BIC America F12 Powered Subwoofer Review


What Is the Best Subwoofer from BIC America



Judging by the reviews it has gathered, this is the best home subwoofer from BIC America.

The specs of this unit make it hard to say no to.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty on this model.

Compared to other products in the line, the product is reasonably sized and lightweight.

The subwoofer features a wide array of attractive features that are adjustable, such as the crossover and the volume control.



Mentions are relatively rare when it comes to this unit. One customer has underlined that he or she experiences an issue when playing fast metal. When doing so, the kick drums have a nice and clear sound, but it is said they lack punch, as does the bass guitar. In order to achieve improved bass performance, the said customer needs to turn up the gain. However, this particular individual states that this may very well be a subjective matter, as he or she has owned the model for a week and thus has perhaps not figured out the way to tune it correctly.


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Benefits Explained

  • BIC America F12 powered subwoofer reviews recommend it as one of the best in its line. More than 80% of the people who have purchased the model were satisfied with its overall performance and ended up providing a 5-star rating. Buyers from all over the world state that the subwoofer offers great value for the price, as it is capable of an excellent performance.


  • When it comes to the specs, this model is undoubtedly hard to frown upon. The frequency response is between 25Hz and 200Hz, and the sensitivity is 90dB. The impedance is 8 ohms. The unit features magnetic shielding and gold-plated terminals.


  • Warranty is one of the most important details to consider if you want to get a top-notch subwoofer under $200. Trusted manufacturers such as this one usually raise the game and offer customer warranties that go beyond 3 years. This is the case of this product, which is backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • While most buyers are not keen on transporting their subwoofers, some are interested in this precise aspect. Here’s where size and weight actually matter. The dimensions of this unit are 21 inches by 19 inches by 22 inches. The total weight of the unit is 42.70 pounds.


  • Adjustability is yet another crucial consideration when it comes to buying a subwoofer, and that’s why the manufacturers have built this unit with convenience in mind. The model features both an adjustable volume control and an adjustable crossover. High level inputs and automatic signal sensing are part of the game, as are the Dolby Pro Logic and the Dolby Digital/DTS inputs.



Researching the market for the best 12 inch subwoofer is long and tedious. It would not hurt to have a look at the BIC America F12, as it has gathered the appreciation of almost 900 customers. It is said that it hits hard and fills a medium room with bass, therefore offering incredible value at an affordable price.


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