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What to Consider When Buying the Best Yoga Towel


A yoga towel is an important accessory you should purchase if you are into yoga, for reasons that may not be so obvious at first glance. Some people prefer using the bath towels they have at home instead of purchasing a yoga towel, but this usually proves disadvantageous quite fast. Why? Regular bath towels do not usually come in the standard size of a yoga mat, so they are either too long, too wide, too short and so on. Also, these towels do not adhere well to the mat, and you will end up simply trying to pull at the towel in all direction, which will detract from your overall enjoyment when you are exercising. Here is a guide on how to choose the best yoga towel 2018 without as little as a headache.

Best Yoga Towel


Yoga towels should serve as protection for your yoga mat, and they should fit the mat to begin with. If your yoga mat doesn’t have the standard size, a good idea is to search for a yoga towel that has the exact measurements as your yoga mat. Unless you do this simple thing, you will end up with a towel that will not fit and will end up crumpling under you and causing all kinds of nuisances that you would be better off without.



There are basically two types of yoga towels to keep in mind when you go shopping for such a product for your yoga routines. Mat length towels are the most convenient, for obvious reasons, and, as showed above, be aware of the importance of choosing one that comes in the right size. Hand towels have their usefulness, too, but they cannot compete with mat length towels. They are mainly for absorbing sweat, so you can use them to wipe your face and your hands from time to time.



The most important difference between regular bath towels and yoga towels is that the latter come with some sort of surface enhancement that prevents them from sliding from the yoga mat you are using when exercising. Manufacturers use silicone to provide the extra grip, and you will surely appreciate having such a great add-on, because it will improve your overall experience with your yoga sessions.




One of the qualities praised by the best yoga towel reviews is the ability of these yoga focused products to absorb moisture. While exercising, you will sweat, and that can affect the yoga mat you are using. To protect it, and also to feel cool and comfortable, purchase a yoga towel made of microfibers, which are great at absorbing sweat and providing you with the best environment to exercise in a comfortable manner.


Most Popular Yoga Towels in 2018


Are you looking for a great yoga towel? All you have to do is to check the following products that have already been tested by hundreds of users. We identified them while reading the best yoga towel reviews, and wanted to offer you a helping hand in your search for a great product.


Youphoria Towel


1.Youphoria Yoga TowelThe Youphoria Yoga Towel is a great recommendation, and it enjoys a lot of positive reviews from users. If you do not want to wash your yoga mat after each time you practice, it is a good idea to purchase a special yoga towel. This model is skidless and non-slipping, which means that it adheres to the mat and it doesn’t move throughout your exercising session. You will also appreciate the super-absorbent properties of this towel, made of special microfibers that reduce moisture and lets you enjoy your yoga sessions in complete comfort. Sold in multiple sizes, the Youphoria Yoga Towel is a recommended buy.

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Shandali Best


2.Shandali Yoga TowelWhen you practice yoga, what you need is a good non-slipping foundation, in order to attain more complicated poses that require you increased stability. A good quality yoga towel can solve this issue for you, such as the Shandali Yoga Towel reviewed here. Because of the non-slipping properties of this towel, you can focus on the asanas you are working on, and you can improve your development as a yoga practitioner. It is also important to maintain clean and comfortable throughout your yoga sessions, and this towel helps you a great deal in this regard, as well, since it absorbs extra moisture with ease.

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Aurorae Yoga


3.Yoga Mat Towel by AuroraeOne of the top rated yoga towels 2018, the Yoga Mat Towel by Aurorae is made of high quality microfibers that manage to absorb moisture and help you reduce perspiration during your sessions. The towel is very lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can take it along with you to the gym or anywhere else, when you have to travel. The surface of your mat will be kept clean and you will not slip from it when you are trying more difficult poses. For all these benefits, it is highly recommended to purchase a good quality yoga towel like this one instead of using a regular bath towel, like the ones you have at home.

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Good Karma Zone Bikram


4.Good Karma Zone BikramThis skidless model will help you improve your yoga and exercising sessions a great deal. If you want to use it as a towel, you will find its absorbing properties really great, and you will never experience the unpleasant sensation of stickiness caused by excessive sweating, which can occur when exercising. This towel is said to be able to retain more moisture than most yoga towels on the market, and, according to the reviews written by users, the manufacturer is not far from the truth with this statement. Another plus of this model is that the manufacturer offers full refunds if you are unhappy with the product within 30 days from the date of your purchase.

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