Best Waist Trimmer Belt Reviews


What to Consider When Buying a New Waist Trimmer Belt


Who doesn’t want killer abs? While there are many exercising routines that can help you get that kind of chiseled abdomen you are after, a few extra pounds of fat always seem to be too stubborn to remove. A waist trimmer belt can be the solution to your problem. A wide band made of an elastic material that can be worn around the waist when you are exercising, a waist trimmer belt will help you sweat off the few pounds still hanging around your waistline. In case you are looking for the top rated waist trimmer belts 2017, you will find, together with this buying guide, a list with the most popular models on the market that will help you achieve the results you seek.

Best Waist Trimmer Belt


The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing such an item is the material. The best models are made of neoprene, an elastic material that promotes the accumulation of heat and sweating in the area you are wearing it over. Most people use the trimmer belt around their waists, but any model can be worn in a versatile manner around the buttocks and the thighs, where problems with extra pounds can still exist. There are other options besides neoprene, but the best manufacturers use this type of material, so you should go for it, too.


Proper abdominal coverage

The ultimate purpose of a waist trimmer belt is to help you uncover the abs you have been working on for so long. This means that the belt you are wearing must cover the entire abdominal area, for the best results. While plenty of models are one-size-fits-all, if you are a taller guy or girl, you may not like how regular models fit. Look around for the best waist trimmer belt reviews, to see which talk about models that are a better fit for taller people.


Fully adjustable


A good waist trimmer belt must be fully adjustable, since these items are not sold in different sizes. They usually come equipped with a Velcro closure that ensures that the belt will not move around or come undone when you are exercising. Make sure the belt is tight enough, or otherwise, sweating will not occur, and you will not be able to get rid of all those extra pounds that annoy you.



If you exercise regularly, you definitely want a waist trimmer belt that is durable enough to be worn for a lot of time, without signs of wear and tear. Since you will be sweating plenty when wearing the belt and exercising, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how to wash and maintain properly the trimmer belt for a longer time.


Top Waist Trimmer Belts in 2017


Since there are plenty of manufacturers selling waist trimmer belts, we thought about helping you decide on a particular model, by presenting you the most popular ones. All the products shown below score high in consumers’ preferences and they offer the ab-enhancing help you need.


Sweet Sweat Premium


1.Sweet Sweat Premium Waist TrimmerThe Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer is often called the best waist trimmer belt 2017 and for all the right reasons. Besides promoting sweating when exercising, which leads to the burning of fat on your abdomen, it is very comfortable and it does not slip even when you are performing more vigorous routines. The Velcro closure ensures proper fitting and the 100% latex free neoprene material it is made of ensures great moisture control. When you are purchasing this model, a sample of the Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer, is provided, so you can use it together with the waist trimmer belt for maximum results.

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McDavid 491


2.McDavid 491 Waist TrimmerBesides promoting sweating for proper fat burning, a good waist trimmer belt should also provide great lumbar support. Actually, many people who love exercising prefer this inexpensive method to support their backs when they are lifting weights. The McDavid 491 Waist Trimmer is praised for its exceptional back support as it cushions and compresses the muscles in your lower back, in order to greatly reduce the risk of injury. The heat released by the trimmer has a therapeutic effect, and any distress occurring in the lumbar area will be deflected so you can continue with your routine.

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Bracoo SCY10B Adjustable


3.Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer BeltExcess water is often retained by the body, making your belly look flabby even when you are exercising a lot. If you want to eliminate all this excess water, and even some fat, what you need is a product like the Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt. There is a secondary benefit to wearing this belt; when you are exercising, you are over-heating, and having heat strokes is nothing unusual among fitness enthusiasts. The belt will help you sweat more, therefore bringing the body to a more optimal temperature and allowing you to exercise for a longer time.

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TNT tnt-belt-1


4.TNT Waist Trimmer Ab BeltTaller people will surely love the TNT Waist Trimmer Ab Belt. According to the vast majority of the best waist trimmer belt reviews out there, this model provides great abdominal coverage, because of its extra wide design. Made of high quality neoprene, this model measures 9 inches in width, and it helps plenty by providing proper lumbar support, as well. The non-slip interior surface is a nice addition, because slipping is one of the problems noticed by waist trimmer belt users in general. When you are wearing this particular belt, there will be no such issues to worry about. Also, this belt is created to repel moisture, so you will always feel comfortable wearing it.

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ACF Ab Belt


5.ACF Waist Trimmer Ab BeltThe ACF Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is another great option for those seeking to properly cover the entire abdominal area in order to get the best out of this method of losing excess water and fat. This one has 10 inches in width, one inch more compared to the model reviewed above. The company making this belt offers a great quality product that is inspected for imperfections prior to packaging. Another great reason to go for this belt is the lifetime warranty offered with your purchase. With so many benefits attached to it, the ACF Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is, indeed, one of the best waist trimmer belts you can find at the moment.

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