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Today, everyone is connected to the internet thus keeping track on the latest news, movies, shows and important conversations with friends or possible business partners. So, it stands to reason to see so many people today search for high quality wireless routers that can expand the internet connection without those nasty and bothersome cables hanging around the house. Still, the sheer number of models can inflict certain problems in discovering the most efficient device. Once you get informed, usually from reading some of the current best wireless routers reviews you will be able to find a suitable router, ideal for your internet connection.


Mediabridge Medialink wireless router


Best wireless routers under $100When it comes to wireless routers you need to be careful and select one with the proper coverage area and with fast internet data transfer. One of the best wireless routers under $100, status consolidated by thousands of satisfied users is Medialink from Mediabridge. This router represents the ideal solution if you want a reliable internet source in your home. The device delivers around 150 Mbps data transfer rate, supports with ease 802.11b, 802.11g and also 802.11n which operate on the 2.4 Ghz wavelength. It also includes 4 Ethernet ports: switch, firewall and also wireless access point. Can be wall mounted.

“For a top home router which has an affordable price I don’t think there is none better than the MediaBridge Medialink. With it I am sure I won’t get lag when I play online games and all the time my download or upload speed is nothing short of amazing.” – Rick Walters

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Netgear WNDR4300 wireless router


If you want a high quality wireless router in your home that won’t limit the internet speed, then you should use with confidence Netgear WNDR4300, a model used in thousands of American offices. The router delivers fast WiFi speed, starting from 300 + 450 and ending up to 750 Mbps which is right around the alley of impressive. It is considered one of the best wireless routers under $100, coming with a reliable WiFi range ideal to be used in medium and also large homes. The model maintains wireless access and share USB hard drive or even printer.

“The NETGEAR N750 wireless router was my choice for my home and it coped well with all expectations from it. I got it for the data transfer speed and also for the range it has cause I have quite a big home. It even supports my new Windows 8 software.” – Eddy Stevens

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Securifi Almond wireless router


It’s time to add the latest innovation in wireless connectivity, Securifi Almond wireless router in your home! This is the world’s number 1 touch screen wireless router, which can be used as a primary router, wireless bridge or range extender with ease. You should also know that this wireless router has an intuitive setup because it uses the Touch screen feature. You will save time, which can be redirected to other activities. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, IPhone, iPad, Android operated smartphones or even Xbox. Due to its automatic internet detection type you won’t regret using this advanced wireless router.

“I waned to have a special router for my personal one and I managed just that with this touchscreen router from Securifi. Not only the touchscreen controls please me, but also the great data transfer speed and the top security features to my network.” – Bryan Cooper

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Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL wireless router


One of the best wireless router under $50 is WRT54GL from Cisco-Linksys, a model that impresses with its special design and unique internet features. This powerful Linux-based internet wireless router comes equipped with 4 port Switch and also a reliable Wireless-G Access Point, for clean and fluid internet connectivity. You can share a single internet connection and also other resources via the Ethernet wired, B and G wireless devices. It also includes 4 FAST Ethernet ports, in order to accommodate wired computers and other devices. The wireless signals received through the device are protected via the WPA2 encryption so your computer will be protected.

“The Cisco-Linksys E1200 wireless router has been a faithful sevant in my home for a couple of months and in this time it has managed to keep a stable connection between my devices and my internet. For the price I paid for it I got top quality.” – John Goss

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Cisco-Linksys E1200 wireless router


Your home should be covered with internet connection and this is where an advanced wireless router delivers a helping hand. Well, as thousands of people pointed out, Cisco-Linksys E1200 wireless router represents a great addition to your home. Considered one of the best wireless routers under $50, this particular model comes with FAST Ethernet 4 port switch which allows you to connect to the internet with ease. Furthermore this advanced wireless router can maintain internet speeds by up to 300 Mbps, which will delight you as watch movies online or multitask. The device is Wireless-N, all the data is handled by the 2.4 GHz feature.

“For my needs this router has everything: wireless, a fast transfer speed, a good range and even a nice design. My wireless printer connects fast to this router so that I can prin from anywhere in my home. I must point out also the security features which are very good.” – Andrew Horner

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