Best Welding Helmet Reviews


If you are here just to find the best welding helmets of 2017 and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information regarding the best welding helmets on the market by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, and even what various expert review sites had to say about them. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Jackson Safety BH3 is the best as it offers all the protection you might want to get from such a product, both in your eye and face areas. Besides, the model doesn’t interfere with your welding performance as it even features delay and sensitivity adjustments and manages to offer more than enough visibility. If the Jackson Safety BH3 is unavailable, you could also consider the Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 as it’s the second best choice.



Welding Helmets. What to Look for:


Going through the best welding helmet reviews to get just the right products for your needs just won’t cut it these days, as the variety of alternatives that are available is downright daunting. In order to make an informed decision, we have created a comprehensive guide that can assist you in correlating the features of the model with your personal requirements. Here’s what you ought to know about welding helmets before you buy one.

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Standard or auto darkening lens

Standard helmets, also known as passive models, are made of plastics and feature lens that have been constructed out of glass. Normally, this piece of glass has been coated with UV and IR layers. One of the reasons you might feel tempted to choose this version over the auto darkening one is the financial one as we’ve seen that many models in this line cost as little as twenty to thirty dollars. However, standard helmets are rather cumbersome as they have to be flipped up and down all the time. Furthermore, they may offer less visibility compared to their auto darkening counterparts especially for people who don’t yet have enough experience with using a helmet.

By contrast, an auto darkening model comes with an electronic filter lens which can be adjusted depending on the preferences of the person using it. For them to keep on working, these lenses require the power coming from a battery or solar energy. While the technology used in the development of such helmets isn’t too easy to grasp, what you need to know is that they can also be utilized without an energy source. In this case, they’ll act somewhat like a sunshade. Unfortunately, this kind of helmet is more expensive than the standard one.


Shade and ease of use

The shade of the lens can be either fixed or adjustable, depending on the model you prefer. It goes without saying that, with standard alternatives, you really have no command over the shade or tint, which is anything but beneficial as multiple materials require a higher or a lower degree of protection. Besides, you also have to take into account the type of welding you’ll be performing and with the help of which process. Variable shade lenses are available with modern options and may range from 9 to 13. Since you’ll also have to breathe while welding, we recommend getting a model with air filter.


Switching speed

Auto darkening units require less than one millisecond to switch from their natural state to the darkened shade. At a first glance, this detail might not look very important, but it actually is as you’ll require as much protection as quickly as possible so as to avoid getting your eyesight damaged. If you’re looking for the best protection, perhaps what you need to choose is a welding helmet with grinding shield.



Top Welding Helmets in 2017


The best welding helmets are showcased below. All of the following units have been granted favorable reviews coming from American and international buyers alike. They’re dependable, durable, and will allow you to keep your eyesight in top shape. Although they’re way more capable than standard options, these models aren’t particularly expensive.



Jackson Safety BH3


1.Jackson Safety BH3This model is one of the most critically acclaimed ones we’ve come across during our entire research and that definitely says something about it seeing how we’ve gone through thousands of alternatives. The BH3 is a fully capable product that does exactly what the manufacturing brand claims it does, mainly to protect the user on all accounts. Since it has been developed with the help of the Balder Technology, the model is efficient and reliable and will allow you to perform your welding accurately every time.

What’s more, the Jackson Safety BH3 offers a unique angle of view, extreme color recognition and impressive visibility, all the while giving users the freedom to select the shade they may need at some point or the other. As we were mentioning above, some of the most cutting-edge welding helmets allow owners to choose the shade lens between 9 and 13, which is the exact case with the BH3.


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Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350


2.Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350The VIKING 3350 is a battery-powered welding helmet that seems to be one of the top favorite ones of weekend warriors and occasional welders alike. While the actual design of the product might be less impressive compared to the one of various other units we’ve seen, the fact of the matter is that the VIKING 3350 does its job precisely how it is supposed to and even offers excellent optical clarity while doing so. Additionally, the helmet comes with two lenses that can be replaced by the owner without any hassle whatsoever, which seems to be one of the core reasons this item is among the popular ones in its category.

Many buyers who were kind enough to write detailed reviews about the VIKING 3350 say that the helmet is lightweight and capable of amazing performance regardless of whether you intend to use it with MIG, TIG, or stick. Plus, the battery life is more than reasonable as it allows buyers to use the helmet for as many as six months.


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Antra AH7-860-000


3.Antra AH7-860-0000If you’ve been looking to purchase an auto darkening welding helmet but aren’t willing to ruin your entire budget for such a feat, perhaps you ought to consider the Antra model as it’s one of the most affordable ones we’ve stumbled upon. Many internet retailers sell it for as little as one hundred dollars, including Amazon. Besides, the features of the model are anything but disappointing considering that it can be utilized for a broad variety of applications and has a plethora of adjustable characteristics. Both the delay time and the sensitivity can be customized in complete accordance with the preferences of the user.

What did buyers have to say about the Antra? In short, most of the individuals who have rated the product have spoken highly of its performance and capabilities. Most of these owners were actually impressed with the quality of build and number of lenses and protectors that came in the package.


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