Earthwise ED70012 Corded Lawn Edger Review


Best Rated Lawn Edger from Earthwise



This is the best lawn edger from Earthwise, as it is easy to use and capable of excellent performance.

The blade cut line indicator gives a helping hand to users struggling with performing precise cuts.

The item comes with a guide wheel and two rear ones and is lightweight.

This unit has gathered a massive amount of appreciation from American customers.

The cutting depth is adjustable.



The only mention that we have come across is related to the adjustable handle. It is widely known that individuals are different among one another, which is why some users are perfectly satisfied with the handle, while others find it a bit too low for their height. Some other buyers have underlined that they would have appreciated a more upright position of the handle, but even these customers have stated that they overall have no complaints about this affordable lawn edger.


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Benefits Explained

Earthwise ED70012 corded lawn edger reviews recommend it as one of the easiest units to use in the line. According to many American customers, it is both comfortable and easy to assemble. Furthermore, it is not difficult to operate and does not make that much noise compared to other edgers manufactured by competitors. Since this is an 11-Amp corded unit that has a 120-volt/60 Hz 4,200 RPM motor, it’s known for its performance and power.


The blade cut indicator sure comes in handy for any buyer that might be struggling with the sharpness of his or her cuts. Straight and even cuts can occur on account of this specific characteristic.


This is a three-wheeled lawn edger. The forward guide wheel helps customers keep track of their cuts, while the two wheels located in the rear provide hassle-free motion. The entire weight of the unit is 14 pounds, and its dimensions are 51 inches by 10 inches by 34.5 inches.


More than half of the people who have chosen this product were satisfied with its quality and provided 5-star ratings. More than 30% thought that the unit was worthy of a 4-star rating, which means that over 80% of the customers account for the positive reviews on this lawn edger model. According to various buyers, this is a great edger for people who are both beginners and advanced users. The marking right above the blade acts as a guide and thus makes it the perfect alternative for edging next to walkways and driveways.


The cutting depth is adjustable and can be customized depending on the user’s preferences. The available cutting depths are ½-inches, 1-inches and 1.5-inches.



Based on the opinions of buyers and on the value/price ratio of this model, it would not be far-fetched to think of it as being one of the best corded lawn edgers on the current market. The unit manages to combine convenience, dependability and economy all into one product, as pointed out by the many satisfied customers who have provided reviews. The steel blade is known for being long-lasting and precise.


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