Best Yoga Socks Reviews

Do you want to find the best socks for yoga and don’t know where to begin? Look no further because our experts have done the research so that you can easily find the best yoga socks at an affordable price without compromising on quality. We have gathered a lot of information from yoga socks reviews by experts and other customers alike, we have also looked at the value for the money of each product, and of course, at the price, because we want to offer you cheap yoga socks that meet your rigorous demands. After careful examination, we have come to the conclusion that the Rahabsox Yoga Socks are the product most likely to fit your needs. It is durable and stylish with a fun grip pattern that is extremely flexible and won’t crack easily. The socks are also breathable enough to prevent your feet from getting fungal infections. If this product is not available, we recommend checking the Laviesimple Toe Yoga Socks.



Buying Guide


With the market offering so many options to choose from, it is hard to know what exactly makes for a pair of good yoga socks. For yoga socks, unlike regular socks, you need to have different features in mind when looking for a purchase. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of features that we believe are key and that you should consider.


The main purpose of a yoga sock is to confer stability to the yoga practitioner while doing exercises that could potentially be harmful without a proper grip of your feet to the surface you’re standing on.

The yoga mats offer a layer of grip to your bear fit, but that’s not always enough. Especially if you’re doing advanced poses that require much more stability.

Because of this, most yoga socks are equipped with grips, non-slip dots on the bottom of the sock that helps anchor the feet to the floor, the yoga mat or whatever the surface you’re on is.

Most yoga socks available for sale have grips that are made of silicone and they work pretty much on any smooth surface you can imagine. This is why yoga socks can be used for numerous purposes that require you not slip, not just for yoga or Pilates.



When buying yourself a pair of yoga sock, you need to also think about your comfort. You need to choose the yoga socks that are safe to wear without risking damaging your feet.  To know exactly what level of comfort you should expect from a pair of socks, you just need to look on the label.

Each manufacturer should have the amount of cotton that is used for each sock in contrast with the other synthetic materials listed on the product website or on the packaging. An ideal pair of yoga socks should have no fewer than 90% cotton, if it has more that’s even better.

A high amount of cotton will help your feet breathe and absorb all the sweat that can accumulate during a workout session and keep your feet breathing and safe from fungal infections.

As such, it is recommended to invest in comfortable yoga socks that offer protection to your feet.


Look and feel

Yoga socks just as normal socks are an item of clothing, because we’re only human we can’t always think just about the practical side of things, we also have to have in mind that we should choose a product that stimulates us visually and that we enjoy wearing.

In fact, some yogis only use yoga socks to be fashionable, and there’s no harm in that.  Yoga socks come in two different design forms.

The toe yoga socks are the preferred choice for most yogi and they come equipped with a hole for each of the toes. This is great for the flexibility of your toes. If you don’t enjoy the feel of having your toes in the open, the same design also offers full-toe socks. Full-toe socks have each toe covered like a mitten.

Finally, there is also the classic toeless design which is just as popular. If you have plans during the day but still plan on going to the studio for yoga, these yoga socks will allow you to easily wear them under your shoes.



Top Yoga Socks in 2018


To make your choice even easier, besides this list of features we believe a good pair of yoga socks should have, we have also compiled a list of products that we feel encompass all the features above.



Rahabsox Yoga Socks


The Rahabsox yoga socks offer the most comfortable option, being constructed out of 95% breathable cotton, it offers protection to your feet allowing them to breathe and not get socked in sweat, giving you that barefoot feeling you only get with high-quality socks.

It also adds additional protection against fungal infections so that you don’t have to worry when you practice in a studio or other places in which hygiene cannot always be guaranteed.  

Due to the use of soft and flexible silicone for the sock’s gripper, the grippers won’t crack no matter how much you stretch them. This means you won’t have to fear that the grippers will get ruined after prolonged use. In fact, they are also easily washable and retain their shape and the integrity of the grippers after many washes.

The gripper on the Rahabsox yoga socks also comes in a flower pattern which makes it stand out from the other socks which use a dotted pattern. The pattern isn’t just for show, as it allows better grip with the heel and arch that add further stability for you to use for your poses.

Afraid that the socks won’t fit? No need to worry. Rahabsox guarantees a perfect fit for women’s size 5-8.

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Laviesimple Toe 


With three design choices to pick from, Laviesimple offers the most variety of socks out all the products on this list. If you prefer to add additional mobility to your toes, the toe yoga socks design allow your toes to be unconstrained by a cover.

If you, however, prefer the added mobility but don’t want to leave your toes unprotected, you can choose the full-toe socks which offer the same benefits but with your toes encased in a mitten-like sock.

Finally, you can also choose the classic toeless design, if that is what you prefer. Whatever your choice is, Laviesimple can provide it to you.

The non-slip dots are carefully placed on the bottom of the sock to give your foot a safeguard that reduces considerably the risk of slipping on a smooth surface.

If you choose the toe-separation design, you will be able to easily use your toes as a grip, making the chances of slipping even lower and adding a new layer of stability to your poses.

With a 90% cotton and 8% spandex built, the Laviesimple yoga socks are flexible and durable. In fact, the manufacturer recommends the use of this socks not only when traveling and in a yoga studio, but also at home. Due to its build quality, the Laviesimple toe yoga socks are built to last.

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Goodwyn Goods


The Goodwyn Goods yoga socks have your comfort and protection in mind. With a towel-like bottom, it will offer a soft and comfortable surface to rest your sole on. It also comes with extra padding on the back part of the ribbing which prevents rubbing and blistering, while the elastic bands in the middle of the sock ensure that the sock will stay stable on your feet no matter the amount of time you wear them, or the number of exercises you perform with the socks on.

These socks are also built with the best materials so that they can provide stability and durability. The grippers have been extensively tested and are guaranteed to retain their grip even after a long day to day use.

Washing the socks is also easy and won’t affect their integrity as thorough tests have been made in order to choose the best material for the grippers, a material that will last many washes without losing its properties.

Since Goodwyn Goods is all about promoting positive and motivational attitudes, this can also be seen in their yoga socks. They offer positive and motivational messages imprinted on their socks which most customers find as a neat feature that adds charm to a clothing item we don’t usually put much thought into.

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