Best Wireless Headset Reviews


Top Wireless Headsets in 2018


Good quality wireless headsets are rare, so people spend time reading the best wireless headset reviews to get the best product on the market. Unfortunately, if you want to be an informed buyer, you will have to do personal interviews of headset users to find out what products offer the best specifications for your particular purpose. A top-quality pair has a heavier impact on your listening experience than even your audio player. A noise-cancelling microphone can make the investment worth it, as can an extended battery life. After countless conversations with manufacturers about their products, I consider these five models my personal favorites.


Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset System


Best Wireless Headset ReviewsThe noise-cancelling microphone on this headset system is able to sift out plain noise from what really matters, which makes it the best wireless headset in 2018. You can have clearer calls without being bothered by background noise. You can recharge the CS50 pretty quickly, as it is ready to go after three hours  of charging time. An hour and a half of charging already makes the headset 80% charged. That means you can talk longer on the headset with very little downtime. You can walk away from the phone to a distance of 300 feet and still answer calls and control everything with your fingertips.

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ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset


What makes this the best wireless headset in 2018 is the high frequency of its wireless technology. Thanks to this headset’s wireless system, it is able to give range and clarity with virtually no interference. You can enjoy your favorite games while being immersed in heart-pounding audio with the A50 wireless headset. This headset has seamless integration with a variety of gaming consoles including your desktop, PS3, Xbox 360, or mobile platform. Let this wireless headset lie flat on your neck or be clamped to your dome thanks to impressive fit and in-line microphone controls.

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Plantronics CS510  Over-the-Head monaural Wireless Headset


This wireless headset provides hands-free control for up to 350 feet of clutter-free flexibility. It is mono-aural, so you can have one ear free to be able to listen to conversations around you. The mono-aural set up also allows you to use either the left or right ear on your everyday gaming and online communications. The audio controls of the CS510 let you adjust or mute the volume. Background noise is kept to the barest minimum thanks to the noise-filtering microphone of this top wireless headset in 2018.  The Plantronics headset also carries smart power management so you can optimize talk time and range.

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Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset


The wireless range of this Logitech gaming headset goes up to 40 feet, making it a top choice in the best wireless headset reviews. Due to advanced Dolby technology, this wireless headset can provide 7.1-channel surround sound with crisp audio details. There are three G-keys that are programmable with one-touch commands for voice morphing, client chatting and a whole lot more. The boom microphone cancels noise out really well and automatically goes on mute when it is brought up and out of the way. The Logitech headset integrates well with Windows-supported PCs.

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Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear  Wireless RF Headphones


If you want strong bass response in your headset, the Sennheiser RF Headphones are made just for you. The headphones are able to get reception even through ceilings and walls, and outdoors. The metal transmitter serves as the charging cradle for the unit when the headphones are deposited on it. These headphones are comfortable to wear and really lightweight. There are three selectable channels on the headphones. For trouble-free and easy operation, the headphones have easy controls. Listening to your favorite tunes or  getting optimum TV audio is possible with these headphones.

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