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If you’re here just  to find the best wakeboard reviews and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best wakeboard reviews on the market by looking at owner feedback, sales figures and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Body Glove proves to be the best and the most appreciated by buyers. This model is a perfect mix between performance and convenience. First of all, it is made of fiberglass, so it is very lightweight, while its foam core further keeps its overall weight to a minimum. The Treo bindings come with a two point adjustment system that ensures a great fit for any configuration. A softer landing is always something to aim for when using a wakeboard, so it is a great thing that this one comes with a very thick molded foot bed designed to provide exactly that. If the Body Glove is out of stock, you could also consider the Rave Lyric as the second best option.



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Buying guide


When getting your first wakeboard, you may feel challenged by the amount of models available, and you may want to read a bit more about this fun equipment for water sports. We are here to help you, by providing you with all the needed information on the most important aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for a wakeboard. We want you to get the best wakeboard for the money and we hope that this short and to the point guide will help you in your task.


1.Body Glove Wakeboard


Size specs

When you are reading the specs for a wakeboard, you will notice a few numbers written down in the description. First things first, you will notice that wakeboard differ from one another based on length. Here is a small tip to help you identify the best length for you: a heavier rider needs a longer board, so there should be a match between you and the wakeboard you will be using. If you get a wakeboard that is too long, you will notice right away that you find it difficult to control it. One that is too small, on the other side, can sink with you in the water, because it cannot hold you. Most manufacturers provide a size chart, so you can take your pick without worrying that you will not get the right board for you.

Width is the second size spec to read about. This aspect is important for two things: turning speed and how easy it is to pop off it. A model with narrower ends will result in more turning speed, but you will not find it easy to release the wakeboard. A model that comes with a wider center will let you release faster and with greater ease, but edging is not exactly something you can achieve without a bit of skill. On the upside, your landing will be softer and easier on your knees, because you will have more surface to land on. However, if you want to get a model ideal for tricks, you may want to look at sleeker models more. Lastly, check the overall weight of the wakeboard you want to purchase. A heavier model will hold more weight, but it will also hold itself down more. There is quite a race between wakeboard manufacturers to come with models that are more lightweight and that offer more maneuverability for riders.



Riding style

In order to get the best model, you should match your riding style with what the wakeboard you have your eyes set on is capable of offering. A continuous rocker is a model with a nice curved shape; this type is ideal for fast smooth riding and you can easily notice how easy it is to hook up turns. Speed is defining for continuous rocker boards, and you can predict your next moves without worrying that you may land on water instead of the board. A 3 stage rocker is a model with three planes on the bottom. These models are designed to offer you more pop when hitting waves. You will feel how you actually slip over the water surface and it can be the best feeling in the world. However, you must keep in mind that this model is not exactly ideal for beginners, since your fins will be less effective, and you must edge more in order to control the wakeboard. Landings tend to be harder, and maintaining good balance is a challenge. Other designs include camber models that come with contact points at the ends, whose main advantage are the great control they offer, and hybrid rocker models that combine various configurations for more advanced riders to choose from.

2.New 2018 Hyperlite Wakeboard


When selecting a wakeboard, do not forget to check the fins. Those that are longer and deeper are great for a stable ride and you can find the board a good fit for doing all kinds of tricks. More fins are better than fewer fins, so keep this in mind, especially if you are a beginner. Removable fins can be found on some models and they can be replaced, or reduced in number when you are trying different configurations.




Top Wakeboards in 2018


Now that you know more about this water sports equipment, it is time to meet the best wakeboards available for sale at the moment.



Body BG612-P Glove


Best Wakeboard reviewsThe best wakeboard reviews tell us that the body glove wakeboard can support surfers with a weight of up to 125 lbs. You can go swish and swoosh in the water thanks to their rounded tip and tail. Jumps and surfing have never been smoother and easier. The Jr. Chaser lace up bindings ensures that you remain onboard and safe. If you are a light weight sports fanatic, this wake up board with a great all-rounder performance is for you.




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Rave Lyric


1.Rave Lyric Wakeboard

Let yourself impressed by the cutting edge appearance of the Rave Lyric. Together with your wakeboard, you will receive Advantage bindings that ensure a proper fit, so that the wakeboard does not fly from your feet when you least expect it. Finding a perfect fit is often a great challenge for wakeboarding enthusiasts, so it is a great thing that this model comes with a binding system that allows you to properly secure them in place, while experiencing perfect comfort. For perfect safety and great fun, choose the Rave Lyric as your next wakeboard. This one is ideal for users weighing over 125 pounds, so it is a good choice for big guys, too.




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Hydroslide Black Widow


2.Hydroslide Black Widow

From the first glance, you will surely fall in love with this wakeboard. Looks aren’t everything, though, and you will be pleased to find out that the Hydroslide Black Widow provides great performance, as well. The model comes with universal Jr. Lace Up Chaser bindings, so you will be able to achieve a secure fit. Your wakeboard will remain glued to your feet, while you experience with various tricks and jumps. For intermediate riders, as well as for novices, this is a good choice, but more experienced veterans may prefer to shop around a little more.




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Hyperlite Agent with Destroyer


3.New 2018 Hyperlite Wakeboard

This is a special package that will blow your mind away. The Agent wakeboard is durable and reliable, and ensures that you will be able to free ride with great ease. The Destroyer binding, on the other hand, cares about your feet and legs, as it comes with extra EVA padding, so you can land airs without experiencing any trouble. The wakeboard is thin and lightweight, and you will love its quick response. The four fins add control power and they can be removed if that is not your thing. Extra boost makes this wakeboard something to really write home about.




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Obrien Wakeboard


With its straight edge profile, the Obrien wake board can give up to 3 total stance measurements, from 22, 24 and 26. Its movements are as if your feet are being rocked continuously, thus accentuating the whole surfing experience. Also known as the 2.35 continuous rockers, it is a top rated Wakeboard in 2018. It is particularly suitable for the beginners as well as experts since they perform well in all sorts of water conditions. Order it right away, you won’t be disappointed at all!




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AIRHEAD AHW-1015 Bonehead II


The Grab Youth bindings of the bonehead make sure that the surfer remains on board. It is almost 124 cm long and is perfect for light weight sports fanatics who weigh up to 130 lbs only. A tip-free ride ensures that whether you are an entry level surfer or a professional one, you will improve your skills greatly on this board. It not only makes sure that one performs greatly but is highly durable as well. Its versatility makes it one of the best wakeboard in 2018.




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AIRHEAD AHW-4026 Fluid


This particular fluid wake board is designed for expert riders who may weigh between 90-170 lbs. Its 6-fin dual thrusters feature ensures that the surfer has ultimate hold on the board. The side fins of the boards are curved and angled at 11 degrees outwards to provide the extra edge hold. It is fast and gives continuous rocking movements with smooth pops wherever the water cuts the board. As a top rated wakeboard in 2018, it is absolutely great to bind your whole family together.




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Rave Freestyle Wakeboard – no longer available


The rave freestyle wakeboard is known for its great performance and durability with a reasonable price. Surf through the waters on this durable wakeboard. It’s a great way of spending time in the beach with your friends and family. It is not only light weight but also provides the surfer with a twin-tip free ride. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this board is designed to give top quality movements which help in improving the surfer’s skills. The wake board bindings come with the wake board so the surfer remains onboard safely no matter how harsh the waters are.