Conair True Glow Facial System Review


What Is the Best Facial Steamer from Conair


Conair True Glow Warm Steam Cool Mist Facial Sauna


As stated in the Conair True Glow facial system reviews this device features an innovative system that is designed to improve the look and feel of your complexion.

Considered the best facial steamer from Conair it features a comfortable and easy to use design.

You have the advantage of the extra settings that let you customize your experience.

This is the best facial system you can use to improve the health of your skin and enjoy a younger, glowing complexion.




Some consumers have mentioned that this device does not emit enough steam, but this also prevents accidental burns.


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Main features explained


This facial steamer features an innovative system that is designed to improve the appearance of your skin. Simply by using this device a few minutes each day you can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In just two steps you can gently deep clean and minimize your pores, and watch blackheads and blemishes disappear to reveal a fresh and glowing complexion.

Conair True Glow Facial Steamer

Designed to be comfortable and easy to use, you have the advantage of the wide face nozzle and conveniently placed controls. The dial makes it easy for you to find the right function, and you will appreciate the nozzle that won’t pinch or cut into your delicate skin. With its wide design, you can also treat your sensitive neck area. The facial steamer features a durable and compact construction for convenient storage when you are not using it. The lightweight steamer is also portable, though it should be mentioned that it does weight 2 pounds, and might not fit as easily as some models in your suitcase.


There are 5 settings on the timer so you can customize the length of the facial. Choose a longer setting when you need to relax and a shorter one when you just want to hydrate dull, tired skin. With the ability to choose how long you want your experience to be, you can squeeze in a quick facial almost anytime. The steamer also includes an automatic shutoff to prevent overheating. Easy and convenient to use, this facial steamer can help you always look your best.


Not only with the warm steam gently remove dirt and oil from your pores, it also helps to hydrate dull, dry skin. The invigorating cool mist helps to improve circulation, while adding a touch of healthy color to your skin. It also minimizes your pores to prevent embarrassing blackheads and breakouts. When you use this facial steamer for just a few minutes every day you can improve the appearance of your complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles can appear less noticeable, and you will also love seeing your complexion brighten.



This facial steamer is not only soothing and relaxing, it can also improve your appearance. The combination of warm steam and cool mist can gently deep clean your pores, while also hydrating dry skin. Minimize the signs of aging, and brighten dull, tired complexions. You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels after using this innovative facial steamer.


Buy from Amazon for ($43.08)