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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best waxer polisher money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information on the best waxer polisher for sale by checking out actual feedback from consumers who have used the products and comparing them to what is stated in expert review sites. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Black & Decker WP900 is the best because of how it delivers a swirl-free finish with the way it runs at a random pattern of 4,400 orbits a minute. This ensures a neat and clean look for the surface of your boat or car after polishing. The 10-foot cord and comfortable two-handle design ensure effortless and hassle-free use every time. Weighing in at just 5.3 pounds, the machine comes with everything needed to ensure thorough surface cleaning, including a foam applicator bonnet along with two polishing bonnets. If the Black & Decker WP900 is unavailable, we suggest you get the second best option on the market, the WEN 10PMR.



Comparison table:


ProductSize (inches)RPMPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Best waxer polisher reviews
Kawasaki 840580
Black & Decker WP900
WEN 6010 Waxer/Polisher
Black & Decker W006B



Buying guide


A waxer-polisher is a versatile product that not only works for boats but also seals granite countertops, restores tarnished jewelry and revives terrazzo tile floors. Evolving to a machine that does not only gives cars a shiny, showroom-worthy appearance, the waxer-polisher is equipped with attached cloths and spinning discs that ease away scratches and blemishes. It can also be used to apply polishing cream and waxes. If your car’s or boat’s appearance is highly important to you, these are the elements you would want to check out when buying a waxer-polisher.

1.Black & Decker WP900

Performance-driven motor

Inside the body of the car waxer polisher buffer, you should find a powerful motor that runs and drives up to the gear mechanism up in the polishing head where the polishing pad is attached. A direct drive polisher has the pad instantly spinning with a pull of the trigger. There should be no slippage at all. This type of machine is the tool of choice for professional auto detailers who want to restore the finish on a neglected car that has a lot of swirls and water spots, hasn’t been polished or waxed for years, or a car that faces a body shop situation.

The machine works as both a waxer and polisher that brings back the slick, new coat of your car, which is able to repel moisture along with other potentially harmful elements. The machine can be used on various types of surfaces including metal, stone and wood, making it a highly versatile tool that professionals and do-it-yourselfers can work with.




Hand control and selectable RPM settings

Most waxer polishers need to be operated using two hands. However, since people are either right- or left- handed, a usual issue would be which hand should have greater control over the machine. Most models on the market are designed for right- handed users. However, some units, typically those that run on compressed gas, only require the use of just one hand.

Friction, heat and extent of coverage are influenced by rotation speed. With high-speed machines, the user will have to diligently guard against swirls and paint damage caused by excessive heat while the machine is running. That being said, high-speed waxer- polishers are ideal to use on large vehicles such as boats, minivans and SUVs. With variable speed, you can set the machine to the RPM you want for any application. Preferably, the trigger should have a lock mechanism so when you pull the trigger, you can lock it in place so the whole time you’re using the tool, you won’t have to keep pressing the trigger. Some machines also feature a lock mechanism at the head that you push in so when you hit the backing plate where the polishing pad is mounted, the attachment spindle will not spin when you take the plate off.

2.WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer

Easy use

Waxer polishers that run on electricity tend to generate vibrations in the body of the machine during operation. This is caused by the motor that generates power from the electrical outlet. There should be minimum vibration from the machine, since too much can cause non-uniform application of waxes or compounds, which can be difficult to see with the naked eye.

It is easy to lose control over a heavy waxer polisher. Additionally, a heavy machine will need to be slightly lifted to prevent the machine from creating large dents on the surface being buffed. The heavy machine can cause damage to the more pliable parts of the vehicle such as the hood. You want your waxer polisher to be lightweight for easy control.

You also want the tool to be usable with various kinds of pads. Three different pads are used namely, polishing pads, pads for gloss and sealant wax applicator pads, and the machine should be able to accommodate all three types. The waxer polisher should also enable use on areas that are not so easily accessible, including the front and rear quarter panels of the vehicle. You can always get a large waxer polisher and supplement it with a smaller model to tackle hard to reach spots.



Top waxer/polishers in 2017


The variety of choices on waxer- polishers can be overwhelming for the consumer, which can be a deterrent to making an easy decision. Hopefully, the buying guide above has been able to give you essential points for reference when embarking on your own buying journey. We have also showcased the best products below to assist you more.





Best waxer polisher reviewsAs it goes for powerful polishers, there are many available on the market. Sorting out the right one may prove to be quite challenging. Now, you can opt for the best waxer polisher in 2017 from WEN, the 10PMC. This powerful 10-inch orbit waxer was designed especially for people that perform some of the following applications: buffing, waxing and polishing. The model comes with durable handle grips which permits you to control over the whole operation. Due to the random orbit polishing movement you can add a superb finishing touch to your car or truck.  It is powered by a high-performing 120-volt and 0.75 permanent magnet motor which can perform by up to 3200 orbits per minute.



Buy from for ($41.7)





Kawasaki 840580 Ergonomic


These days you can use with confidence a top waxer polisher in 2017 from Kawasaki, the 840580 orbital waxer. This powerful waxer was designed to help people clean their bikes, any type of 4 wheeled vehicle or boats. It is important to have in your garage an advanced waxer. Why? This power tool features a precise orbital waxer with 2 special layer foam pad which safely eliminates surface scratching or dirt spots. The waxer was designed with ergonomic hand-grips which make it very easy for you to perform different cleaning applications. In the basic package you will also get 3 bonnets for better cleaning operations.



Buy from for ($37.99)





Black & Decker WP900 Random Orbit


According to the present best waxer polisher reviews it seems you can opt with confidence for the WP900 from Black & Decker. This powerful 6-inch random waxer and polisher runs an impressive 4.400 orbits per minute. You will be able to use it to perform precise professional finishes on cars, boats and motors. Due to its advanced random orbit design, the polisher/waxer can deliver smooth and swirl-free finishes. Furthermore it has a special 2-handle design which maintains a secure and comfortable grip every moment of the cleaning process. The polisher includes a 10-foot cord which handles different jobs, small or big with ease.



Buy from for ($29.97)





WEN 6010


Every car, boat or motor needs a good polishing from time to time. People understand this particular aspect and for this reason they try to find the best waxer polisher in 2017. Now, you can opt for the WEN 6010, a powerful 6-inch waxer and polisher that won’t let you down. It comes with an ergonomic contoured palm and body grip design which makes every polishing action comfortable and pretty easy. You can use it with one or two hands. This model includes a high quality polishing head which trim work and add shine to different metal or aluminum surfaces.



Buy from for ($21.38)





Black & Decker W006B


It is very important to have in your garage a professional waxer and polisher. To this end you should invest a bit of your time in learning about W006B from Black & Decker. You can use this powerful waxer and polisher in order to clean boats, cars and motors. It has an ergonomic hand grip design which ensures a comfortable cleaning process every time you need. Due to its lightweight design, you will be able to wax and polish everything you need with ease. This 6 inch waxer and polisher will clean through the high quality polishing head different materials.



Buy from for ($24.05)