Brookstone 728219 review


Highest Rated Foot Spa from Brookstone


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Main advantage

As stated in the best foot spa reviews the Brookstone 728219 comes with a sturdy and roomy design, is easy and convenient to use, and best of all is capable of relaxing tight tendons and aching muscles in your feet. You even have the added bonus of the included pumice stone so your feet will look just as good as they feel.


Main disadvantage

There have been a few mentions that the plug on the foot spa can leak, and while this is inconvenient the issue can be easily resolved simply by contacting customer service for a replacement.


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Main features explained



It’s not hard to see why this is often considered the best foot spa from Brookstone due to its sturdy construction and roomy design. The “tub” is designed to hold hot water without leaking, and comes with a removable plug that makes it easy to empty. One of the reasons this foot spa stands out from the competition is its roomy design, which even provides enough space for men with size 14 feet to relax in comfort.

1.2 Foot Baths - heated foot bath


Ease of use

When you are trying to relax and soothe your feet the last thing you want to do is constantly get up to refill the hot water or spend a lot of time adjusting the controls. Every aspect of the 728219 is designed to be convenient and easy to use. The spa will automatically heat the water to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain a constant temperature during the massage. The top placed controls are easy to operate, simply choose between the two massage settings to customize the intensity and press the power button. The controls are also clearly labeled so you don’t have to guess at what you are doing.



The massaging jets and warm water will effectively soothe aching feet and sore muscles. The level of intensity can be adjusted so you can easily customize your experience. You also have the advantage of the two manual rollers which will relieve any aches and pains in your muscles and tendons. Along with improving how your feet feel, this foot spa can also work on their appearance. The warm water will soften dry skin, while the included pumice stone can be used to rub it away.



With the Brookstone 728219 foot spa you can relieve all of the aches and pain you normally feel in your feet in the privacy of your home. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and provide you with the same experience you would normally get in an expensive spa. The warm water will stay at a constant temperature throughout the massage, and you will love how invigorating the two jets feel on your feet. Use the manual rollers to relax and ease tight muscles and tendons on the sides and bottoms of your feet, and the pumice stone to improve their overall appearance.


Buy from Amazon for ($129.99)