Best Weather Radio for Camping Reviews



If you love spending time outdoors one important question you need to ask is “what is the best weather radio for camping?” Not only will a weather radio keep you informed on approaching rainstorms, it can also save your life. The best weather radio will send you alerts when dangerous storms are approaching so you will have plenty of time to find appropriate shelter. While a weather radio can make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable, there are some factors you need to consider to make sure you choose the right one.


What to look for when buying weather radio for camping?



One of the most important aspects to consider is the type of weather radio, and each has its own advantages. Weather band radios are the most common in indoor areas, and also include all of the functions you need to enjoy listening to your favorite music. While these types of weather radios will send alerts, it also has to be turned on and tuned to a station in order to receive the warning. Alert weather radios will override any music to sound the alert, and can even send a warning when it is powered off.



The size and style of the weather radio is also important, and the best one for you will often depend on where you are going to use it. Desktop models are better suited for indoor use, though some can be used in a vehicle. Most outdoor enthusiasts prefer to use a lightweight and durable portable weather radio, but these models are also limited by the amount of available power. Manual crank weather radios are durable, portable, and the perfect choice for avid campers who prefer pitching their tents in remote locations. Since you are not dependent on battery or electrical power, this type of weather radio can be used almost anywhere.


Additional Features

There are also some additional features you might want to consider that can include ports for additional antennas, and to keep your cell phone charged. A built in flashlight is also a convenient accessory when you are camping, and some weather radios also feature bright LED lights that flash when there is a threat of dangerous weather. You also want to ensure that the model you choose is also certified by NOAA so you can be positive that you will receive all of the alerts.


Most Appreciated Weather Radios for Camping in 2018


Midland ER300 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Radio


1.Midland ER300 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather RadioThis durable and reliable weather radio is perfect for camping in remote locations, and you will appreciate its compact and easy to use design. This small weather radio fits easily with the rest of your gear, and includes all of the functions you need to stay up to date on the latest storms. You will love the convenience of the solar powered designed, along with the added security of the included hand crank.

The radio will sound alerts anytime one is issued by the National Weather Agency, and it also includes plenty of features to ensure your safety. The built in flashlight makes it easy to see in the dark, and it also serves as a distress signal. The innovative light will flash the signal for Morse Code to alert anyone nearby that you need immediate assistance.

You also have the advantage of the ultrasonic whistle that will alert any passing search and rescue teams, along with making it easier to find curious dogs that might have wandered off during the storm. This safety device also functions as a FM/AM radio, and features a convenient port that will keep your cell phone charged in case of an emergency.

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Midland HH50 Pocket Weather Radio


2.Midland HH50 Pocket Weather RadioWhether you are going for a hike in the woods or an overnight camping trip, this weather radio will keep you informed on any developing storms. Its compact size fits easily in your pocket or with the rest of your gear, and you will appreciate its durable construction. You also have the advantage of the affordable price, along with the included 3 year warranty.

Not only will this weather radio receive all of the alerts from the NOAA, it will also automatically switch on in the event of a serious warning. You have the benefit of 24 hour weather alerts, along with any civil emergencies that might affect your area. Designed to be easy and convenient to use, you will never have to worry about being stuck in bad weather with this durable radio.

The compact radio uses 3 AAA batteries that are easy and inexpensive to replace, and it also features a 6 inch adjustable antenna to ensure you always have crystal clear reception. With its water proof construction that is designed to last, this weather radio is perfect for camping trips and hikes in the woods.

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Ambient Weather WR-090 Emergency Pocket Weather Radio


3.Ambient Weather WR-090 Emergency Pocket Weather RadioOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is its compact and durable construction that is also extremely easy to operate. This weather radio is designed to be easily portable, and will fit comfortably into a pocket or with the rest of your gear. You will also love the stylish design, along with all of its convenient functions.

This weather radio not only receives all of the updates and alerts issued by NOAA, it also functions as an entertaining FM/AM radio. Listen to your favorite music and shows while you are camping, and with all of the NOAA channels preprogrammed you never have to worry about missing a warning.

You also have the advantage of the brightly lit display that includes a 12 and 24 hour digital clock. The colored buttons are easy to find, and you will love the convenience of the built in flashlight. With the adjustable antenna you never have to worry about not getting a radio signal, and this model is also affordably priced to fit almost any budget.

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Your safety is important, especially when you are camping, which is why every avid nature lover should invest in a weather radio. While we can’t choose the best model for you, we hope that one of these top rated products is exactly what you are looking for.