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It can be extremely difficult to find good yoga blocks for sale as the market is flooded with options to choose from. In order to help save you some time and make your decision easier, we have gathered all the best yoga blocks on the market by looking at yoga blocks reviews on popular platforms, both from consumers and experts. By using this method we have managed to single out three cheap yoga blocks that will satisfy your needs. Out of all the products we’ve researched, the Gaiam 05-52214 is the one that meets all the requirements. Lightweight and durable, this yoga block will safely support your body so that no yoga posture is out of your grasp. It is also extremely easy to clean and it is extremely customizable, with a huge selection of colors you can choose from. If this product is unavailable, you could also check the JBM Yoga Block.



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When doing yoga, especially as a beginner you might find that certain postures seem extremely difficult to you. This is where a yoga block can be of assistance. If you lack the necessary flexibility, a yoga block can work as a support system. To see what features you should look for in this type of product, see our presentation below.


Yoga is a workout that can be done at home, in a studio, outside or pretty much wherever you desire. Because of that, your yoga block should be made out of a light material so that your bag does not get saddled by heavy and bulky blocks that are difficult to transport.

While practicing yoga you will also have to move your yoga block around for every new posture you do, depending on the duration of your yoga session you could spend quite some time moving your block, so an easy to move yoga block should be favored.

When you are not practicing yoga, your yoga block needs to be stored, especially as you will need at least two as most postures can’t be done with only one, and unless you have a big storing space in your home, this is another reason why a small and portable yoga block is preferred.



When using a yoga block you need to be sure that the product you decided to buy won’t fail you when you need it the most. You will have to choose a product that is well made and constructed from materials that will last you for a long time, while also being safe.

Because of that, one thing that you should consider when buying a yoga block is the type of material you want. The most common material used is foam. It is light and offers great stability and an easy to grip surface, while also being the cheapest choice.

While a foam yoga block is pretty durable, if you want to be sure that your pick will last you a long time and you don’t mind spending more bucks for your product, going for a cork yoga block is your best choice. Due to the material being extremely durable, a block made of cork will not scratch easily, nor will it lose shape over time.



When using a yoga block you will spend most of your time leaning on it with your hands, legs or posterior. Because of that, you will need a product that will give you a good grip, and be comfortable to sit on.

Wood or bamboo yoga blocks while good to look at can be extremely difficult to use, as the wood surface can be extremely slippery, thus making your poses harder to get right.

If you want an adherent and slip-resistant surface that is easy to grip and that also offers great support for your body, going with a foam or cork block is your best choice. Foam, in particular, makes for a soft surface that is unlikely to hurt you, while with a cork and wood block if you sit on them in the wrong position, it can be a bit uncomfortable.



Top Yoga Blocks in 2018


After looking at the list of features we believe a yoga block should possess, we have also put together a list with our suggestion of yoga blocks that we think will satisfy your needs. Take a look at the list below and see if you can find the one product that meets your desired preferences.



Gaiam 05-52214


Made from durable and supportive foam, the Gaiam yoga block will provide you with a large enough and comfortable surface so that you can do your yoga poses safely and successfully.

Being made out of foam, the Gaiam alternative will be soft to the touch and you will be able to use it for a longer period of time without getting sores or aches in your body as the foam will easily mold to your body offering you support for those difficult yoga poses.

The product also comes in 14 colors, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colors so that you can show your yoga block with pride, knowing that it fits your style and personality.

With a lightweight and a compact build you will be able to use this yoga block wherever you please, whether you enjoy your yoga sessions indoors or outdoors, this block will be easy to carry.

Cleaning it is also easy, all you need is a mild detergent to rub the surface of the yoga block with and then you can either dry it using a towel or just leave it to air dry, either way, cleaning your yoga block after tiring session is effortless and takes almost no time, saving you time to do the things that matter.

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JBM Yoga Block 


The JMB Yoga Block provides the customer with everything he could want from a yoga block, a product that offers stretching support for many types of yoga workout as well as meditation while also offering a lot of features that have the safety and satisfaction of the customer in mind.

If you are looking for a yoga block with increased durability the JMB Yoga Block unlike the other products on our list, offers a body made of cork which provides increased protection against scratches and dents that may appear after prolonged usage.

While cork as a material is known for being a good absorbent, you mustn’t fear that after long workout sessions the JMB Yoga Block will absorb your sweat, as the block is non-absorbant and covered in a moisture-proof layer that will keep you safe from harmful bacteria that could otherwise be a threat to your health.

Because proper hygiene is an important thing, especially when doing yoga and any distraction could break your concentration, the product is also odor-free, so say goodbye to the unpleasant toxic smell of plastic that other yoga blocks can have. As a plus, it also comes with additional anti-bacterial protection so that your exercises are undisturbed and relaxing.

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AmazonBasics IB1032B


The AmazonBasics will offer you the best bang for your bucks while also maintaining the same quality you would expect from a yoga block.

The yoga blocks will offer you stability and support so that beginners can focus on flexibility without having to risk hurting themselves or straining their muscles. For the more seasoned yogini, the product will allow them to achieve more advanced poses that would have otherwise been hard to do.

The slip-resistant foam surface means that you will have a steady grip every time you use the block, allowing you to do complex postures without having to fear the stability of the block. The foam design means that it will be comfortable to the touch and the lightweight design confers it great mobility.

Using a high-density foam that gives it substantial strength and with the large enough surface, this means that you can easily sit on this block with considerable weight without having to fear that its integrity would be at risk.

Unlike the other products on our list, the AmazonBasics comes with two yoga block for the price of one, allowing you to use their modular design and stack them horizontally or vertically in order to give your yoga sessions extra stability and support.

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