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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best wireless guitar money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We endeavored to use expert review sites in order to prove the veracity of manufacturer claims on the best wireless guitar systems. This tireless research led us to the best product, which is the Line 6 Relay G50. This highly rated product allows freedom with its impressive 200-foot range on line of sight, which is fantastic when you want to move around your home or the stage without being tethered to annoying guitar cables. The broad 10Hz to 20kHz frequency response ensures superb performance without compromising on sound quality so you can give your best all the time and be confident that your audience can hear the same. This wireless guitar system ships with all you need for impressive functionality including a rugged metal enclosure, a receiver and transmitter, power supply, locking cable and batteries. If your favorite seller runs out of stock of the Line 6 Relay G50, treat yourself to the second best option on the market, the Line 6 Relay G30.



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Play on the furthest end of the stage and impress your audience without being restricted by the clutter of pesky cables, thanks to the various wireless guitar systems for sale on the market. For you to be able to make the most of your stage performance, the wireless guitar system you buy should not only be of premium quality but should also come with the following vital elements to ensure a fantastic purchase.

1.Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless Guitar System

Effective Transmission Range

With a wireless guitar system, you can make the entire playing venue your virtual playground. It lets you get intimate with your audience or allows you to gauge their aural perspective when doing sound checks while enhancing your showmanship. The transmission range of the device restricts the distance over which you can veer away from the receiver. Thus, to explore the boundaries of your playing beyond the confines of the stage, you will want to get a model that ranks high on wireless guitar system ratings in terms of this factor.

A transmission range of several hundred feet is necessary if you plan to play to the audience in the upper balcony or to impress bystanders across the street. Instead of using a traditional instrument cable, the wireless system utilizes a paired receiver and transmitter to link the amplifier with the instrument. The output of the instrument plugs via a short cable into a transmitter backpack that runs on batteries.

The pack attaches to your belt or strap. Some models feature a nearly invisible small and lightweight transmitter on the jack plug. Converting the signal into radio waves, the wireless system then transmits the received signals to a receiver next to the pedals or amps. The transmitted waves are collected by the antennae of the receiver and converted back to sound. Your amp or pedals receive the signals from the receiver via a regular ¼-inch jack.




Frequency Range

Like wireless microphones, a wireless guitar system comes in two band ranges. This is another vital aspect to look: the unit’s frequency range, whether in Ultra High Frequency (UHF) or Very High Frequency (VHF). The choice of frequency range merely depends on the application for the unit. A useful feature in some models is the ability to do an airwave scan and then choose a vacant frequency automatically.

With UHF, there is less likelihood of the signal suffering from interference because it is used less, so digital equipment, computers and electronic devices will not cause any issues. This determines where you can go to and where you can’t proceed. The short wavelengths of UHF enables the use of conveniently small antennas while ensuring high gain, all thanks to the multitude of frequencies available with the frequency. Thus, there will be more channels for use in the venue when there is a need for multiple guitars.

VHF employs line-of-sight transmission. Characterized by longer wavelengths, VHF lets those signals pass through walls and other blockages so you can play at the furthest reaches of the venue uninterrupted. Aside from that, VHF also comes cheaper as a system.

2.Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System

Reliable Batteries and Signal-to-Noise Ratio

When looking into the many wireless guitar systems reviewed in certain sites, take a long hard look at what is said on the battery quality of the products featured. Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries have the most preferred discharge capacities in this field. You won’t want to be stuck with a wireless mic that has a dead battery, so make sure to replace the batteries before the start of every show. Use questionable or failing batteries when doing soundchecks.

The nonlinear drain capacity of rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries does not make them practical for wireless transmitters because once the low battery signal goes off, it will be too late to make any replacements. Lithium ion batteries may do better than their Ni Cad counterparts, but their output maximum voltage is hazy across all batteries of this type. Either the transmitter won’t run at all or the battery gauge may be inaccurate.

It’s a blessing that more manufacturers are able to offer rechargeable battery packs specifically made for their wireless guitar systems. You want the transmitter to feature a battery gauge, and a remote battery indicator is even better. Do remember to check out the battery life and the kind of batteries the backpack accommodates. Find out how many hours you can get out of a fresh set of fuel cells.

The relationship between the sound of any hiss or noise generated by the system and the volume of your guitar denotes the unit’s signal-to-noise ratio. Virtually every element in the signal chain of your guitar produces some sort of noise, and this includes the wireless guitar system. The noise can be a simple hum or hiss or interference from electronic devices. Although any noise generated by the system will not be a huge issue, the less noise there is, the better.

The buying guide above was prepared by taking note of the highly essential aspects for choosing a wireless guitar system. You should now be able to get the most of the provided information to seek out the best wireless guitar system available on the market that has the aforementioned elements. The best products available are showcased below to simplify your buying experience.



Top Wireless Guitar Systems in 2017


Working in the musical industry means a heightened understanding of instruments, accessories and amplifiers that can improve the musical experience. To this end, we took the liberty to analyse some of the best Wireless guitar systems available on the market in order to help you invest in a great product. After researching over 40 guitar systems, designed by top brands we managed to draft the best wireless guitar system reviews. A professional guitar system needs to add musical stability to your projects. Whenever you feel inspired, a guitar system allows you to play without restriction and tap into new sources of musical genius.


Line 6 Relay G50


Best Wireless guitar system reviewsThe best wireless guitar system in 2017 needs to improve the way you play different songs and manage musical development. Today, you have the possibility to opt for Line 6 Relay G50 wireless guitar system which can redefine your wireless musical experience for guitarists and bassists as well. The model has a smooth sound clarity and refreshing control over the while musical creation. It delivers pure signal from high quality guitar cables. Most guitars obtain beautiful sparkle and basses even at thunderous low-end punch. You can control the musical creation from a distance of 200 feet. It can broadcast signals of 2.4 GHz which are secure and free from interference.



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Line 6 Relay G30


There are thousands of guitarists and bassists that love to play different songs in complete freedom. This is where wireless guitar systems can offer optimal musical assistance. One of the best products that you can buy is Line 6 relay G30 Wireless Guitar system. It delivers superior signal, with high quality precision even during beautiful high-end sparkle and basses. Within distances of 30 meters, you will be able to play and maintain optimal sound, with full band width and absolutely 0 compression. It uses 10Hz to 20 kHz frequency response which maintains smooth musical development every time you play.



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Samson Technologies AirLine 77


Most of the current best wireless guitar system reviews underline the efficiency of Samson Technologies AirLine 77 UHF TD. Once you install it, this wireless system offers smooth wireless experience without any wires or cables hassle. You will enjoy complete freedom of movement. It uses AG1 AirLine Guitar transmitter which you plug directly in the jack of the guitar. The transmitters operate on lightweight AAA batteries which ensure 14 hours of operation. In addition, the guitar system uses CR77 Receiver with Multi-segment audio level, A/B Antenna Operation LED meters for precise musical creation. You will be able to play different songs on your guitar without problems.



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Shure PGXD14


There are thousands of Americans that love to play the guitar and follow up on great tunes. Now, if you are a skilled player then consider investing in a top wireless guitar system in 2017 from Shure, PGXD14. In the present, you can give a joyful voice to your guitar. This system was designed especially for guitars and bass. It includes PGXD4 wireless receiver, WA302 instrument cable and PGXD4 wireless receiver, for enhanced musical creation. The wireless system adds enhanced musical clarity of 24-bit digital audio, every time you strike a tune. The wireless performance of this system has no rival!



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VocoPro UG-9 U-series


Are you on the market for the best wireless guitar system in 2017? Well, if you are then consider learning more things about UG-9 from VocoPro. Part of the highly acclaimed U-Series, this wireless guitar system helps you play different songs in complete freedom. Well, this powerful guitar system comes with 16 operating channels which allow you to set up different musical sets. This wireless system has an impressive operating range of 150 feet, enough freedom to play on different songs. You should also know that the guitar system includes a precise squelch control which minimizes with precision outside interference.



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