say that the developers of the brands are keen on designing top-notch products. This model is no exception. Customers can opt for one of the three available styles, which are different from one another only when it comes to brightness. Depending on the model you’ll be choosing, the projector can provide a brightness of 2800 or 3000 lumens.

As is the case with so many other projectors nowadays, this is a color product that can be used successfully for entertainment purposes.

The unit has HDMI connectivity and thus provides HD audio and video quality with the help of a single cable. The resolution of this particular model is 720p, which means that it is the perfect choice for people who would like to use it with DVDs.

The Epson features a built-in speaker and can be connected to virtually any home theater sound system.

The brand is offering a 2-year limited warranty on this item, as well as toll-free support.

This is a very popular video projector, but that’s easy to see from the 179 positive reviews it has gathered over time.

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BenQ MW526 3D Ready Projector


2.BenQ MW526BenQ is even more acclaimed than Epson, particularly since the company has grown a lot during the recent years. BenQ laptops are widely acclaimed, as are other products of this brand.

This is a tad cheaper projector, that can be purchased in three styles: SVGA, WXGA and XGA. Each of these comes with its own resolution. The SVGA has a resolution of 800 by 600, the WXGA 1280 by 800 and the XGA 1024 by 768. It’s safe to say that the WXGA works best for Blu-rays.

Unlike its Epson predecessor, it can’t be bought in different variants when it comes to brightness, as it only provides 3,200 ANSI lumens. The BenQ has a lot in common with the Epson, but there are some tiny differences. For starters, this model has a SmartEco power saving technology. Furthermore, it is 3D-ready.

According to the official description provided by the manufacturer and to the opinions of many buyers, this is the model to get if you’re looking for a small projector for the office or for your home. The fan is rather quiet and does as much noise as a 2011 MacBook Pro, which is admirable.

The unit has gathered more than 90 positive reviews.

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ViewSonic PJD5155 SVG DLP Projector


3.ViewSonic PJD5155This Viewsonic model is by far the most affordable video projector we’ve come across during our research. It can be bought in two styles: SVGA and XGA. The same goes for the color variants, as buyers can choose between the black and the white version of the same model.

The Viewsonic delivers up to 3,300 ANSI lumens which makes it comparable to the aforementioned BenQ unit. It is capable of reproducing rich, vibrant colors and high-quality sound, on account of its enlarged speaker chamber and of its potent amplifier.

Considering the number of cutting edge features that this unit comes with, it wouldn’t hurt having a look at. For instance, it’s one of the rare projectors that has a tactile keypad. Interesting features include a top lamp door and optional cable management system.

The Viewsonic also takes the cake when it comes to warranty, as the brand is covering the item for 3 years on parts and labor and 1 year on the lamp.

This is a small-sized, lightweight device that can turn a boring evening into an adventurous one.

Close to 90 individuals have provided positive ratings for this particular projector. Most of the users are family guys that enjoy an outdoor movie with their spouse and children.

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