Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Women Reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best waterproof hiking shoes for women in 2017, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best womens waterproof hiking shoes by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, as well as the sales figures of thousands of alternatives. Out of all the products we have analyzed, the Merrell Moab W is the best because it is a pair of stable and comfortable shoes that do the trick when it comes to going hiking or climbing a mountain even when it’s raining. Besides, the traction of this product makes it possible for users to benefit from the same stability both on wet and dry ground. Nobody’s a fan of inner or outer shoe moisture, which is why this Merrell option even features a unique drying technology on the inside. If the Merrell Moab W is unavailable, you could also consider the KEEN Targhee II as it is the second best alternative.



Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Women. What to Look for:


Choosing the right pair of waterproof hiking shoes can be quite a daunting task nowadays, what with the market being overflowed with countless options. If you’d like to base your selection on just the right factors, all you have to do is have a look at our comprehensive buying guide. It’s packed with useful info that can allow you to pick the unit that offers you the best value.

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Type of shoe and your purpose

Correlating your purpose with the kind of shoe you might be looking for is one of the first things that ought to be on your mind. Hiking shoes come in various shapes and sizes, and since not all are made the same, some are sturdier than others. There are boots, approach shoes, models intended for trail running, and the classic hiking pair that you might find in most stores. Whatever the case, you have to be aware of the hiking conditions beforehand. Boots are the most durable and weather resistant of all, although they might be cumbersome under certain circumstances. Approach shoes, although remarkably comfortable, might not take as much abuse in the long run compared to their counterparts.


Weight and support

If you plan to walk on off-trail terrain often, you might need more support. The amount of support that you’ll require largely depends on how much you weigh, the weight of the things you’ll be carrying, as well as the roughness of the terrain. In order to be comfortable while walking for a reasonable amount of time, you need a lightweight shoe that allows you to perform all the movements. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that, the lower the weight of the shoe, the less likely it is to last for two years or more.


Waterproofing features

There are two primary ways most manufacturing brands nowadays make their shoes waterproof. On the one hand, you have to consider the outer weather resistance to see whether the model will put up with a rainy hike or not. On the other hand, you have to pay attention to breathability and interior waterproofing as there isn’t a single person in the world who might enjoy having their feet sweat a lot on account of the characteristics of the shoes. While many people tend to think that wearing waterproof shoes during a hot day is a bad idea, we’ve seen that the technology utilized in most units available today has advanced significantly during the recent years and therefore allows your feet to breathe adequately.



Top Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Women in 2017


Some of the best waterproof hiking shoes for women are showcased below. These items are all critically acclaimed for offering excellent value for the price, and the neat thing about most of them is that you won’t have to break the bank every year in order to get a replacement. They’re durable and convenient, which is why they’ve gathered favorable waterproof hiking shoes for women reviews.



Merrell Moab W


1.Merrell Women's MoabThis Merrell alternative is undoubtedly worth taking into account if you’re in the market for a pair of shoes that doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance and comfort. Over seventy percent of the individuals who have bought the Moab W say that these shoes fit exactly as expected, which means that you don’t have to worry about encountering any issue with regards to sizing. Besides, the manufacturer offers a size chart that can help you realize just what dimension is the best one for your physical attributes.

As is to be expected from a well-constructed pair of hiking shoes, this one features a waterproof build both on the outside and inside. Additionally, one of the most attractive characteristics of the Merrell Moab W consists of Vibram Lugs, which can take your hiking experience to a whole new level by providing just the right amount of comfort, flexibility, and stability you might require at any given moment.


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KEEN Targhee II


2.KEEN Women's Targhee IIKEEN is one of the most well-known manufacturing brands in the industry as the company has acquired a huge reputation of creating well-made products that don’t cost a lot of money. This is the exact case with the Targhee II as it has all the features you might have been looking for in a top-notch alternative. Close to seventy percent of the people who have chosen this option say that it fits accordingly, so it might be a good idea to check the sizing chart made available by KEEN.

As for the product per se, it couldn’t have been better made. This type of hiking shoe features a rubber sole, a cushioned collar, as well as a waterproof membrane and a breathable mesh tongue. In spite of the fact that it might be heavier and larger when compared to some of its competitors, the KEEN unit is worth every penny, what with more than five hundred buyers endorsing it for what it can do.


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Columbia Women’s Dakota Drifter


3.Columbia Women's DakotaIf you are just starting out with your hiking adventures, it might be a good idea to spend your money wisely and even more so, on something worth the while. We’ve noticed that the Columbia Women’s option is significantly more affordable compared to some of the other units we’ve showcased in our selection, which is why we believe that it might be recommended for beginners.

There’s nothing wrong with the Dakota Drifter if you’re looking for a beautiful and durable pair of waterproof shoes, and you won’t even have to go through too much trouble when it comes to getting the right size, as over eighty percent of the people who regularly use the shoes say it fits as expected. In a nutshell, this product seems to be worth every cent even if you plan to use it on a daily basis, just like other owners do. Moreover, there have been people saying that they get the feeling that the Dakota Drifter will last for many years to come.


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