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If you’re here just  to find the best wireless backup camera system and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. Rear view camera systems will soon become a fixture as the US Department of Transportation will require them to be placed on all vehicles. Since safety on the road becomes more and more important, getting one such camera in advance is highly recommended. We have run a thorough research on backup camera systems, evaluating the ratings and reviews left by buyers, and we have also read the experts’ opinions on various models. The result of our research is as follows. The best RV backup camera is, according to the vast majority of the reviews we have read, the Rear View Safety RVS-770613. The 7 inch LCD display is large enough for capturing and showing plenty of information you need when you are on the road. The camera comes equipped with 18 infra red lights that let you see 50 feet up, so you can find your way even when there is not enough light on the streets. The high quality of the materials used is a guarantee for its sturdiness and reliability. The second best choice is, in case you cannot get the aforementioned model, the Yada Digital. This one is also considered the best reverse camera by many buyers, because it gets the job done and its performance is great.



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Wireless backup camera systems are now in high demand as in a few years’ time, rear view cameras will become a requirement set in place by the Department of Transportation, in order to enhance the safety of those driving on US roads. Basically, a rear view camera will allow you to see more of what is happening behind you, in a manner that rear view mirrors simply cannot. Since road safety is quite an issue in this day and age, it is good to know that technology comes to the rescue by eliminating the dangerous blind spots that can get you involved in an accident or run over someone. With the help of this guide, you will be able to tell which is the best car backup camera you should buy for your vehicle.1.Rear View Safety RVS-770613

View angle

One of the first things you should consider when perusing over the specs of such a system is the view angle. In other words, how much you can see with the help of the camera, and, as you may expect, the wider the angle, the better, since this is how you get reliable visibility. However, you should know that there are many different things to keep in mind when searching for a good camera and the view angle widely depends on the type of vehicle you are driving. The vast majority of cars you see on highways today do not require more than a 100 degree angle.

In case you have a heavy truck or any other similar vehicle, you will need a camera with better performance and a wider view angle that can go up to 180 degrees. The best backup camera for a truck falls in this category, and it is worth shopping around a little.

Stay away from cameras that offer too shallow view angle. They are not very reliable and they do not add much to what your rear view mirror can. Search for a model with a large image sensor as this plays a major role in how much you can see with your camera. 1/3 inch image sensors can be found in camera with wider view angles, and the vast majority comes with 1/4 inch image sensors.




Image quality

The image sensor plays an important role in how good the image rendered on the screen will look. CCD and CMOS are two types of image sensors that are in use today. The first is commonly found in digital cameras and it is responsible for superior image quality, while the latter has the advantage of being very cheap. In case you want to save money, go with a CMOS camera, but if you want higher image resolution, reduced noise, and reliable night vision, you should stick with a CCD camera.

Search the specs to see what kind of camera you have in front of you. In case the manufacturer does not say, but the unit is really cheap, you can safely assume it is a CMOS camera and expect average at best performance.

An interesting evolution for image sensors is related to the ascent of a new type called CMD, which is based on the older CMOS technology, while offering the same performance as CCD cameras. The advantage of this type of sensor is that it is also cheaper, so you may want to get one of the newer models, if you want to save some money. The main downside is that their night vision is not the best, so you may want to take this small aspect into consideration.2.Yada BT53328F-1


After you figure out your backup camera installation, there will be nothing between you and the ability to see all that happens in the rear. However, you should still pay attention to some aspects, such as the camera housing. This should be waterproof and offer enough resistance to shocks, so you can use it for a long time, without the need to replace it. You will find that these cameras come with a special rating that shows what kind of protection is offered for the delicate mechanisms inside. The IP Code, as this rating is called, will tell you how strong the camera housing is, and how well it fares against intrusion of objects, dust, impact and water. Do not submerge a camera of this type in water for prolonged periods of time, though, as its circuits may become damaged.

See showcased below the best wireless backup camera systems that you can purchase for your vehicle.



Top Wireless Backup camera systems in 2017


Thousands of Americans own motorhomes and RVs that require professional wireless backup camera systems. If you are on the market for a brand new model, then the following rows will prove to be more than revelatory. I managed to compile the best wireless backup camera system reviews after analyzing over 35 top rated models. Once you know exactly what to look for in a camera, you will be able to feel secure in your own vehicle. A good wireless camera system needs to provide clear images even during poor weather conditions. With attention, you will be able to install in your motorhome a professional system from the ones I presented below.



Rear View Safety RVS-770613


Best Wireless Backup camera system reviewsSearching for a top rated wireless backup camera system in 2017 can take a while without consulting proper information. Now, you could opt with confidence for the Rear View Safety 7” LCD Color backup camera system which significantly improves the way you monitor movement around your RV or motor-home. This professional camera system comes equipped with a smooth and crystal clear 7 inch digital TFT LCD color monitor. It offers mirror image capability and also 3 channels multiplexer. This particularity gives you the possibility to connect other camera types and DVD players as well. The system includes 130 degree Sharp CCD backup camera and is weather resistant.



Buy from for ($199.99)




Yada BT53328F-1


According to the current best wireless backup camera system reviews it seems that you can opt for the Yada BT53328F-1. This high quality camera was designed with attention in order to reduce blind spots. It comes with dash monitor which offers drives heightened security while seeing what’s behind the vehicle. The model maintains high digital wireless performance without any interference whatsoever. It is very easy to install. You can place it over the license plate and enjoy even night vision. The camera is also waterproof which comes in handy during rainy days. You will see on the 4.3” LCD monitor live picture right from the back of your car!



Buy from for ($118.75)




Peak PKC0BU4


When it comes to safe and professional monitoring systems, you need to opt for products that have great references from drivers. On this note you could opt for the best wireless backup camera system in 2017 that comes from Peak, the PKC0BU4. This high quality camera system gives you access to 110 degree viewing angle and by up to 10 feet of viewing distance. The camera gives you precise view to whatever goes on behind the vehicle. It is very easy to install and doesn’t take much of your time. You can place it over the license plate while the transmitter connects to the back-up lights.



Buy from for ($96.99)






Once you install the best wireless backup camera system in 2017 in your car, driving becomes way easier. According to the present user testimonials it seems you could opt with confidence for the Peak PKC0RB wireless back-up camera system. It has a 3.5 inch camera which turns blind spots into precise visibility. You will be able to see if behind your car there’s a bike, car or child. The camera is easy to manage and implicitly install just over the license plate. It features 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter which transmits images to the 3.5 inch color LCD monitor. The system provides a wide 11 degree field of view for drivers to see what goes on around the vehicle.



Buy from for ($79)




Pyle PLCM7700


Shopping for a brand new backup camera system is very important. A good system can improve driving security and give you clear view on what goes on in the back of your car. Now you can opt with confidence for the Pyle PLCM7700 7-inch window suction mount video monitor. This system comes with a waterproof mount rear view camera, which you can install anywhere on the automobile. It has a 7 inch LCD monitor which detects anything moving behind your car as you backup. You can even use the 2 RCA video inputs to connect it to other video sources like video game console or DVD players.



Buy from for ($59.21)