Best washer dryer combo reviews


Top washer dryer combos in 2018


If you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for your clothes to dry out than you would with a washer dryer set, a washer dryer combo is the perfect choice to make. It is also more compact, more affordable and a lot less expensive to run. There are hundreds of such appliances on the market out of which only a handful are worth your time. We’ve sorted out dozens of the worst and best washer dryer combo reviews in order to come up with some useful pointers on what would be the proper investment to make. Our five suggestions will hopefully point you in the right direction when the times comes to buy a new appliance.


Midea Washer All Sizes


Best washer dryer combo reviewsEven though this brand is a lot less popular than big names like Samsung or LG, it still manages to produce some amazing appliances. The product which stood out the most was the one that some call the best washer dryer combo in 2018. Most appreciate it for its generous interior which can handle up to five pairs of jeans at once. It gets clothes very clean and it is very easy to figure out. It has a large display to let you know what is going on at all times and it is capable of doing 1200 rpm.

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Whirlpool WET3300XQ


Most of the best washer dryer combo reviews recommend this product for those who have limited space. Although rather compact, it is one very generous washer/dryer holding up to 2.5 cubic feet for washing purposes and 5.9 cubic feet for drying purposes. It will run on 8 wash cycles which makes it perfect for all sorts of laundry. It is low maintenance considering the fact that it comes with its own lint filter. It is perfect if you live in an apartment or a small house. Aside for being efficient, this appliance is also very durable, this according to people who have had this model or previous models for a really long time.

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LG Front Load Combo


LG were clearly trying to manufacture the best washer dryer combo in 2018 when constructing this particular appliance. Even though a bit expensive, it is quite efficient which is not a common thing among washer/dryer sets. It is slightly narrower than your average bathroom door and it manages to hold up to 3.6 cubic feet worth of clothes. It comes with 9 different washing cycles and 6 different drying cycles to use depending on what laundry you need to clean. It is quiet because of its patented LoDecibel Quiet operation feature and it is quite energy and water efficient.

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EdgeStar FastDry Ventless Combo


If you are looking to score one of the top rated washer dryer combos in 2018 you could direct your attention towards this particular appliance designed by EdgeStar. It works fast and it handles enough laundry to keep up with the needs of your average three to four member family. It is versatile and easily customizable. It uses a self-cleaning mechanism to prolong its lifespan and it is has a durable tub made out of polyurethane. Because it is uses a ventless drying mechanism, the clothes will not be completely dry as you take them out of the machine so keep that in mind before spending your money.

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Haier Haier HWD1600BW Combo HE


The Haier combo is one product which is not worth your time. It is over-advertised and overpriced if you consider how poor the build quality is. Its biggest problem is it breaks down easily. It will require additional investments on your behalf even with the warranty still active. It has problems with its computer and it is very inefficient when it comes to cleaning clothes. It is very loud and has a faulty draining system. Even the customer service is terrible as most users received their appliance just as defective as it was when they sent it for repairs.

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