Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands Reviews

The practice of yoga can have tremendous benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. But some classes require a higher level of difficulty and can make you sweat a tad more. Because we want to make sure you find the best yoga mat for sweaty hands, we went ahead and read some reviews given by experts in the field and previous customers. Along with the results received from the available tests, we’ve analyzed each detail and concluded that you can have a good time doing yoga with the Clever Yoga Kit 7-piece. Featured in the Yoga Journal as one of the greatest yoga accessories of 2016, this unit is made entirely from recyclable materials and includes 7 extras that are perfect for your yoga class. If you can’t seem to find the Clever Yoga Kit 7-piece in stock, take a look at another good option, the YogiMall Natural Jute.  



Buying guide  


The wide array of yoga mats for sweaty hands available on the market can make the decision to purchase one product or the next a lot more difficult. Therefore, in order to save you some precious time, we’ve created this buying guide that shows you what to look for when searching for these items.  


The thickness of a yoga mat has a lot to do with the level of comfort and stability it provides. If you purchase a mat that it is too thin you might find it hard to do positions that require your knees, for example. The trade-off is that mats that are way too thick don’t provide enough adhesion to the floor and makes you unstable.

According to the best yoga mat reviews, you should opt for a standard sized mat which is ⅛  or ⅙-inch thick. You must consider the thickness of the mat as an important aspect if you plan on attending Bikram yoga classes or if you intend to perform vigorous exercises that make you sweat more than usual.

Although thick yoga mats weigh more and don’t fold so easy you can rest assured that you can use them on almost any kind of surface. Unless you are a type of person that travels a lot, you’ll be more than satisfied with a nonslip yoga mat that provides you the amount of cushioning you need in order to maintain a better balance and have a greater flow.   


Yoga mat material

Besides thickness, cool yoga mats are made from materials that prevent your body from slipping off and have a waterproof surface that doesn’t allow for the sweat to get in the way of your yoga practice.  

Most yoga mats for sale are made from PVC, latex, plastic, rubber or jute. But you should be careful when choosing a product because there are many manufacturers on the market that sell mats with toxic elements in their composition. Therefore, one way to make sure that the mat you are planning to buy is skin-friendly is to look for labels that have eco and PVC-free features among their description.  


Texture and stickiness

We’ve mentioned thickness and material but we can’t discuss the best yoga mat for sweaty hands without mentioning characteristics such as texture and stickiness.  

A good texture allows you to stay longer balanced and have a proper alignment. If you don’t have the right amount of traction and grip you can slide during yoga poses and injure yourself. So, our advice is to avoid PVC mats and opt for rubber, cotton, TPE or jute alternatives.  

Stickiness is all about how well your skin gets stuck to the mat. Therefore, it allows you to hold your pose better. It is recommended that you don’t go with cotton mats because they lack the power of stickiness.



Top Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands in 2018


In addition, we’ve made a list of product suggestions that have great options for yoga mats. These models were carefully selected after reading a significant amount of positive reviews from other customers.  



Clever Yoga Kit 7-piece


The main advantage you get from purchasing this 7 piece yoga kit from Clever Yoga is the fact that you get all the accessories required for a Yoga class at once. There’s no need to search for each product separately because you have them in a matching set which includes a lovely bag that eases their transport.  

The yoga mat from this set is made from 100% recyclable materials that are eco-friendly and don’t include PVC, which can cause your body to slip off during practice. Besides, your body stays in a comfortable position due to the moisture resistant technology that ensures the surface of the mat is waterproof. This is another reason why the yoga mat provides safety against germs and humidity.  

Also, the kit includes other useful accessories for a nice yoga session such as: two yoga blocks that have their own straps and are made from high-density EVA foam, one 8-ft yoga strap made from pure cotton that you can use for stretching or increasing flexibility, two matching hand and mat towels that are super absorbent and dry quickly and a lovely yoga bag where you can easily store everything and carry with you at your yoga gym.

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YogiMall Natural Jute


If you want a yoga mat that is made entirely from high-quality materials that don’t harm your skin and can actually enhance your yoga experience, then this model from YogiMall will most likely win you over.

Basically, this unit has two sides and each of them has a specific purpose. You get one side of the mat made from jute and another one from environmentally friendly PVC.  

This durable and anti-slip yoga mat can be used for practicing a variety of yoga classes such as Bikram, Ashtanga, Power, and Vinyasa. Thanks to the material that it is made out of, the mat has antimicrobial additives so that both bacteria and germs are kept away. This way, you can rest assured that the mat will not get a specific odor no matter how many hours you practice yoga.  

With 3 beautiful colors to choose from, purple, green and blue, the product comes with a soft cotton d-ring yoga strap and a microfiber hand towel, as a bonus. The strap can be used in order to increase your flexibility and perform a nice stretch but you can also use it for folding and carrying the yoga mat. Also, the hand towel allows you to have a better grip and to avoid slipping off is the situation gets sweaty.  

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Acanva YM01-BK-Parent


This yoga mat from Ancava has received so many positive reviews and praises due to its extra thickness and wideness.  If you really want to purchase a product that is made from top-notch eco-friendly materials, then this choice might prove to be exactly what you are looking for.  

This product is most suitable for yoga fans that want to practice their poses in complete comfort and safety. The mat provides soft padding and cushioning that ensure your joints, muscles, and ligaments stay protected no matter the intensity level of your exercises.  

Because most yoga classes are performed in heated rooms you will have the tendency to sweat more. This yoga mat model features a moisture resistant texture that prevents your body from slipping off if sweaty palms start to drip. Besides, each side of this unit looks and feels different. One comes with little ridges while the other one is cellular textured. Each of them allows a better grip and add more comfort and balance to your yoga poses.  

You’ll notice that the mat is thick and has enough padding, therefore, you can use is even on hard floors. The length is ideal if you need more space to stretch or to exercise that require additional movements.  

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