Dirt Devil BD20035RED Review

Most Appreciated Electric Broom from Dirt Devil


1.1 Dirt Devil BD20035RED


Thanks to the onboard AccuCharge technology, this model is most likely the best electric broom from Dirt Devil.

The Dirt Devil BD20035RED Accucharge 15.6V Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum ships with the most essential electric broom accessories, including an efficient battery.

This model offers All-Surface Cleaning capability.

The bagless design means less work and reduced costs to you, coupled with better allergen filtration that keeps the air safe to breathe during use.

The Dirt Devil BD20035RED offers power and convenience in a single package.



One of the Dirt Devil Accucharge BD20035RED reviews says the plastic body feels a little flimsy, but that is purely a subjective matter since many of the reviews don’t even find that an issue.

Another user complains that the vacuum creates a loud, high-pitched noise when it is not completely cleaned before the next use, but again, what machine wouldn’t?

Two reviews say the machine can feel a little heavy after a while.


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Main features explained


The stick vacuum is superbly engineered with state-of-the-art AccuCharge Technology, a system that charges twice as fast to make the unit constantly ready for any quick pick up task. While the unit is being charged, the revolutionary AccuCharge system provides constant monitoring of the battery. When the battery is fully charged, battery life is effectively maintained by reducing power to a trickle, preventing usage of extra power.

1.2.Dirt Devil BD20035RED

The machine boasts a battery with a longer life, charges two times as fast and uses 70% less energy. The stick vacuum only takes six hours to charge fully, and then it’s all ready to go. The reduced charging time and longer battery life mean optimal usage of every charge and more time to do a greater amount of cleaning.


The machine is outfitted with a motorized brush for carpet cleaning plus a brush roll shutoff for safe and effortless cleaning of bare floors. This allows you to move easily from carpets to hard floors without using any extra tools or doing major adjustments to the unit.


Thanks to its bagless design, the Dirt Devil BD20035RED won’t let you spend more than is necessary to use it optimally. With no replacement bags to purchase, the machine just sucks up dirt efficiently without making you spend money constantly. This powerful 15.6-volt cordless vacuum is Energy Star qualified, which is a testament to its efficient use of power. This means you can carry out cleaning chores without worrying about your utility bills.


The swivel head allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas easily. Move around furniture legs and under beds to clean out the dirt. The folding handle enables convenient and problem-free storage. You can store the unit where there’s spare space for it due to its compact profile. The rotating Brushroll comes with an on/off switch, so you can have the cleaning power you want at the touch of a button. The cordless design means no clutter from cables and no transferring from one outlet to another during cleaning. In addition, you can simply dump the dirt straight into a trash receptacle at the touch of a button. This machine comes with quality you can depend on plus excellent customer support.



You will surely love this best stick vacuum that uses exclusive AccuCharge Technology to ensure more efficient usage of the battery. It is built with a Brushroll system that enables effortless transition from carpet to hard floors at the flick of a button. The bagless design and exceptional allergen filtration enable you to save on costs while keeping the air free from potential irritants.


Buy from Amazon for ($80.83)