Cards Against Humanity Review


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1.3 Cards Against Humanity

Main advantage

As stated in the best board game reviews Cards Against Humanity is ridiculously fun, always inappropriate, and incredibly easy to play. It is the perfect game for parties and evenings at home with family and friends over 18. This card game will let you really get to know what others are thinking, and it might even shock them when they see some of your answers.


Main disadvantage

The only downside to this card game is that it is not exactly appropriate for younger children. Some of the responses that are generated can be as slightly offensive if you are not old enough to grasp the humor, and hopefully not repeat it to everyone you see on the street.


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Main features explained


Everything is included

One of the reasons this is considered one of the best adult board games is that everything you need to play is included. This means that you don’t have to waste time looking for additional items, you can simply gather everyone together and start passing out the cards. The set includes the white and black cards, along with instructions for regular and alternative play. Everything is also packed into a convenient box that can double as a gerbil coffee so nothing gets lost on your way to the party.

1.1 Cards Against Humanity


Easy instructions

Thankfully it doesn’t take a lot of skill or concentration to play Cards Against Humanity, all you need is a good sense of humor. There can be up to 6 players with an almost endless number of rounds, and when it comes to supplying answers there are no rules involved. One player asks the questions and judges the corresponding answers. Whoever has the best answer wins that round and the next question is asked. The rules really are that simple, and the hilarity ensues when everyone sees how inappropriate the answers are.



Having fun is the most important aspect to consider when you are looking for a new game, and there is no shortage of laughter in Cards Against Humanity. With serious questions that cover sensitive topics such as “what changed life for the American Indians” and supplied answers that include “drinking alone” it won’t take very long before one is laughing and looking a few of the responses up on the internet.



If you are looking for a card game that will help break the ice at parties or you want to have an entertaining and memorable night with friends and older family members, Cards Against Humanity might be exactly what you are looking for. While it is important to remember not to get offended at some of the answers when matched to the questions, it can be impossible not to laugh even when you feel like you should be ashamed. The game is fun, easy to play and a great way to get people to relax and open up. Basically it is everything that you are looking for in a fun party game, all you need to add are the willing players.


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