Element Thriftwood Section Black Complete Skateboard Review


Best Rated Skateboard from Element


1. Element Thriftwood Section Black Complete SkateboardBenefits

With its tough 7 ply maple board, this thick board offers plenty of durability and rigidity, making it a perfect choice for beginners who tend to land harder on their skateboards.

Built to the highest specifications, this excellent high quality skateboard is also extremely affordable. Few models can compete with it when it comes to durability, board quality and price.

The Element Thriftwood comes already assembled and ready to go; all you have to do is unpack it, and you are ready to skate.

Featuring a superb street design, the Element Thriftwood Section Black is one of the best looking skateboards available for purchase right now.



Praised by all for its durability and resilience, this model is also quite heavy. Slower than lightweight skateboards, this model is not the first choice for an expert skater. While this board may be indeed not the best choice for an advanced skater, the Element Thriftwood Section Black is perfect for newcomers. With its solid and heavy construction this skateboard can withstand a lot of abuse without breaking, making it the best skateboard from Element for beginners.


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Benefits explained

  • Using a traditional 7 ply format, this skateboard offers plenty of durability and rigidity. Made from high quality maple wood, the Element Thriftwood Section Black is one of the most reliable skateboards you can get for you or your child. Used on any type of terrain, from concrete to pavement, this excellent skateboard will survive without a scratch to tricks that may crack or even break other lighter boards. With its thick and solid construction, this skateboard is by far one of the best Thriftwood skateboards for newcomers. Perfect for those who just start skating, this board will help them learn by trying, allowing them to fail again and again until they will get it right.

2. Element Thriftwood Section Black Complete Skateboard

  • Using a modern wood binding press technology, Element skateboards are durable and affordable at the same time. Because of its low price, this skateboard hardly has any competitors. Unlike other similarly priced models, the Element Thriftwood Section Black does not sacrifice anything to achieve its low cost. Using the same high quality board, wheels and trucks as all brand models, this skateboard offers the highest possible quality at an affordable price.


  • Using a complete set of Element trucks and wheels, this skateboard comes already assembled. Needing nothing but minor adjustments, this board is perfect for all those who lack time, tools and expertise to ensemble their own skateboard.


  • Featuring the renowned Element brand logo, this skateboard will surely impress all those around with its excellent high impact deck graphics. Modern and powerful, its red-and-black design will instantly win the attention of the crowd, earning its user plenty of attention.



Loved by all its users, and praised by the best Element Thriftwood Section Black complete skateboard reviews, this high quality model features one of the most durable and resilient boards you will ever use. Designed to satisfy the needs of all beginners, the Element Thriftwood Section Black is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a solid and reliable skateboard.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($84.9)