Best Weather Radio Reviews for 2018


Weather radios are quite handy because they can keep you informed of weather changes ahead, depending on the specific area you live in. From bad weather to natural disasters and even other threats to your safety, these radios receive emergency alerts, so you never find yourself in a bad situation. Portable, as well as countertops models, are really useful for people who want to avoid any hazards when at home, at work, or on the go. The following top 10 weather radios will help you pick a model that will send you the necessary alerts when something bad is about to happen.


Midland WR300 Weather Radio


1.MIDLAND WR300 Weather RadioOne of the best you can find on the market right now, the MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio is a great choice for anyone who wants to be alerted of bad weather changes and other events ahead of time, so they have enough time to react. The MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio receives all the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) channels, and it comes equipped with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology, so it can send you alerts for your area. The product also comes with standard AM/FM radio and clock.

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Midland WR120EZ NOAA Weather Alert


2.Midland WR120EZ NOAADifferent warnings are received on this weather radio, such as tornadoes, floods, or thunderstorms. Since it receives all the NOAA weather alerts, the Midland WR120EZ model is a good option for all the people living in the US. The multi-language feature comes in handy, because it can alert those who happen to be on US grounds, but do not speak the language. There are a 90 dB siren, voice alert and flashing LED lights employed on this model that make sure that you will not overlook an important alert message.

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Sangean CL-100


3.Sangean CL-100Besides receiving all the alert messages from the NOAA channels, the Sangean CL-100 is capable of delivering important information regarding civil emergencies, details on evacuation plans, and alerts on natural disasters. The model also comes equipped with clock and standard AM/FM radio, so you can use it as a regular gadget, as well. Enjoying hundreds of positive reviews from users, the Sangean CL-100 is worth mentioning among our top 5 products for alert messaging. The stylish appearance is a good point in its favor, too, and it looks good as a table top radio.

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American Red Cross FRX3


4.American Red Cross FRX3This small weather radio is a very good option for those looking for a portable gadget to keep them informed on bad weather everywhere they go. Besides receiving all the weather alerts, the American Red Cross FRX3 can also be used as a regular AM/FM radio. The hand crank it comes equipped with makes it the best weather radio for many consumers who praise its portability. Another great feature this model has is the USB charger that allows you to charge your smartphone, in case its battery dies on you.

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Epica Emergency Solar Digital Radio


5.Epica EmergencyIn case of emergency, there are certain devices you need around. A good and reliable weather radio is one of them, for sure. The Epica Emergency weather radio is a model that offers great features in terms of portability. Receiving all NOAA alerts, it is very helpful when you need to stay away from bad weather. It can be recharged on the go using its solar panel, its hand crank, or the USB port it comes equipped with. The built in flashlight is also very helpful in times of need.

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Sangean PR-D9W


6.Sangean PR-D9WOne of the top rated weather radios on the market nowadays, the Sangean PR-D9W provides users with digital weather alerts, so they are always informed when something bad happens in their area. The weather alert siren makes sure that you will not overlook any alert message and that you will have enough time to get to safety. Flashing red LED lights add to the alert functionalities of this particular model. The radio is portable and it uses AA cell batteries. 19 presets are available for the standard AM/FM radio functionality.

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Ambient Weather WR-112


7.Ambient Weather WR-112This portable weather alert system is very handy for the times when you are on the go, but you still need to stay informed on bad weather and other hazards that may happen in the area you are in. The Ambient Weather WR-112 is a good looking gadget, besides being a very useful one, and it is preferred by many consumers. The radio can be charged from an USB port, wall power, car charger, hand crank, or solar panel. In turn, it can recharge your smartphone, tablet, or any other digital device.

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Midland HH54VP


8.Midland HH54VPSome good things come in small packages, and the Midland HH54VP is a good proof in this direction. A barebones, but very efficient model, this portable weather radio from the reputable company Midland, gets the job done, which is to alert you when weather is about to take a turn for the worst. Equipped with SAME technology, it is capable of delivering alert message specific for the area you are in. It can store up to 9 different county codes, and it has three alert options, to make sure you don’t overlook any important messages.

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Midland ER300


9.Midland ER300You will never remain stranded, as long as you have the Midland ER300 emergency weather radio with you. This portable radio will not give up on you when the going gets tough, as it can be recharged by hand crank, or using its solar panel. The extra bright LED light is capable of sending visual signals and its ultrasonic dog whistle is ideal for helping any rescue mission. The USB port can be used to recharge any battery from a digital device, such as a smartphone. The flashlight beacon can flash in Morse code.

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American Red Cross ZoneGuard Weather Radio


10.American Red Cross ZoneGuardSporting the very useful SAME technology, the American Red Cross ZoneGuard Weather Radio is very handy for those who want to be alerted in case of emergency. An interesting feature this model comes with is the three level color alert bar. Receiving all NOAA alerts and acting as a regular AM/FM radio, this model is good for home or office. The angle stand makes it easy to place on any desk or table and the elegant design will not make it stand out in an unpleasant manner, regardless of where you put it.

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