Best women’s cologne reviews


Top women’s cologne reviews


Choosing the perfect fragrance for you will be difficult with so many options available. Even though top brands have really beautiful perfumes out on the market, sometimes it is more about uniqueness rather than smell. If you want to stand out you might want to consider a less-known product. We’ve browsed through the best women’s cologne reviews and we’ve also looked for some the most crowded forums and websites which offered customer feedback. After thorough research we’ve made a list of five suggestions which should soothe even the most demanding of tastes.


GALORE Perfume by Five Star for Women


Best women’s cologne reviewsFive Star have resurrected one of the most popular fragrances of the 80’s. The Galore is a unique perfume which deserved to make it to the store shelves after being lost for a couple of years. Currently considered one of the top rated women’s colognes in 2018, this rendition of Monteil’s Galore is different but still alluring. Even though it keeps the same floral scent which combined with spices and mandarin orange top notes makes anyone turn their heads, it is according to most, an inaccurate replica of the original. It is better used as a night fragrance especially during the fall.

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California Perfume by Dana for women Personal Fragrances


If you are looking for something fit for all ages, you should try the California scent. Smelling like exotic woods, vanilla and flowers, this is perfect for any moment of the day. Best used in the summer, it is a gorgeous perfume which according to the best women’s cologne reviews, is among the most sought after fragrances on the market. It is extremely hard to find in stores which means it is quite unique. There is little to no chance of stumbling upon someone using this same perfume anywhere close to your ZIP area. It is an ageless cologne which changes its notes depending on each person.

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Royal Secret By Five Star Fragrance Co. For Women. Cologne Spray


This is yet another Germaine Monteil perfume brought back to life by Five Star. The original which was launched in 1935 had amazing lavender and bergamot top notes which were followed by orange blossom and violet middle notes. The base notes were vanilla and sandalwood which made it the perfect night fragrance. The Five Star comes pretty close to that which takes it close to being the best women’s cologne in 2018. Even though women who have used the original say you can feel the differences, there is still something that makes this perfume really special.

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Norell By Norell For Women. Eau De Cologne Spray


Norell is best used during the day. Considered by most as being the best women’s cologne in 2018, this fragrance stands out even after almost half of century of existence. Designed for active yet classy women, this citrusy perfume will help you get noticed right away. It is very persistent and quite feminine. It has a top note that includes lavender, lemon and narcissus, followed by a middle note of iris and orchid which are perfectly complemented by the musk and vanilla base notes. Even though a bit more expensive than others, this cologne is definitely worth your while.

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Eau De Pamplemousse Rose By Hermes Eau De Cologne


Advertised as the perfect fragrance for artists and traditionalists, the Eau De Pamplemousse Rose By Hermes was launched back in 2009. Since then it was always one of the most unique perfumes on the market. Because of its citrusy and rose accords, it is perfect for everyday use. Light yet sensual, this perfume fits women of all ages. It is very fresh and completely adequate for any daytime occasion including work, business meetings or friendly brunches. It is best used during the summer considering its citrusy top notes and its florally, sweet base notes.

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