Best Yoga Mat Reviews


Top Yoga Mats in 2018


When buying just any cheap and sticky PVC mat is not an option, one can always check out the best yoga mat reviews to make sure they’re getting a perfect top-quality yoga mat. I myself have gone through tons of such literature, as I am a beginner yogi myself. Grip is provided by high-quality rubber or PVC in a yoga mat, so getting into a yoga position is sure to be easy. Polyurethane coating makes the material slip-free, although organic and natural materials are preferred since they add more texture. The mat has to be thick enough to support the head. The design and color also has to reflect your unique personality. Here are five brands I wouldn’t mind buying for myself.


Classic Mats from Aurorae


Best Yoga Mat ReviewsThe memory foam in this Aurorae mat has made it the best yoga mat in 2018.  The ¼-inch thickness of that element has increased density and viscosity, which allow it to mold to the user’s body and then go back to its original form afterwards. That also means this mat is thick enough to provide cushioning for the knees and joints while enabling you to get a firm grip for leverage against the floor. The phthalate- and latex-free material is long lasting and meant for durability. The colors it comes in reflect your inner self, so choose freely.

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ProSource Premium High Density Exercise


This ProSource yoga mat covers an area 71 inches long and two feet wide, enough space for any shape or size of user. But that’s not the only thing that has landed this exercise mat in the best yoga mat reviews. Aside from the awesome impact absorption from its exclusive Comfort Foam technology, the mat also has a non-slip surface that provides remarkable grip on the floor so injuries do not happen whileusing the product. The skin of the mat is resilient against moisture, is absolutely durable and is not difficult to clean. It even comes with a carrying case.

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HemingWeigh®Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat


This is a popular choice as the best yoga mat in 2018 due to its thickness. It has an extraordinary cell material so your workouts are always a comfortable experience. It won’t slip against the floor, thanks to the non-slip surface on the mat. Yoga studios, schools and fitness clubs recommend this mat because it is great for several types of yoga and even Pilates training, floor exercise and stretching. The skin of the mat is not permeable to moisture, and is thus also easy to clean. It has an integrated self-strapping system so you can easily bring it with you and stow it away conveniently.

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YogaAccessories Extra Thick Deluxe


The mats in this range have bright colors that speak of your unique personality. The dyes and inks used in the mat are phthalate-free, making it safe to use for the long term. The YogaAccessories mat does not have latex and heavy metals in its construction, yet it is extremely durable. This yoga mat has a limited lifetime warranty. It is extra long at 74 inches, and also gives you room to stretch with the 24-inch width. The 0.25-inch thickness sufficiently cushions impact that it may get from the yoga poses you assume during your yoga session.

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Gaiam 3mm Print


When people say yoga mat, the name Gaiam usually comes to mind, and that factor has earned this mat the honors for top yoga mat in 2018. This mat is durable and lightweight, so you can use it for hours and hours of workout sessions. Excellent traction is provided by the non-slip textured surface. The mat has no harmful phthalate substances in its sturdy construction. You can get excellent cushioning for your joints, knees, elbows and head. The mat also contains no latex, which can cause allergies in some users.

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