Epson EX5220 3D Projector Review


Top Rated Video Projector from Epson



The EX5220 is probably the best video projector from Epson.

The unit has the same exceptional specs of high-end, modern Epson projectors.

It’s said that this device is easy to setup and utilize, as attested by the customer reviews gathered by this model.

Compared to other items in the line, this one features both a friendly weight and a reasonable size.

The fan is not noisy during operation.



Some customers have complained about the wireless function on this video projector. Although this rarely happens, some buyers might find it impossible to run both the picture and the sound via a wireless connection. In case this happens, contact the manufacturer or the brand representatives in order to help you solve the issue. If the matter can’t be managed over the phone and after having spoken with a consultant, get in touch with Epson to have the unit replaced.


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Benefits Explained

If you’re looking for a good projector under $500, it sure wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the Epson EX5220. Both the price and the image quality make it one of the most esteemed units of the line, and the fact that it can connect to any laptop or mobile device via wireless networks is a net advantage both for businesses and for homes.


Most modern Epson video projectors are known for creating bright colors and for their reliable performance. This variant, for instance, comes with three times brighter colors compared to other products in the same line, while the 3LCD, 3-chip technology makes it one of the most durable and high-quality projectors out there. Audio/video signals are captured with a single cable. This model supports HDMI connectivity. 3000 lumens of white brightness and 3000 lumens of color brightness are at the core of the perfect picture.


The model is remarkably easy to install and use, which is why it has managed to gather more than 80 5-star customer reviews. In fact, most buyers emphasize that the machine is easy to operate and does not even require a thumb drive. The projector can be used for presentations even in the absence of a computer.


Although it looks like it’s a bit on the heavy side, the Epson EX5220 video projector actually has a pretty friendly weight. The unit weighs in at 8.2 pounds, which is reasonable for a product capable of such excellent performance. The model measures 13.3 by 14.4 by 6.1 inches.


The noise produced by the fan is an important consideration whenever buying a video projector. If you’re a home user, this particular detail might be even more important, as you’re likely going to use the device for streaming music and movies. Furthermore, focusing on fan noise whilst an important business meeting is a nuisance one could do without.



Epson EX5220 3D projector reviews recommend it as one of the best of its line. The model is affordable, convenient and easy to utilize, and features all the specs you ever might require.

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