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Top writing desks in 2017


There are thousands of people that write novels, short stories or simply work presentations. For them and for many others, a good writing desk can improve writing performance. This is why as a professional writer; I put in over 80 hours in researching on the makings of the best desks available on the market. After going through some of the best writing desk reviews available on the market, I managed discover five carefully built models which won’t let you down. It is important to write on a desk with a sturdy construction, smooth finish and a touch of personality.


Acme Furniture Home Office Writing Desk & Side Chair Set


Best Writing desk reviewsEvery writer needs a reliable desk that can offer stability every time inspiration strikes. If you want to install in your home the best writing desk in 2017, consider learning more about Acme Furniture Home Office Writing Desk & Side chair set. The writing desk measures 48” W x 23”D x 31” H, providing enough space for your laptop, monitor, books and why not, a cup of coffee. Each piece of the set was created out of wood and special fabric, with a superb cherry brown finish. You should also know that the writing desk comes with 2 storage drawers and smooth carved detail legs, for enhanced stability.

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Crown Mark Fairfax Home office Desk/Chair set


Every home should have a beautiful office desk, where people can write on their desktop. You have the possibility to install in your study room Crown Mark Fairfax Home office. This model is placed among the top writing desk in 2017, appreciated for its elegant finish. The set represents the ideal place to work on your writing projects in complete comfort. You should know that the desk measures around 48 by 23 by 31 inch while the chair 20.5 by 19.25 by 39.75 inch. The set is very easy to assemble while the brown cherry finish blends perfectly to any room.

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Sauder Harbor View Writing Desk, Antiqued White Finish


Are you looking for a special writing desk? If you are then Sauder Harbor View should be on top of your list. Considered by thousands of people as the best writing desk in 2017, this model is absolutely beautiful. It has a stylish look which stands out in any study room. This desk incorporates a large drawer and shelf with smooth metal runners, where you can place different documents. In addition to the sturdy construction, the set has safety stops and a special flip down panel. You should also know that the desk includes grommet hole for better electrical cord access.

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Foremost DKH10222-FMCD Sheridan Desk


Shopping for a brand new writing desk can be a simple task if you consult the present best writing desk reviews. From them you will notice that one product has received high quality marks from specialists: Foremost DKH10222-FMCd Sheridan desk. This simple writing desk comes with an elegant traditional look. It can be placed anywhere in your study room. Due to its light weight construction and special honeycomb grid core, this model is certainly a great addition to any writer. The desk from Foremost includes four solid wood legs which keep it stabile even after long hours of writing sessions.

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Frenchi Home Furnishing Computer/Writing Desk


There are thousands of writers, amateur and professionals that want to install in their study rooms a high quality writing desk. Now, if you want a special desk that adds elegance anywhere you place it then consider Frenchi Home Furnishing Computer/Writing desk. This high quality desk features a special desktop, where you can place laptop, books, monitors or anything else you want. There is enough space to feel comfortable while writing! This desk includes a drawer which you can use as a storage space for different office accessories. It has a sturdy construction and a superb classic style which you’ll absolutely love.

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