Best washing machines under $500


Top rated cheap washing machines


It is very important to have in your home a high quality washing machine that takes care of the laundry with ease. Dirty clothes, like pants, shirts, towels or sheets will no longer be a problem. The market has a lot of washers designed to clean with ease any type of clothes, when you need to. It is important to consult some of the current best washing machines reviews in order to find the right model, suited to your washing needs. With a professional and high quality washing machine you will be able to remove dirt or other types of stains with ease while also protecting the fabric and texture.


Panda Small washing machine


Best washing machines under $500With a professional washing machine you will be able to clean with ease your laundry with ease. Well, one of the best washing machines under $200 is Panda single tub washer, which has a modern design and an impressive set of cleaning actions. This model can be used for house, apartment and condos usage. It comes with a drainage pump out, with a voltage frequency 110V/60Hz and a washing capacity of 6 -7 lbs. The washing machine has a washing power of 240W, spin power 120W and also a spin rpm of 1300, taking care of the clothes’ fabric and texture. It comes with the following wash cycles: cotton and synthetics, towels and sheets and heavy soiled.

“For a small apartment with a restricted amount of space like mine the Panda Small washing machine is just the thing, keeping my clother nice and clean. It has even different programs for different types of clothes and overall I can say that this washer is very reliable.” – Chris Walter

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Haier HLP21N washing machine


High performance cleaning force and precision during wash cycles are present in Haier HLP21N washing machine! This portable washer comes with a roomy 1 cubic foot, made out of stainless steel tub which can accommodate with loads by up to 6 pounds of laundry. Ease to use and manage, the washer comes with 3 water levels and also 3 wash cycles that can safely clean any fabric without damaging it. Regarded as one of the best washing machines under $300, the model comes with 3 water levels and also 3 wash cycles, letting you wash with ease any type of clothes.

“This top load washing machine with a compact size has worked very well for my needs, making all my clothes clean so I look presentable at work or in day to day life. I didn’t pay too much for it and I recommend it if you are living by yourself like me.” – Frank Vaughn

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Sonya Portable dryer


Some apartments with a restricted amount of space just don’t have enough room for a full size dryer, but this is where this dryer from Sonya comes in and with its compact size resolves all your problems. Except the fact that it comes at a very affordable price, also it minimizes the time it normally takes you to dry your clothes. It is not heavy either, being an important advantage when you want to change its place in the house. It has different settings for different types of clothes so they are dryed properly and last but not least it comes with a one year warranty as well.

“The Sonya dryer has proven to me in the time that I had it that it is excellent, helping me dry my clothes fast and effortless. Also it helps with the space problem in my apartment cause to be frank the place I live in is rather small.” – Sam Caragher

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The Laundry Alternative Eco-egg washing machine


Selecting the right washing machine for your home can be hard, given the wide array of models available on the market. Today, more and more people are using with confidence Eco-egg from The Laundry Alternative, a pro efficient washing machine including an automatic rinse cycle. Designed with efficiency and solid quality, this mini washer will help you clean with ease any type of fabric. Furthermore this powerful washer has a smooth and quiet running system. It is ideal for socks, diapers, shirts and also undergarments! You won’t regret making this investment and using this high quality washing machine.

“This egg shaped washer is actually very effective, washing my clothes in an ecological way, plus consumig so less energy. The results of its washing cycles are impressive and I honestly suggest getting one if you truly care about the environment.” – Samantha Colman

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Haier HLP23E washing machine


It’s important to have installed in your home a powerful washing machine that can deal with any type of clothes. You can’t wrong with Haier HLP23E portable 1-1/2 cubic foot washer! This model is easily connectable to the sink! In addition, the washer has an electronic control panel and LED display which permits you to control better the device. It features 4 wash cycles, 6 programs and also 4 water level settings and also an end-of-cycle signal when the cleaning process is over. This is the reason so many people consider this model as one of the best washing machines under $500.

“I found the Haier HLP23E portable washing machine to be very reliable, with its casters adding mobility to it as well. Its controls are simple to learn and the 4 washing cycles cover all the fabrics that my clothes are made of. It is very cheap to purchase as well.” – Elizabeth Moore