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Within American homes the presence of a professional and efficient washer and dryer is more than welcomed. Everyone wants to have an advanced and efficient device that can clean and afterwards dry clothes with ease, while also protecting the fabric and texture. It’s important to have a professional device that can handle cleaning any type of clothes within a short period of time. Consulting some of the current best washer and dryers reviews represents an important step in identifying the most efficient model suited to your needs. With a great product, you will be able to take care of your laundry without any problems whatsoever.


GE GTUN275EMWW washer and dryer


Best washer and dryers under $1500One of the best washer and dryers under $1500 comes from General Electric, Spacemaker GTUN275EMWW, a powerful laundry system that never fails to impress. This advanced washer manages to meet and exceed some of the latest federal guidelines regarding quality cleaning, energy efficiency and operating system. It delivers a great set of cleaning speeds that safely matches any type of fabric from clothes. You will be able to use pre-programmed settings that precisely cover all the everyday laundry actions. This laundry system gives you the possibility to select the right temperature for the clothes you need to wash.

“Nothing beats having a washer and a dryer in the same design and this is why I have this GE model at home. Laundry time is easier with it because it cleans and dryes my clothes fast and properly. The fact that it is energy efficient as well is definitely another bonus.” – Hannah Moyes

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Haier HWD1000 washer and dryer


Do you want a professional washer and dryer that won’t disappoint you? Well, if you do, then you should read more about the functionality of Haier HWD1000, a specially designed machine that cleans fast and without harming the clothes in any way. This front load washer and dryer combo, features a precise electronic control panel and also a roomy 1.7 cubic foot stainless steel drum where you can place the laundry with confidence. It comes with 3 standard wash cycles, 6 highly efficient fabric care wash cycle for more sensitive clothes and also prewash and extra-rinse options. This is why; so many people consider it one of the best washer and dryers under $1000.

“The Haier HWD1000 washer & dryer was bought by me for my apartment to save some space and to this point I am pleased with how it runs. The front laod capcity is decent, plus the wash and dry cycles are very helpful at the same time.”­ – Mary Cole

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Haier HWD1600BW washer and dryer


Every home deserves a professional washer and dryer to take of the laundry without giving birth to a lot of effort and headache. This is why, upon reviewing some of the top rated models, we recommend people to use with confidence Haier HWD1600BW. Placed among the current best washer and dryers 2018, this powerful cleaning device features 3 phase induction driver that manages to save energy and money. The model includes a large LCD display that indicates the present functional operations of the device, thus ensuring your clothes will be cleaned and dried with ease any time you need to.

“This washer dryer from Haier helps my a lot with my laundry time and for this I am very grateful. This combination was not as expensive as you would think and for me it is necessary when you don’t have that big of a house in which you live.” – Alice Marsh

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Whirlpool WET3300XQ washer and dryer


As thousands of Americans pointed out, you can’t go wrong with Whirlpool cleaning devices. So, upon reviewing the latest cleaning and drying machines from Whirlpool we have to recommend WET3300XQ. This powerful electric laundry center comes with a precise 25 cubic feet washer and a roomy 59 cubic feet dryer what accommodates any type of clothes. The model features 8 wash cycles and 6 dry cycles, completed by auto-dry and self-clean lint filter that does the laundry without imposing any effort. Once you install the washer and dryer in your home, you won’t regret later on using it!

“Before I went ahead and got this washer/dryer I looked up some reviews about it so I better understood its features. The reviews were very positive and after some time using it I have to definitely give it a thumbs up because my clothes are well taken care of now.” – Dorothy Mullins

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Fagor America 24 inch washer and dryer


When it comes to big electronic devices, you have to pay attention to every detail especially when we deal with certain high prices. Upon reviewing some of the top rated products, we have to recommend one advanced product, Fagor America Combination washer and dryer, a popular product in the US. Seen by many as the ultimate 2 in 1 laundry solution, the model comes 16 advanced wash programs that safely take care of any type of laundry. Furthermore it includes a professional balance system, and a particular anti-crease reversing system for additional stability while cleaning and drying day or night.

“I am pleased with this washer dryer from Fagor becaue with its help I can clean my clothes in the best way possible and after this I can dry them fast and without damaging them. My space problem has been solved when I bought this 2 in 1 device.” – Erika Cassidy