Best Yoga Eye Pillow Reviews

How to Select the Most Comfortable Yoga Eye Pillow


Yoga eye pillows are great for relaxing the eyes, and help you relieve stress. Although simple in appearance, these pillows are actually packed with therapeutic benefits that you cannot easily obtain elsewhere. If you are looking for such a product, reading the best yoga eye pillow reviews written by other people already using them can help you a great deal. Also, we would like to help you by introducing you to the most important aspects to look for when shopping for a yoga eye pillow.

Best Yoga Eye Pillow


One of the first things you need to know about the yoga eye pillow you intend to purchase is its size. Manufacturers usually list the size along with other specifications, so in case you want a smaller or larger size, you may have to shop around a little. Just keep this simple rule in mind: as long as the pillow manages to cover your eyes completely, you have nothing to worry about, as you will enjoy all the benefits without a problem.


Cover fabric

There are so many models on the market that it can be difficult to tell which one is the best you can get. Certain aspects are easy to evaluate, such as the cover fabric. Synthetic materials are everywhere these days, but they may not be the best for enjoying your eye therapy when using a yoga eye pillow. We suggest choosing natural materials, because they will not cause your face to sweat excessively and they will absorb moisture, letting you enjoying the cooling or warming effect of the pillow, as you see fit. The best yoga eye pillow reviews also recommend natural materials like cotton and silk, as better than synthetic fibers.



A yoga eye pillow operates as a therapeutic aid in more ways than one. Scented pillows are great because they add aromatherapy into the mix, helping you enjoy the best relaxation session you have ever had the chance to enjoy. Lavender is often chosen as a popular scent, because it is known that the fragrance of this aromatic plant helps your mind relax and rejuvenate. As you can see, not only your eyes can benefit from the great effects of a yoga eye pillow.



A great yoga eye pillow will not just help your eyes relax after a day spent in front of the computer, of the TV, or the many other electronic devices that are today part of our daily lives. It will offer, along with aromatherapy, a good session of massage therapy, due to its specific filling. Most yoga eye pillows are filled with flax seeds that gently massage your tired eyes, helping them relax and rejuvenate. Various herbs can also be used, which contributes to the aromatherapy benefits these pillows offer.


Top Yoga Eye Pillows in 2018


Are you looking for the top rated yoga eye pillows 2018? Then you will find the next selection right up your alley. We did the homework for you and read plenty of reviews written by users, which helped us identify the most popular yoga eye pillows that many people use and love right now.


AyaZen Lavender


1.AyaZen Lavender Eye PillowA yoga eye pillow geared towards all categories of users, including children, the AyaZen Lavender Eye Pillow offers great benefits to the wearer. Scented with natural lavender, it is a great product for relieving stress and tension that accumulates every day whether we like it or not. You can place the pillow in the freezer, to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy, or in the microwave, to heat it up. Filled with organic flax seeds, the pillow offers the great advantage of acupressure that many people appreciate today. Whether you want to get rid of a nasty headache, or just relax, this pillow is great to have.

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Eye Pillow Vacation Lavender


2.Eye Pillow VacationA product that comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer, the Eye Pillow Vacation Lavender Eye Pillow will really send your eyes on a small vacation, without having you leave your home. Made entirely of natural fabrics, this eye pillow will not only help you relax, but it will also rejuvenate your eyes, helping them regain their youthfulness. Nothing beats good rest, and this is what this eye pillow offers. Considered by many to be the best yoga eye pillow 2018, this particular model will help you get rid of headaches and swollen eyes fast and easy.

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Savasana Now


3.Savasana NowThis eye pillow looks really great and it also feels great against your tired eyes, which it can help relax and regain their natural mobility and vision. You can easily use the Savasana Now Eye Pillow as a sleep mask, and that without having to apply all kinds of creams on your face and without having to deal with uncomfortable straps. The cover is made of silk and it is pleasant on your skin, while at the same time, it helps blocking out the light with great success. The good news is that you can use this eye pillow for your neck as well, whenever you need hot therapy for your neck and shoulders.

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YogaAccessories (TM) Small Silk


4.YogaAccessories (TM) Small SilkThe YogaAccessories (TM) Small Silk Eye Pillow is everything you need in such a product. The cover is made of cotton and the filling is made of organic flax seeds that help massage your eyes while you are resting and recovering from a stressful day. The cover can also be removed and washed, so you can maintain it clean and ready to use all the time. The silk layer is also helpful, since it can maintain cooler temperatures for a longer time. Soothing lavender makes this yoga eye pillow great for aromatherapy while the flax seeds offer a great massage for your tired eyes.

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Hugger Mugger Silk


5.Hugger Mugger SilkWhether you intend to use this eye pillow for yoga meditation, for wellness treatments, or simply to relax, you will find it a great buy. The cover is made of silk and it helps against increasing the temperature of your skin when placing the pillow over your eyes. A thing that must be mentioned about this model is that it is quite versatile, since it can be filled with flax seeds – for acupressure, herbs – for aromatherapy, or beads – for massage therapy. Replacing the filling is easy, since the cover comes with a zipper; this also helps with washing the cover, whenever the need arises.

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