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How to Find the Best Yoga Underwear


Yoga is an activity preferred by many people today because it helps them stay in shape, while helping them relieve every day stress and come in touch with their inner selves. When you are performing various yoga poses and, generally, when you are at the gym, you need to make sure that your clothes are tight enough so that they do not hinder your moves. There are plenty of women who need to make sure that their body enjoys perfect comfort when exercising, and even an improper pair of underwear can make their experience a less enjoyable one. Getting proper underwear along with the rest of yoga gear is recommended, and this guide is focused on providing you with information on how to choose the best yoga underwear 2017.

Best Yoga Underwear


As with any type of clothing, the quality of the materials used is essential for getting a good quality product. In the case of yoga underwear, the usual materials used are nylon and elastane, which are chosen because they ensure proper fitting. These materials are also easy to wash, and offer proper moisture control, so even when you are exercising for hours at the gym, you will not feel uncomfortable.


Seamless design

The second in line when it comes to aspects to keep in mind for purchasing good quality yoga underwear is seamless design. You surely do not want any tags, logos and other details sticking out from your underwear. If there is one thing about yoga clothes in general that is true, that is that all items of clothing must be tight fitting so they do not hinder your movement in any way. In the case of underwear, the seamless design also makes sure that you will not suffer any chafing and other unpleasant experiences.


Perfect cut

You may be surprised to hear that high end technology is often used to create the top rated yoga underwear 2017. Pants that are laser cut are nothing unusual and they offer that perfect shape that will be practically invisible even when you are wearing really tight yoga pants. Besides ensuring an element of style that many women embrace and love, this perfect cut also contributes to a no chafing experience when you are exercising.


Excellent stretching

This aspect goes hand in hand with the type of materials used for making yoga underwear. Most yoga underwear is made with elastane, which ensures that the material will stretch and fit comfortably on your body. Since no discomfort should occur when you are practicing various poses or exercising, excellent stretching is another great attribute of yoga underwear that should not be overlooked. You will notice that you will feel better and more motivated to exercises, when all your clothes fit so well.


Top Rated Yoga Underwear in 2017


Knowing that it can be really difficult to decide for the best items to purchase for your yoga clothes, we decided to search through all the best yoga underwear reviews and find which models are the most loved by women everywhere. The following list contains the most popular items and it will help you make a decision, too.


Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Hipster Panty


1.Calvin Klein Women's Invisibles Hipster PantyCalvin Klein is well known for the high quality underwear the fashion house produces, so there is no surprise that there is yoga underwear created by them. The Calvin Klein Women’s Invisibles Hipster Panty is a great choice for the gym, because it is made of high quality materials, it has a seamless design and it is the product of high end technology that ensures that perfect fit so many women are after. Made of a combination of nylon and elastane, this pair stretches perfectly and it offers the comfort and moisture control needed during the hours spent at the gym.

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Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Thong 3 Pack


2.Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Thong 3 PackThis pack of three thong models is a very good deal you can make when you are shopping for yoga underwear. Mentioned by many of the best yoga underwear reviews, this pack is a good choice when you want to hit the gym and enjoy the maximum comfort possible. Because these thongs are made of a combination of nylon and elastane, they offer proper moisture control, and they dry very fast, even when you are exercising vigorously and sweating a lot. These panties are made with no tags or seams, so you will experience no chafing while you are performing various yoga poses.

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Sexy Basics Womens Yoga Boxer Briefs


3.Sexy Basics Womens 3 PackWhile most yoga underwear is represented by panties, this pack contains 3 boyshorts, ideal to wear underneath your tight yoga pants. Their seamless design makes them as good as invisible, so no one can see any seams or tags sticking out. You can wear this type of underwear when you are riding your bike, hitting the gym and even at bedtime. Because they are so comfortable, they are a good choice in any situation. You don’t have to worry that their color will fade with washing, since these are high quality boyshorts that will maintain their colors for a long time.

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Under Armour Women’s UA Pure Stretch Thong


4.Under Armour Women's UA Pure Stretch ThongMade of synthetic materials, the Under Armour Women’s UA Pure Stretch Thong is the perfect epitome of excellent stretching. Sold in just one size, this pair can fit almost all women, without anyone feeling like their movements are hindered in any way. The laser cut edges offer this pair a seamless appearance, and the panties will be completely invisible underneath your other garments. The thong design makes these panties very sexy and many women love wearing thongs, even at the gym. Made of a special type of fabric that stretches without a glitch, the Under Armour Women’s UA Pure Stretch Thong is a great choice for most yoga enthusiasts.

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Zobha Women’s Yoga Thong


5.Zobha Women's Yoga Thong UnderwearMade of a combination of nylon and spandex, the Zobha Women’s Yoga Thong Underwear offers the perfect stretch for a pair of panties to wear underneath your yoga pants. The laser cut edges make it look completely seamless, so no one will see the line of your underwear, no matter how tight your pants are. Their whisper-thin design recommends them to be worn at the gym, when exercising at home, and even as a regular pair of panties, when you are wearing tight fitting clothes. These thongs are machine washable, so they are very easy to clean and to maintain.

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