Best Yoga Bolsters Reviews


Finding a good yoga bolster to use for your yoga sessions can be a challenging task especially if you take into consideration the daunting number of choices that are available on the market. To make it easier for you, we have compiled this article to help you find the best yoga bolster available for sale right now. For this, we have looked at yoga bolster reviews, as well as specialized articles written by yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts in order to find a cheap yoga bolster that won’t disappoint. Out of all the products we’ve surveyed, it is the Gayo A2-C61I-2RP1 that stands out as one that fulfills our criteria. Made from eco-friendly organic cotton the bolster is comfortable yet firm so that it offers support to your body. As a plus, it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. If this bolster is not available, another good option would be the Yoga Direct  A242BOLBLU03.



Buying Guide


In order to excel at yoga, especially as a beginner, certain props are a must. One of these is the yoga bolster. Resembling a pillow, the bolster is used predominantly in meditation poses, to improve flexibility and elevate your level of relaxation. Our list below will show what features you should have in mind when buying a yoga bolster.


Yoga bolsters come in two shapes: rectangular bolsters and round bolsters.

Rectangular bolsters because of their wider width will provide more support for your body, especially your back. If you have wide shoulders and want to be properly supported by your yoga bolster, going for a rectangular design might be the better choice.

Round bolsters, on the other hand, offer a more narrow support area which means that depending on your body time, it might leave your shoulders hanging off. The round bolster is also higher, which makes it more useful for advanced yogi because it allows the chest more opportunity to open up but not all practitioners might have that flexibility.

Both the round and the rectangular bolsters do their intended function well, but in the end it, the choice might fall on personal preference and on what your body can handle. If you are unsure on how you will use your yoga bolster, the rectangular bolster is a safe choice for both beginners and more seasoned yogi.



The weight of your yoga bolster is also important as it can not only influence the mobility of your bolster but also how supportive it might be.

A heavier bolster while harder to carry will offer you more support in doing your poses as well as being sturdier. This is perfect for when you know that you won’t do your yoga sessions in too many places and you’re only doing them at home or in a studio. A heavy bolster is a good choice if you don’t travel a lot.

A lightweight bolster will not offer the same sturdy support for your body but it will make up for it in mobility. If you travel a lot and want to always be ready for those relaxing yoga sessions, a less heavy bolster will be easy to carry without hindering you.

Some people might also prefer a light bolster because they find the softer surface more relaxing.



The primary purpose of a yoga bolster is to help you be comfortable when doing more difficult yoga posture that would require too much of your body. As such, an important thing you should take into account when considering buying a bolster is your comfort.

Yoga Bolsters don’t come only in different shapes, but also in different sizes. Some are longer than others, some are wider. You should have in mind your own preferences so that if for example, you’re shorter and have a small body, going with a smaller bolster might suit your needs better.

On the other hand, if you are tall and have wide shoulders you should choose accordingly and go for a longer and wider yoga block. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you consider as comfortable



Top Yoga Bolsters in 2018


Besides the list of features that we see as essential for a yoga bolster, we have also compiled a list of products that we believe meet the requirements. Take a quick look and see if you can find one that works for you.



Gayo A2-C61I-2RP1


Coming in an easy to carry format, the Gayo A2-C611-2RP1 is 28% shorter than your standard bolster and weighing only 4 lbs, which makes it easy to carry so you can take it with you at any moment as it can easily fit in a bag.

Don’t misjudge its size, despite being quite light and portable this yoga bolster is just as firm and will offer you the same support as the full-size standard bolster.  

Due to its shorter build and the lightweight material, this yoga bolster can not only be used as a prop for added support or as a cushion for seated meditation, but it can also be used as a pillow when traveling. If you travel a lot, the use of this yoga bolster increases and you can easily keep in your car without occupying too much space.

Cleaning the bolster is just as easy as cleaning your pillow, just remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. This will allow you to easily keep your bolster clean and hygienic.

The Gayo yoga bolster is also an eco-friendly alternative, having an organic cotton filling which has a considerably lower ecological footprint than the non-organic cotton.

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Yoga Direct A242BOLBLU 


The Yoga Direct A242BOLBLU03 is a perfect choice for people that seek to spice their yoga routine. It comes in a perfect rectangular shape and since it offers a flat top and bottom, it will allow you to comfortably sit on it during your meditation practice or to incorporate it during your yoga session, allowing you to easily achieve those poses that were out of your grasp.

The cotton filling is firm yet surprisingly comfortable. Due to its size and firmness, you can use this bolster not just for yoga or meditation, some people have found that it also works as a perfect back tension relief pillow.

The bolster is fitted with handles on both sides that will allow you to easily move your bolster around and because it only weighs 6 lbs, you will be able to easily transport it. Just put it in the back of your car or in the backseat and you’re good to go.

Because hygiene matters, the cover can easily be removed and is machine washable. This way if you have pets or small children you won’t have to hide your bolster away, just put the cover in the washing machine and leave your worries behind.

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Yoga Direct Round


This yoga bolster comes in a circular shape which makes it perfect for practitioners that are more confident in their skill and flexibility, as the circular shape adds additional height to the product.

This bolster is also the longest on our list, at 28 inches, it will offer great support for your back without having to fear that parts of your upper body such as the neck or head will be left without support. The bolster is firm, yet soft enough to be comfortable.

With a 100% cotton filling and a cover that is also made of cotton, the bolster will be soft to the touch and will keep your skin protected from irritations that may appear if you spend prolonged periods of time with your skin rubbing on the surface of the bolster.

The case can also easily be removed with the help of a zip and since it is machine washable, all you will have to do in order to clean the cover is to put it in the washing machine and follow the care instructions that come in the packaging.

With 10 colors to choose from, the Yoga Direct Round Yoga Bolser is extremely customizable so that you can match it with your other yoga props.

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