Cisco-Linksys WET54G Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge Review


Best Rated Ethernet Bridge from Cisco-Linksys


1.Cisco-Linksys WET54G Wireless-GBenefits

This is best ethernet bridge from Cisco-Linksys, particularly if you’re looking for affordability.

The unit is easy to install and use.

The model is lightweight and small-sized.

Customers who choose this model can benefit from a wide array of handy features.

The unit is compatible with any type of platform or operating system.



Some buyers have reported that they ran into a series of minor incidents in regard to the installation of this ethernet bridge. In fact, there have been some individuals who have emphasized that the documentation is what eventually made them drop a star from the 5-star rating. The same people state that, once it is up and running, the unit seems to do a great job at what it is supposed to do.


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Benefits Explained

It is becoming more and more difficult to get a good ethernet bridge under two hundred dollars, but this one costs the half of this price. Affordability is always a thing to consider, because buyers want to get the bang for the buck, and enjoy the product features and its reliability for as long as possible.

2.Cisco-Linksys WET54G Wireless-G

In spite of some mentions we have come across, the Cisco-Linksys WET54G Wireless-G ethernet bridge manages to be one of the most user-friendly models on the current market. The model actually comes with a built-in web user interface, which is known for giving a much needed helping hand to users who are in no way tech-savvy enthusiasts.


If you are considering utilizing the bridge in a series of other places aside from your home, you might want to know that it’s easy to carry around and conveniently fit your luggage. With a weight of only 8.5 ounces, it goes without saying that this unit is remarkably lightweight. The product dimensions are 1.1 inches by 5 inches by 4.2 inches.


Checking this unit out will inevitably lead to buyers finding it hard to say no to, and that’s mostly on account of its features. The model is IEEE 802.11g compliant and backward compatible with any IEEE 802.11b product. Additionally, it supports WPA security and comes with a 64/128-bit WEP Encryption.


Versatility should be a core characteristic of any ethernet bridge, and this one definitely raises up to par. It is driver free and works with any platform, under any operating system. The network settings can be customized by the PC web browser. The neat thing about the product is that it comes with a POE adapter, allowing users to mount the bridge in any location of their choice.



Judging by the Cisco-Linksys WET54G Wireless-G ethernet bridge reviews, this model might be worth having a look at. It’s gathered the appreciation of many buyers and has been highly spoken of on account of its specs and price. To sum up, this is one of the most convenient and inexpensive models in the line and does a great job at providing wireless networking.


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