DeWalt DWP611PK Review


What Is the Best Plunge Router from DeWalt


1.1 DEWALT DWP611PKBenefits

As stated in the DEWALT DWP611PK reviews this model features a powerful, easy start motor.

This is often considered the best plunge router combo kit with two included bases.

You have the advantage of the convenient operating design that makes it easy to finish all of your projects.

With the included manufacturer’s warranty you know you are getting the best plunge router from DEWALT.



It should be mentioned that this lightweight plunge router may not be able to remove large pieces of material from some of the harder woods.

While the ¼” collets are ideal for trimming and precise edge work, this router is not compatible with the larger ½” shafts.

This router is lightweight and convenient to use, but it should be noted that its larger size might not fit comfortably in smaller hands.


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Benefits Explained

  • This router includes a peak performing 1-1/4 horsepower motor that is also easy to start. You have the advantage of being able to maintain a consistent speed throughout the cut, and the DEWALT router is also designed to be easy for you to control. The variable speed option lets you control how fast or slow the material is removed, and the ring can also be adjusted to control the depth of the bit.


  • Not only will this ¼” router remove material around the edges with the fixed base, but you can also use the tool on the interior. The fixed and plunge bases can be easily exchanged by pressing on the two side tabs, and this also ensures that the motor remains fixed in place for precise exterior and interior cuts. The fixed base locks securely in place, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is too change the bits. The plunge base also features a depth marker and scale, along with an adjustable turret to ensure precise cuts every time.


  • You will love how easy and convenient it is to use this DEWALT router, and it is also designed to fit comfortably in your hands. The grips are placed lower on this woodworking tool for maximum control, and include non slip tread. The router also features a lightweight and compact construction that is easy to maneuver, and the two LED lights help to improve visibility when you are cutting. You also have the benefit of the clear lower plunge base, which makes it easy to follow the lines of your cuts.


  • Not only is this plunge router designed to be precise and accurate, it is also easy to use and control. The plunge router accessories include everything you need to get started, including a convenient wrench for adjustments and a three year warranty. You can enjoy maximum contract with the material from the extended ¼” collets, and make deep 1.5″ cuts with the fixed base. This convenient and easy to operate router is designed to be used for a number of different applications, and everything you need is included in this combo kit.


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