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If you’re here just to find the best yoga bolster and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have run a thorough research on these yoga items, by reading reviews from buyers and opinions from experts, and we have analyzed sales figures and social media activity. We discovered that the best model you can get right now is the Hugger Mugger Standard. The filling is a combination of cotton, polyester blend and foam, so the bolster will feel very comfortable once you sit on it. All your restorative poses will become easier to achieve, since this model provides more than adequate support. Further on, the cover is made of a sturdy upholstery like material that is very resistant to wear and tear. This means that you will be able to use this bolster for a lot of time, without the need for a replacement. The bolster is quite firm and it will help you find your center with great ease. In case the Hugger Mugger Standard is no longer available, we highly suggest getting the YogaDirect, which is a second best choice.



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Yoga bolsters are special pillows that help you achieve the required poses during yoga practice so you can advance more easily. When you are searching for the best yoga supplies, do not forget to write down a yoga bolster on your list. These cushioned pillows offer proper support for your back, legs and abdomen, so you can see about your practice in better comfort. Since bolsters come in a wide variety of materials, colors and shapes, a bit of information on how to pick the right one will help you out.1.Yoga Bolster from Hugger Mugger


The first thing you will notice when you are shopping for a bolster is that they come in different shapes. The rectangular type offers a wide flat surface on which you can rest your body in order to practice restorative yoga. Because it is stable and firm, you will be able to use it for poses that require you to bend forward more. A gentler chest opening is possible when you are using a rectangular yoga bolster.

A cylindrical yoga bolster will offer you additional support when you have to perform forward bends and deeper chest openings. When you want to release tension accumulated in your lower back, the only thing you need to do is to place this bolster under your knees and slowly reach the poses required for this purpose.

A bridge cushion is another shape common for yoga bolsters. These are considered the best meditation pillows and they are also very handy as bolsters, so they are highly versatile. When meditating, straddle the cushion so you can achieve a comfortable position while kneeling; this will make the process much easier and you will be able to focus on your mind, and less on your body.




Size matters when it comes to yoga bolsters, which is why information on how to use different cushions is important. Supportive bolsters usually come in round and rectangular shapes and they are on the larger side. They are specifically recommended for restorative yoga poses and for prenatal yoga, since a lot of cushioning is provided so you can rest your back, which is essential during pregnancy. These bolsters weigh about six pounds.

If you want more support power, heavier bolsters, weighing up to nine pounds, are a better choice. They are very similar with regular supportive bolsters, only that the material inside is more stuffed and, therefore, the surface they provide is semi-hard. For more stretching, these models are ideal.

Small bolsters have their uses, despite their small size. For gentle stretches during your yoga practice, including twists and inversions, you will be able to use them with great success. Also, they are among the best yoga cushions used by advanced yoga practitioners who are looking for very little support in order to achieve a chest opener or a forward fold.2.Manduka Rectangular


Although the purpose of yoga bolsters, as a whole, is to help you achieve various yoga poses, there are other, more specific purposes that can be attained when you are using such cushions. For instance, one very popular model is the Pranayama bolster. This was specifically designed to help with Pranayamic breathing exercises. The meaning of the word Pranayama, in Sanskrit, is “extension of breath” and this is pretty much what a bolster of this kind can do.

You will notice that these bolsters are different from the rest, being long and thin. They are ideal chest openers, so they facilitate breathing, while still offering some support. When you are using such a bolster, remember to place it along the length of your spine, so you can open your chest more. You will feel your chest expanding and the capacity of your lungs increased so you can breathe deeper with more ease.

A mini Prana bolster also has its uses. Being small and versatile, it can help you out with offering your extra height and support for your meditation sessions. Your core workout will also intensify, supplying you with more satisfying results.

Zafu bolsters are another type of cushions used for yoga practice. The main purpose of Zafu cushions is to raise the hips, so you can cross your legs in more advanced poses that require this with more ease and in more comfort. For yoga meditation, this type of bolsters is considered ideal, so you may want to keep this aspect in mind next time you go shopping.

For the best yoga bolsters on the market, check the following list and you will find the ones that are consistently scoring high in the preferences of many yoga practitioners.



Top Yoga Bolsters in 2018


As yoga is meant to improve flexibility, balance, relaxation and strength, it is necessary to get the proper yoga products that can help you optimize your exercises. In order to find the best gear you need to check out the best yoga bolster reviews on the internet. Designed to help you achieve extreme stretching, a yoga bolster also helps improve blood flow to core organs of the body, aside from ensuring correct posture, encouraging good breathing and taking away fatigue and stress. The cover can be twill, cotton or hemp, while the filling can be a natural material such as foam, cotton or hemp also. The cover should be removable for washing care. Preferably, it should have a carrying handle for the bolster.  Here are five products that surely deserve your consideration




Yoga Bolster from Hugger Mugger


If you’re into yoga for its restorative powers, then this yoga bolster should be the best yoga bolster in 2018 for you. It is ideal for yoga practice, thanks to its flat surface that can provide stable support. Blanket stacks for asana yoga can’t measure up to this bolster’s fully firm construction. The oval form gives you an adequately flat surface that is good for stability and the curved sides give you comfort. The convenient handle integrated into one end of the zippered cover makes it easy to carry the bolster around.



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If you are looking for a large yoga bolster that can help you with all your yoga bolster, you will not go wrong with the YogaDirect. This model is rectangular and has the following dimensions: 24 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches. More than adequate support is provided and you will easily find your center when you start practicing your favorite poses. Keep in mind that the bolster is filled with 100% cotton and weighs more than 6 pounds. While offering plenty of firmness for more difficult poses, it is also quite soft, so it will be very comfortable.



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Gayo yoga Organic



This yoga bolster is smaller than most and that makes it very appealing for yoga enthusiasts who want a bolster that can be easily carried around and accommodated with the rest of their yoga gear. Important things that must be said about this bolster include the fact that it was designed by a Yoga Tree 200h Certified Teacher. More so, these bolsters are made in India, and they are built with your comfort in mind. While the surface is soft and comfortable, the core provides strength and support, as a good yoga bolster should. A convenient handle adds even more appeal to this model.



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Manduka Rectangular Lightweight


The Manduka yoga bolster has received some of the best yoga bolster reviews, and this is attributable to the airCore technology that goes into the filling. This helps the bolster retain its shape while reducing the weight. The filling material is an exclusive composite of 100% cotton with recycled PET, for that truly organic construction. The ultra-soft cover is made from microfiber material. It can be taken off to be laundered in the washing machine. A seamless finish is achieved because of the virtually invisible zipper. The useful side strap make it extra easy to carry around so you won’t have to buy a special bag for it.



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YogaDirect Rectangular Supportive


This Yoga Direct yoga bolster is 6 inches high, two feet long and one foot wide. The supportive bolster may be the top yoga bolster in 2018 thanks to its 100% cotton cloth construction. The rectangular bolster also has a cover that can be removed and washed easily. It has a rectangular oblong shape, with handles sewn on the two ends.  With this yoga bolster, you can get sufficient support as you assume the various yoga positions required for your exercise. It is made firm for complete support, but still soft enough for comfortable use.



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Bean Products Rectangle Cotton


Thanks to the cotton fabric in the foam core, this bolster has been named as the best yoga bolster in 2018 by many satisfied users. The foam rubber core is structure-wrapped in natural cotton batting to help it maintain its firmness and form. You can readily assume your restorative and active yoga postures with this yoga bolster. The cotton cover is also of 100% cotton. You can remove the cotton covers for washing and cleaning. Bean Products offers this yoga bolster in a variety of interesting colors that are achieved with good quality dyes.



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YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular


The removable cover on the YogaAccessories yoga bolster makes it easy to clean and wash. The yoga bolster is 12 inches wide, 6 inches high and 24 inches long. It is made with 100% cotton and has a rectangular shape with round corners. There are also handles on both ends so you can easily transport it as you move around. You can get good posture support with this yoga bolster because it is firm and comfortable. It is stuffed with pure cotton batting so it can retains its firmness.



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